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Gezin van John Argo Sewell

Hij is getrouwd met Lettie Lucille Ludlum op 24 december 1921 te Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina, hij was toen 20 jaar oud.


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  2. R. L. Sewell  1924-1995 
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Notities over John Argo Sewell

Certificate of Death, Wayne County, Goldsboro, NCHis daughter, Kathleen tells of the time he made over a car they dubbed the "Silver Bullet" and how much fun they had in visiting family in Wilmington, NC.John Argo Sewell is my grandfather and I knew him to be a kind and humble man.He truly loved his Father in Heaven and always strived to do his best. He was one of 9 children, 2 brothers and six sisters.John SewellBorn July 9, 1901Died December 1966Goldsboro, Wayne County, NC240-01-0132Source: Linda Lancaster Harmon***Source: Robbie Sewell Moye, daughterHe attended Selma High School in Johnston County, N. C. He had a fine natural mind and when he was 19, he went to work for the Atlantic Coast Railroad. His run was from Goldsboro to Wilmington, N. C. It was there in Wilmington that he met Lettie Lucille Ludlum, daughter of E.D. Ludlum (1870-1933) and Amanda Smith (1870-1906). They were married 24 Dec 1921 in Wilmington, New Hanover, N. C.He tried farming for a few years but gave that up in 1928 and moved to Goldsboro with his family. He got a job with Atlas Plywood Company and worked there through the bad depression years. He started his own business and called it Sewell's Station and Grocery Store on South George Street.At the beginning of World War II, he sold his station and worked 10 years at M. E. Robinson Lumber Company as a lumber inspector. He liked the store business so he again became the owner and operator of Sewell's Grocery Store at West Elm Street.They bought their first home on East Elm Street. Several years later, they sold that home and bought another at 617 East Holly Street. A few years later, they built a new house at 619 East Holly Street where he lived the rest of his life. John was very active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was an Elder and held the office of High Priest. He filled a two year local mission for the Church and held other positions.One of the greatest highlights of John and Lucille's life was their trip to the Logan Temple at Logan, Utah, on July 19, 1951, with their daughter Lois and her husband, Livius M. Carr. They didn't have much money so they ate peanut butter sandwiches a lot! On the evening of 17 Dec 1966, Mama Sewell went to visit her daughter, Robbie, next door. It was a short visit but when she returned, he was sitting in a chair, his hands folded in his lap, a sweet smile on his face, his head lying softly on his shoulder. John Argo Sewell was dead at age 65 from heart failure. His funeral was held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was buried at Wayne Memorial Park on the same lot with his son, Billy.He was my father and I loved him with all my heart. He was such a good man and I never remember hearing him say an ugly word. He would't even say one if he were to smash his hand with a hammer. I remember seeing him one day do just that and he didn't say a word. He would save fifty cents out of every dollar he made. He was a slender, light complexion, sandy hair, with blue eyes and to me he was very handsome. He would always read his scriptures and set a very good example before me. He work very hard to keep his family a good place to live and we always had very good food. He was a High Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He took my mother to the Logan Temple, July 19, 1951 to be sealed for all time and eternity. I am sealed to my parents and hope I will be with them someday.I remember so well the afternoon my father passed from this life. It was on a Saturday afternoon at 6:10 pm. My mother came next door to ask me to go to my brother's house to get Johnny Earl my brothers son and take him to my father's store so Johnny could work. I did and it only took me about fifteen minutes and I asked my mother to look after a pizza I had in the oven. When I walked back into my house my mother was just taking the pizza from the oven and I told her I would finish it; she left and just a few minutes, I heard a terrible sound. It was my mother crying saying my father was dead. It was so terrible I guess I never got over the death of my father. I went with my mother to her house and there was my father dead with a heart attack. I called the rescue truck and they tried everything to bring him back to life but it was no use. My mother even got down on the floor and tried to give him life but it was all in vain. I removed his wallet and he had wet his pants and then I knew my beloved father had left this world. I then called my brother and sisters and my Bishop, Bishop Glenn Carr. If I can only be the kind of person he was. I love my daddy.

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  1. Information from Robbie Sewell Moye

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Historische context

  • De temperatuur op 9 juli 1901 lag tussen 9,0 °C en 24,0 °C en was gemiddeld 17,4 °C. Er was 11,0 uur zonneschijn (67%). Bron: KNMI
  • Koningin Wilhelmina (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was van 1890 tot 1948 vorst van Nederland (ook wel Koninkrijk der Nederlanden genoemd)
  • Van 27 juli 1897 tot 1 augustus 1901 was er in Nederland het kabinet Pierson met als eerste minister Mr. N.G. Pierson (unie-liberaal).
  • Van 1 augustus 1901 tot 16 augustus 1905 was er in Nederland het kabinet Kuijper met als eerste minister Dr. A. Kuijper (AR).
  • In het jaar 1901: Bron: Wikipedia
    • Nederland had zo'n 5,2 miljoen inwoners.
    • 1 januari » Nigeria wordt een protectoraat van het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
    • 1 maart » De Wuppertaler Schwebebahn wordt geopend.
    • 28 april » Oprichting van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Atletiek Unie.
    • 24 juni » Oprichting van de Engelse voetbalclub Brighton & Hove Albion in Brighton.
    • 14 september » De Amerikaanse president William McKinley sterft aan schotwonden, toegebracht door een anarchist; Theodore Roosevelt wordt de 26e president van de Verenigde Staten.
    • 14 september » Drie wetenschappers vinden aan de oevers van de rivier Berezovka in Siberië een buitengewoon volledig lichaam van een mammoet.

  • De temperatuur op 17 december 1966 lag tussen 2,4 °C en 8,6 °C en was gemiddeld 5,7 °C. Er was 0.6 mm neerslag gedurende 0.9 uur. Het was half tot zwaar bewolkt. De gemiddelde windsnelheid was 3 Bft (matige wind) en kwam overheersend uit het zuid-westen. Bron: KNMI
  • Koningin Juliana (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was van 4 september 1948 tot 30 april 1980 vorst van Nederland (ook wel Koninkrijk der Nederlanden genoemd)
  • Van 14 april 1965 tot 22 november 1966 was er in Nederland het kabinet Cals met als eerste minister Mr. J.M.L.Th. Cals (KVP).
  • Van 22 november 1966 tot 5 april 1967 was er in Nederland het kabinet Zijlstra met als eerste minister Prof. dr. J. Zijlstra (ARP).
  • In het jaar 1966: Bron: Wikipedia
    • Nederland had zo'n 12,4 miljoen inwoners.
    • 29 januari » Het Akkoord van Luxemburg treedt in werking. Het beoogt een einde te maken aan een institutionele crisis die in juni 1965 in de Europese Gemeenschappen was ontstaan.
    • 10 mei » Oprichting van de Chileense voetbalclub Lota Schwager na een fusie tussen Minas Lota en Federico Schwager.
    • 14 juli » Richard Speck vermoordt acht verpleegsters in Chicago.
    • 12 augustus » De vulkaan Awu barst uit en blijft actief tot oktober 1966; bij de uitbarsting komen 39 mensen om het leven.
    • 7 september » De Schipholtunnel wordt opengesteld.
    • 14 oktober » De Nacht van Schmelzer doet het kabinet-Cals vallen.

Bron: Wikipedia

Bron: Wikipedia


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