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Persoonlijke gegevens Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of (Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of) Swedes 

Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of Swedes

Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of Swedes

± 681

Gezin van Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of (Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of) Swedes

Hij is getrouwd met Gauthild Algautsson rond 0681 te Sweden.


  1. Olaf "Tree-Hewer" Ingjaldsson  ± 682-710 

Notities over Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of (Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson King of) Swedes

Another Yngling king in Sweden was Ingjald Illrade. From his saga, welearn something about how kings were chosen. When a king died, hissuccessor was supposed to attend the funeral feast and there sit at thefoot of the throne.

A huge horn beaker was brought in. The heir had to pledge to do somemighty deed of valor, and then drain the beaker to the bottom. Afterthis ceremony, he was led to the throne and proclaimed king.

When Ingjald planned the funeral of his father Anund the Cultivator, heinvited all the petty king and jarls (earls) of the neighboring areas toattend the feast. There he stood up, made a vow to increase his kingdomby the half on every side, and drained the beaker. He then allowed hisguests to drink until they became intoxicated. At this point, he leftthe hall, surrounded it with his men, set it on fire, and thus killed allhis potential rivals. The people hated him for his treachery, and namedhim Ingjald Illrade, or ill-ruler.

King Ingjald is said to have been the last king of the Yngling dynasty torule in Sweden. According to the sagas, he died about 600 AD, by settingfire to his palace on Lake Malaren and thus destroying both himself andhis daughter. It was a fitting end for a man who had murdered hisvassals by that very method.

In Swede, Ingjald Illrade was succeeded by Ivar Vidfamne (Wide Reacher).Ivar started a new dynasty, called Ivarska after himself.

The line of the ill-ruling Ingjald, however, did not die out. His sonOlof Tretelgia (Olaf Tree-Hewer) escaped to Norway, where he became theprogenitor of the Norwegian Yngling kings.

[Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev]

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