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Persoonlijke gegevens Sint Helena van Anjou Vrouwelijk

Gezin van Sint Helena van Anjou

Zij is getrouwd met Steven Uros I Nemanjic Koning van Servië.


  1. Steven Dragutin Nemanjic Koning van Servië  1252-1316 Tree 7
  2. Steven Uros II Nemanjic Koning van Servië  1260-???? Tree 8

Notities bij Sint Helena van Anjou

Helen was a Catholic and was born in ca 1236. Her origins are not known for certain. The biography of Archbishop Danilo states that "she was of a French family" and a continuator of the work that "the family was of royal or imperial blood". Fine says less specifically that Jelena was "of Catholic and French origin, probably of the House of Valois. According to Europäische Stammtafeln, she have descended from a side branch of the Byzantine emperor's family and the Hungarian royal house, in which case she may have been the sister of Maria Angelina, wife of Anseau de Chaurs or Cayeux, also known as Anselm de Keu, Captain General in Albania for Charles I of Naples. Charles I of Naples mentioned her as a relative in a letter dated 1273.

Over de familienaam Van Anjou


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