Justin and MaGee - Colonial Americans

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The Justin Clan is my patriarchal Branch. The first documented Justin arrived in Virginia in 1622. My branch was well established in New England by the mid 1600's and migrated through Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and into the Mohawk Valley of New York by circa 1790. The extended Justin-Chaffee-Bowman-Redfield clan migrated to St. Clair County, Michigan circa 1840. After the Civil War members of the Justin Clan moved into Sanilac, Lapeer and Gladwin counties, Michigan.

Principle Surnames include: Cann, Chaffee, Cripps, Gardner, Hollenbeck, McArthur, McClintock, Minor, and Peters.

The MaGee and McCullar families emigrated from County Antrim in what is now Northern Ireland circa 1770, aboard the ship Hopewell out of Belfast, Ireland to Savannah, Georgia Colony. The extended Magee - McCullar Clans migrated west from Burke County Georgia to Franklin County Tennessee circa 1811. By 1813 the McGee Clan pushed west into the new Missouri Terrority, and settled in what is now Jefferson and Buffalo County, Missouri.

Principle Surnames include: Davis, Rivers, Hale. King, James, Bucher and  McMullin, 

DNA testing that my patriarchal (Y) DNA with a designation of R1b, indicates that my branch of the Justin tree has strong Gaelic/Celt origins with the highest probability being Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Mann and Channel Isles.

I assume full responsibility for any and all errors, let me know if you find an error or wish to add something.

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