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Hij is getrouwd met Judith Feake.


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  1. FamilySearch Family Tree, via
    Jeffery FerrisGender: MaleBirth: 1610 - Leicestershire, EnglandMarriage: Spouse: Lady Mary Anne Howard - Circa 1629Marriage: Spouse: Mary Anne Milton - 1635Marriage: Spouse: Susanna Norman - Circa 1659 - Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, British Colonial AmericaMarriage: Spouse: Judith Feake - Circa 1662 - Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, British Colonial AmericaDeath: May 31 1666 - Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, British Colonial AmericaBurial: June 1666 - Tomac Burying Ground, Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, British Colonial AmericaOccupation: settler-farmerThere seems to be an issue with this person's relatives. View this person on FamilySearch to see this information.  Additional information: AFN:8RLK-2DLifeSketch:PLEASE LOOK AT MEMORIES...I WILL CITE THEM AND MAKE THEM SOURCES WHEN I GET TIME. KNOWN TO BE A Y DNA MATCH WITH JEFFERY'S DESCENDANTS. IT WOULD BE WISE TO ASSUME THEY ARE PROBABLY FROM THE SAME AREA ENGLAND OR NEARBY.TO DOCUMENT ALL OLD ORIGINALS! THIS IS GOING TO TAKE TIME, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT.138 First Residence: Watertown1635 implied by freemanship.m books" valued at 6s.o "Jeffery Ferris," 6 February 1639/40 [CCCR 1:43].his house standeth containing four acres"; "one piece in the great meadow containing three acres"; "one other piece also in the great meadow containing seven acres"; "one piece in the west side of middle field in the dry swamp containing ten acres"; "one piece on the east side of Conecticutt River containing forty & five acres"; "one piece in pennie wise containing four acres"; "one piece lying in the west field containing thirteen acres"; and "one piece also in the west field containing thirteen acres" [WetLR 1:189].William Hallet of Grenwich" sold to "Jeffere Ferris & his heirs, all his housing & lands in Grenwich, his whole right & title, & his wife's right also, in the lands purchased by Daniell Pattrick & Robert Feke in the New Netherlands, the parcels of lands that William Hallet doth own" are a house lot, "a piece of salt meadow of five acres more or less, also upland by the side of it on Elizabeth Neck, also the half of the land in the said Elizabeth Neck that is not already given out, both upland & meadow, also six acres of meadow, more or less, with a piece of upland by it ..., also a piece of upland in consideration of the ox pasture Goodman Sherwood did & should take in, ... also a piece of upland & meadow on Myanos Neck that was William Hallett his particular lot" [Greenwich LR 1:169]. (On 18 July 1640, Robert Feake and Daniel Patrick purchased from several Indians land that would become Greenwich; an annotation of unknown date to this deed states that "Keofrum hath sold all his right in the abovesaid neck unto Jeffere Ferris [Greenwich LR 1:455].)e Susanna, now deceased, stands engaged to pay certain legacies due to the children of Robert Lockwood, deceased, according to the administration entered in Court 20 October 1658" [Fairfield PR 1:65].ght with her" and £l0; to "her four children, that is to say, those four boys which I brought up and kept," £10 apiece; "in case my wife that now is shall see cause to remain a widow alter my decease, ... I give for her use five acres of land that now is in till, the one half in my home lot and the other half at Tomuck," also "one of my allotments that is on Mihanoes Neck," also some household goods to "my son James Ferris," £20, some moveables, and "half my farm, that is to say, that land that I now gave him"; to "my daughter Mary Lockwood, that now is, twenty pounds besides the quarter part of my before mentioned jades I gave to her husband, Jonothan Lockwood"; to "my son Peter Ferris, his three children, one mare colt"; to "my son Josep[h]'s two children one mare colt"; residue to "be equally divided amongst all my children"; "in case God should please to give my wife a child born of her body whilst she remains my wife, that is to say, whilst I live, or if I leave her with child when I die," that child to have "the other half of my farm" and a young mare; "my loving friend, John Holly, now in Stamford, and my son Peter Ferris" to be executors [Fairfield PR 2:20-21]. 