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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Charles van Martel

Charles van Martel


Rotrude Nn


Chrothais Nn
± 690-????

Gezin van Charles van Martel


Hij is getrouwd met Swanahilde van Bavaria.



Hij is getrouwd met Rotrude Nn.



  1. Carloman van Martel  ± 713-755
  2. Pepijn III van Martel  714-768 
  3. Chiltrudis van Martel  716-754

(3) Hij had een relatie met Chrothais Nn.


  1. Aldana van Martel  ± 720-???? 
  2. Bernard van Saint-Quentin  ± 723-± 787 
  3. Hieronymus der Franken  ± 725-???? 

Gebeurtenis (unmarried) .

Notities over Charles van Martel

CHARLES “Martel”, son of PEPIN [II] "le Gros" or "d'Herstal" & his second [wife] Chalpais [Alpais] ([690]-Quierzy-sur-Oise, Aisne 16 or 22 Oct 741, bur église de l'abbaye royale de Saint Denis). The Liber Historiæ Francorum records that Pépin had "filium ex alia uxore…Carlo" but does not name the child’s mother[187]. Fredegar (Continuator) records that Pépin married another wife ("aliam duxit uxorem") "nobilem…Chalpaida" by whom he had "filium…Carlo"[188]. The Chronicon Moissiacense names "Karolum" as son of "Pippinus præfatus princeps…ex alia uxore nomine Alpaigde"[189]. He was imprisoned by his father's first wife after his father died[190]. However, the Neustrians revolted against Plectrudis, Charles escaped, was at first defeated by the Neustrians, but won the battle of Amblève, near Liège, in 716. He was victorious at Vinchy, near Cambrai, 28 May 717 after which Chilperic II King of Neustria fled with his maior domus, leaving Charles unchallenged to succeed as maior domus in Austrasia. "Karolus" donated his part in "villa Bollane" to "monasterium Efternacum" by charter dated dated 23 Feb 717, which names "genitore meo Pippino"[191]. He conquered the Saxons in 718 and the Frisians in 719 when he captured Utrecht. He conquered the Neustrians, together with their ally Eudes Duke of Aquitaine, in 719. He released and recognised King Chilperic II, becoming maior domus in Neustria. "Theudericus rex Francorum" confirmed a donation to the abbey of St Denis on the request of "Carlo maiorem domus nostro" by charter dated 1 Mar 723[192]. He defeated the Muslim invaders, under Abd-al-Rahman bin Abd Allah al-Ghafiqi [Governor of Andalucía], at Moussais near Poitiers 25 Oct 732. The dating of the various Muslim incursions in southern France in the 720s/730s is discussed in the Histoire Générale de Languedoc[193]. He extended his authority to other French provinces: Hunald Duke of the Aquitanians swore allegiance to him in 736, he subjugated Burgundy and Provence in 736-738. In 737, he omitted to nominate a successor on the death of King Theoderic IV, signalling the effective end of the Merovingian monarchy. The continuation of the Annales Sancti Amandi record the death "741 Id Oct" of "Karolus dux Francorum"[194]. The necrology of the abbey of Saint-Denis records the death "XVII Kal Nov" of "Karolus princeps"[195]. The Continuator of Fredegar records the same date for his death and his burial place[196].

m firstly CHROTHRUDIS, daughter of --- ([690]-725). The Annales Laureshamenses record the death in 724 of "Hortrudis"[197]. The Annales Mosellani record the death in 725 of "Chrothrud"[198]. Settipani quotes a name list in the Liber confraternitatum augiensis which reads in part "Karolus maior domus, Pippin rex…Karolus imperator…Ruadtrud, Ruadheid, Svanahild regina, Bertha regina, Hiltikart regina, Fastrat regina, Liutkart regina…"[199]. He makes the obvious links between "Karolus maior domus…Svanahild regina", "Pippin rex…Bertha regina" and "Karolus imperator…Hiltikart regina, Fastrat regina, Liutkart regina", deducing that "Ruadtrud, Ruadheid" must also be linked logically to "Karolus maior domus" because of the order in which the names are listed. The Annales Petaviani record the death in 725 of "Chrotrudis" but do not specify that she was Charles’s wife[200]. The primary source which specifically names the first wife of Charles "Martel" has not been identified.

m secondly (725) SUANACHILDIS [Suanhilde], niece of ODILO Duke of Bavaria, daughter of --- (-after 17 Sep 741). The precise parentage of Suanachildis is not known. The Continuator of Fredegar records that "matrona quondam…Beletrude et nepta sua Sunnichilde" were captured and taken to Austrasia by Charles "Martel" in [724/25][201]. Einhard names "Swannhilde neptem Odilonis ducis Baioariorum" as the mother of Grifo[202]. The precise relationship between Suanhilde and Pilitrude, who was the wife in turn of the brothers Grimoald and Theodoald, has not been identified. She instigated the marriage of her stepdaughter to Odilo Duke of Bavaria according to the Continuator of Fredegar[203]. Einhard records that, after the death of her husband, she incited her son to rebel against her stepsons[204]. She was defeated and sent to the monastery of Chelles, Seine-et-Marne. "Karlus maiorum domus filius Pippini quondam" donated property "villa Clippiacum in pago Parisiaco" to the abbey of St Denis by charter dated 17 Sep 741, subscribed by "Radberti comitis, Raygaubaldi comitis, Salaconis comitis, matrone Sonechildis, Grifonis filii sui"[205].

Mistress (1): CHROTHAIS, daughter of ---. Settipani quotes a name list in the Liber confraternitatum augiensis, quoted above under Chrothrudis first wife of Charles "Martel", concluding that "Ruadtrud, Ruadheid" must be linked logically to "Karolus maior domus" because of the order in which the names are listed[206].

Mistress (2): ---. The name of the second mistress of Charles "Martel" is not known.

Charles "Martel" & his first wife had three children:
CARLOMAN ([705/10]-4 Dec 754, bur Vienne {Isère}
PEPIN [III] ([715]-Saint-Denis 24 Sep 768, bur église de l'abbaye royale de Saint Denis)
CHILTRUDIS [Hiltrude] (-754, bur Hostenhoven, Kloster Gengenbach)

Charles "Martel" & his second wife had one child:
GRIFO ([726]-killed in battle Saint Jean de Maurienne 753)

Charles "Martel" & his [first/second wife/mistress] had two possible children:

Charles "Martel" had one illegitimate son by Mistress (1):
BERNARD (before 732-787).

Charles "Martel" had two illegitimate sons by Mistress (2):
HIERONYMUS (-after [782]).
REMIGIUS (-787).


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