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Gezin van Jan (John) Jansonius

Hij is getrouwd met Margaret( Grietje) Nymeyer op 21 juni 1874 te Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana, hij was toen 27 jaar oud.


  1. Ida Jansonius  1888-1973 
  2. Sarah Jansonius  1886-1972 
  3. Kathryn Jansonius  1890-1956
  4. Henry Jansonius  1896-1910
  5. Arthur Jansonius  1893-1971 
  6. Fred Jansonius  1877-1947 
  7. Henrietta Jansonius  1875-1955
  8. Gertrude Jansonius  1879-1904 
  9. Ipana Jansonius  1884-1966 
  10. Bertha Jansonius  1882-1964 

Notities over Jan (John) Jansonius

Jan Jansonius and Margaret Nymeyer were married in Goshen, Indiana. in thepresence of her father and mother. The marriage certificate was signedby Aaron Nymeyer, her father, and Louis Meints.
Margaret was eleven years old when she came from Holland with her folks.
Jan and Margaret first settled on a farm in Grundy County Iowa, near toWestfriesland Church. The first four children were born there. Theother six children were born on the Butler County farm near Island Grove.Henry Jansonius died of infantile paralysis in the summer of 1910, whenthere was quite an epidemic. His obituary is found elsewhere in theJansonius scrapbook.

Jan( John) Jansonius was born of Sept. 8, 1846 in Oldemarkt, inOverjissel province, Netherlands to Frederick and Hendricka (Veurman)Jansonius. Theirs was a wealthy family. After his parents died an unclebecame his guardian, and the boy spent some time in Rotterdam. Uponreaching maturity the orphaned youth became a commission agent(stockbroker). At the age of twenty seven John and a younger brotherHendrick (Henry) settled in the United States, bringing a sizeableinheritance to invest in American land. Property around the Dutchsettlement in Goshen, Indiana proved too expensive ($40.00 per acre) sothe brothers trekked to Iowa, securing more land at less cost in GrundyCounty. In 1883 John moved to Butler County where the children would becloser to school.

John had stayed in Indiana long enough , however, to fall in love with aFrieslander, Grietje Nijmeijer(Anglicized as Margaret Nymeyer) who hadgrown up about 20 miles from Oldemarkt, in the town of Balk(although theyhad never met in the Netherlands.) John married this eighteen year oldgirl and brought her to Iowa. This woman, Margaret, was born Oct. 21,1855, the seventh child of Arend Hendriks Nijmeijer and Truike BartsSietsema (Arend Henry Nymeyer and Gertrude Sietsema). The parents hadmoved to America in the summer of 1867 with seven of their elevenchildren. Sietsema ancestors had lived in Balk, Friesland, TheNetherlands for many centuries, and the family had become prosperousgentry and mill owner. These great-grandparents, like many otherEuropean immigrants, sought prosperity for their increasing progeny byfinding larger land holdings in the New World.

Church was very important in the life of this young couple. John and hisbrother, Henry, were charter members of the Westfriesland Church whichwas completed in June 1874, soon after they arrived. Margaret washomesick for her family, but with the arrival of her children, she waskept busy.

John Jansonius was a gentleman farmer. He bought and sold farms but didnot do much of the actual farming. His son Fred did much of the farmingbefore he went off to study law. John's favorite pastime was fishing. Ifit hadn't been for his large family, John probably would have been moreof the wanderlust. In 1918, when Arthur Jansonius married SophiaPenning, John, Margaret and daughter Kate moved to town first to a largebrick house on Park Ave. then to a smaller home on 2nd Ave. Ackley. Theylived in the brick one only one winter. It was so huge and cold.

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