23, 24, 26 and 29 November 1666, totalled £493 6-¼d., of which £170 was real estate: "house and lands," £170 [Fairfield PR 2:29-32]. Appended to the inventory is a division of the estate, dated 22 March 1666/7: to "brother Jonathan Lockwood"; to "brother James Ferris"; to "brother Joseph Ferris"; and to "brother Joseph Ferris" [Fairfield PR 2:32] (perhaps one of the entries for Joseph Ferris is intended for one of the other brothers).being administrators of the estate of our deceased father, Jeffere Ferris," agreed "that all lands that are dividable that were formerly our foresaid deceased father's, ... that any or each person of us do possess, that he or they shall have ... the said land ... as his own proper right" [Greenwich LR 1:124]... son unto Jeffre Ferris of Greenwich," gave a receipt for his share of his father's estate from "my brother[s] Peeter Ferris & Joseph Feris & James Feris & Jonathan Lockwood, ... as they were administrators of the estate of my deceased [father] Jeffere Feris" [Greenwich LR 1:173].y 1666 [Gillespie Anc 118, source not cited].) Lockwood, daughter of Richard Norman [GMB 2:1334-36] and widow of Robert Lockwood [Fairfield PR 1:65]. She died at Greenwich 23 December 1660 (recorded at Stamford) [TAG 10:118, citing Stamford TR 1:98]. after the death of Jeffrey Ferris, for, on 9 March 1666/7, "Judah Bowers, lately widow Ferris sometimes wife to Jeffery Ferris, do openly acknowledge I have received in full satisfaction what was given me by my husband's will" [Fairfield PR 2:21].2) Stamford 25 July 1705 Ruth (___) Weed [TAG 11:91, citing Stamford TR 1:128], widow of Daniel Weed [Gillespie Anc 537-38], son of Jonas Weed [GMB 3:1956-59].mford 20 November 1657 Ruth Knapp [TAG 10:112, citing Stamford TR 1:74], daughter of Nicholas Knapp {1630, Watertown) [GMB 2:1136].ockwood, son of Robert Lockwood {1634, Watertown); m. (2) soon after 3 June 1696 Thomas Merritt [Gillespie Anc 128, citing prenuptial agreement, location not stated].deposed 5 December 1705 aged 65 years old (Gillespie Anc 128, citing an unknown source]); m. (1) by about 1666 Mary Jackson (eldest known child m. in 1686 (Gillespie Anc 128-29, and arguments presented there]; m. (2) Grace ____ [Gillespie Anc 128].ot concur)].Town on 1 January 1657, when he signed a declaration [Gillespie Anc 124], and was of East Town when he prosecuted a lengthy lawsuit in late 1658 and early 1659 [Westchester Court 11-15].ic Note: In 1976 Paul W. Prindle prepared a comprehensive account of this immigrant and his family [Gillespie Anc 117-36]." "The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record," 86(1955):132-148, 209-221, "The Feake Family of Norfolk, London, and Colonial America," by George E. McCracken.
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  2. Geni World Family Tree, via
    Jeffrey FerrisGender: MaleAlias name: Jeffrey ffereies, Jef. FirriesBirth: Circa 1609 - Leicestershire, EnglandMarriage: Spouse: Judith Bowers (born Feake) - 1662 - Stamford, Fairfield County, ConnecticutDeath: May 31 1666 - Greenwich, Fairfield County, ConnecticutBurial: June 1666 - South Beach Avenue Cemetery, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut, United StatesFather: unknown FerrisMother: unknown Ferris (born unknown)Wives: Susanna Ferris (born Norman), Judith Bowers (born Feake), Mary Ferris (born unknown)Children: John Ferris, Joseph Ferris, Mary Merritt (born Ferris), Peter Ferris, James Ferris
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Historische context

  • Van 1650 tot 1672 kende Nederland (ookwel Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden) zijn Eerste Stadhouderloze Tijdperk.
  • In het jaar 1666: Bron: Wikipedia
    • 19 augustus » Schout-Bij-Nacht Robert Holmes vaart het Vlie op en verbrandt 150-170 schepen. Holmes verwoest de volgende dag door brand 240-250 van de bijna 300 huizen van West-Terschelling. Op deze dagen vallen minimaal 2.000 doden. De Amsterdamse beurs sluit een paar dagen.
      1rightarrow blue.svg Zie Holmes's Bonfire voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp.
    • 2 september » Grote brand van Londen waarbij een groot gedeelte van Londen afbrandt.
    • 14 november » De eerste bloedtransfusie wordt uitgevoerd door Richard Lower.

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