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Persoonlijke gegevens Rowland Bryant [B DNA-iKi-ibKib] 

Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Rowland Bryant

Mary or Patience Kaye
± 1700-> 1727
William Rowland
± 1690-± 1765
Elizabeth Proctor
± 1689-????
William Bryant
± 1724-1773

Rowland Bryant

Rosa Bryant
> 1770-< 1875
Rosa Bryant
> 1778-????
Martha Bryant
± 1796-????
Tabitha Bryant
± 1789-????
James Bryant
> 1770-????
Elizabeth Bryant
> 1775-????

Gezin van Rowland Bryant [B DNA-iKi-ibKib]

Hij heeft/had een relatie met Mary Rosa Hunt.


  1. Rosa Bryant  > 1770-< 1875 
  2. Edward Thomas Bryant  1778-1845 
  3. Rosa Bryant  > 1778-???? 
  4. Martha Bryant  ± 1796-????
  5. Tabitha Bryant  ± 1789-???? 
  6. John Farrington Bryant  1790-1857 
  7. James Bryant  > 1770-????
  8. Elizabeth Bryant  > 1775-???? 
  9. Robertson Bryant  1795-1872 

Notities over Rowland Bryant [B DNA-iKi-ibKib]

Bryant, Rowland to Edward Bryant [his son]. " Negro boy named Albert..." (DOG-1843, p.441, book 13)
Bryant, Rowland to Roberson Bryant [his son]. "...two Negroes namely Ally & her child Maria..." (DOG-1843, p. 442, book 13)
Bryant, Rowland to James Bryant [his son]. "...for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear unto my beloved son James Bryant have given & granted and by these presents do give & grant unto him the said James Bryant... two Negro boys namely Edmond & Bob..." (DOG-1843, p.442, book 13)
Bryant, James H. [exr.] to Elizabeth Summerhill. "...a Negro slave man Moses..." (BOS-1847, p.423, book 14)
Bryant, Rowland to George and James Norman [his grandsons]. " Negro girl named Eliza..." (DOG-1843, p.444, book 13) Bryant, Rowland to Elizabeth Somerhill [his daughter]. "...two Negroes namely Jane & Phill..." (DOG-1843, p. 443, book 13)
Bryant, James H. [exr. to the last will & testament of Rowland Bryant] to Robert D. Bryant [of Maury County, Tennessee]. "...the following Negro slaves, viz, man Green, woman Merena & woman Mary and her child Rowland..." (BOS-1847, p.423, book 14)
Bryant, Rowland to Marticia & Lucy Ann Norman [his grand daughters]. " Negro girl named Lucinda..." (DOG-1843, p.444, book 13)
Bryant, John F. to William Kittrell. "...girl Sela aged abut 16 years..." (BOS-1844, p.2, book 14)
Bryant, Rowland to Elizabeth Somerhill. " Negro woman named Charlotte [unsound]..." (BOS-1843, p.1, book 13)
Bryant, Rowland to Polly Clopton [his daughter]." Negro boy by the name of Manuel..." (DOG-1843, p.352, book 12)
Bryant, Fenington to George Word. "...woman Mary & her child Easter..." (BOS-1838, p. 46, book 9)
Bryant, Elizabeth [of Maury County, Tennessee, as Executrix of Edward Bryant, dec'd] to Alfred Knight [power-of-attorney to sell]. "...boy Albert" which was a gift from her deceased father-in-law, Roland Bryant. (Power of attorney-1848, p.222, book 16)

Rowland Bryant (c. 1754-60 to 1843), was not "of age" when his father's estate was settled in 1774. Although there are records of a Rowland Bryant in Botetourt County, Virginia of about the same age, he is not thought to be our Rowland who was recorded in Granville County, NC in 1780, 1783, 1786 and in the first NC census in 1790. The wife referred to in his 1839 will was Mary Rosa Hunt , daughter of William Hunt of Tabbs Creek, Granville County, NC. Children named in his will were John, Edward, Robertson, Rowland, James, Elizabeth (Summerhill), and Martha (Woodlief). He refers to "other children" not mentioned which, according to other research, probably include "Rosey" (Kittrell), Tabitha (Murphy) and Patsy (Norman) who had died before her father.

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Tijdbalk Rowland Bryant [B DNA-iKi-ibKib]

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