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Persoonlijke gegevens Capt. Jonathan Kittrell Sr. [K 1 10zDNA]1 fr 4 "J II" 

Verwantschap Capt. Jonathan Kittrell Sr. [K 1 10zDNA]1 fr 4 "J II"

Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Jonathan Kittrell

John Kitterell
< 1665-< 1760
Amy Cockerton
< 1665-< 1760

Jonathan Kittrell
± -1812

John Kittrell
± 1754-1809
Isaac Kittrell
± 1765-< 1811
Nancy Kittrell
1764-< 1854
Mary Kittrell

Gezin van Capt. Jonathan Kittrell Sr. [K 1 10zDNA]1 fr 4 "J II"

Hij is getrouwd met Elizabeth [Bryant-not likely].

op 17 november 1752 te Bertie County, North Carolina Some list her last name as Spivey.


  1. Jonathan Kittrell   
  2. Rachel Millie Kittrell  1753-???? 
  3. John Kittrell  ± 1754-1809 
  4. Sarah Kittrell  -1833 
  5. Isaac Kittrell  ± 1765-< 1811 
  6. Isham (Wmson?) Kittrell  1762-1811 
  7. Nancy Kittrell  1764-< 1854 
  8. Mary Kittrell  1765-1811 
  9. Joshua Kittrell  1765-1802 

Notities over Capt. Jonathan Kittrell Sr. [K 1 10zDNA]1 fr 4 "J II"

19444 as of 13Nov14

Columns 123456789ABC-DEF
Isaac Kitrell ---1-2-1---71.300.-.-
Wm Kitrell --21-2--11-41.100.-.-
Johnathan Kitrell 11-1-12-1--21.200.30
Columns M1st5F2nd5 0-10-16-26-45
B Other free person then C slaves
DEF not official form columns

(1810 U.S. Census copied at HQ)
Series: M252 Roll: 40 Page: 241

Capt of company before October 1769

A List of souls taken by Zacharias Higgs in Fishing Creek
district for the year 1786 Granville County.
Page 1 A B C D E F
Sherwood Parrish 1 1 3 . . 5
Benjamin Smith 1 1 2 . . 3
Jonathan Kittrell 1 1 2 8 4 16
Isham Kittrell 1 . . . 1 2
Rowland Bryant 1 2 4 1 . 8
Henry Fowler 1 1 2 . . 4
Henry Lankford . 4 4 . . 8
John Lankford 1 3 6 . . 10
Jesse Lankford 1 . 1 . . 2
Ezekiel Fuller 2 4 4 3 6 19
Justus Parrish 1 1 8 . . 10
Henry Hays Junr. 1 . 2 . . 3

A = White Males 21 through 60 years of age
B = White Males under 21 or above 60 years of age
C = White Females of all ages
D = Blacks Persons 12 through 50 years of age
E = Black Persons under 12 years of age or over 50 years of age
F = Total All Persons in Household

In 1764 Granville County was divided into Bute County. In 1779, Bute County was discontinued and divided into Franklin and Warren Counties. In 1778 the records of Bute County, Book 7, page 101, noted that William Bobbitt is selling 150 acres of his land to John Emmerson.
"William Bobbitt to John Emerson, both of Bute County, for 300 pounds of Virginia money for 150 acres of land on the south side of Reedy Creek. Witnesses: William Park."
After the sale of this land, William Bobbitt and his family moved to land that was located in Franklin County. The records of Granville County, Book N, page 110, recorded this deed which was dated, February 19, 1789.
"William Bobbitt of Franklin County To William Smith of Granville County, for 150 pounds specie, for 350 acres of land on Linches Creek, joining Edwards.. the county line, and Eaton. The said land includes the plantation whereon the said Smith now lives. Witnesses: Joseph Mangum, Benjamin Johnston."
A similar deed was recorded in Granville County, Book F, page 115, on January 17, 1794.
"From William Bobbitt of Franklin County, to Johnathan Kittrell Senior, of Granville County, for 33 pounds, 140 acres of land in Granville County, joining Hays, Eaton, and Smith. Witnesses: Daniel Hunter, Isham Kitrell, A. Kitrell"

Deed Book R Granville County, North Carolina 1801-1805

p. 1 John Rust deed to the legatees of General Thomas Person, decd., namely, Joanne Person, Mary Ann Little, heirs of William Person, decd., and Polly Taylor, October 7, 1801
p. 3 James Lewis, Robert Lewis, Charles lewis, Nicholas Lewis and William Lewis were all sons of Frances Lewis, decd. Said Nicholas Lewis became possessed of five tracts of land granted to Howel Lewis, Jr. decd. at the death of their father and mother and brother, said William lewis, decd. and this is a quit claim by James, Robert and Charles Lewis to secure the title to Nicholas lewis, September 26, 1801
p. 4 Robert Dickens of person Co, NC ded to Stephen Oakley of Granville co, March 3, 1802
p. 4 Howel Lewis, the elder, deed of gift to his son, Willis Lewis, April 29, 1802
p. 5 Littleton Howard deed to Groves Howard, October 2, 1801
p. 11 Thomas Hays of Franklin Co, NC deed to James Seawell of the same county and state for land in Granville Co April 12, 1802
p. 13 Isaac Kittrell deed to Isham Kittrell April 8, 1802

Deed Book V, p. 346, Granville County Deeds: Jonathan Kittrell, Sr. deed to his grandchildren, the heirs of Joshua Kittrell, decd. for love and affection, namely, Nancy Wright, George Kittrell, Micklejohn Kittrell, Leah Kittrell, Benjamin Kittrell and Seth Reddick Kittrell, May 11, 1811

KETTERAL, JONATHAN (1800 U.S. Census) - -1-1- - -- - -.18.NORTH CAROLINA , GRANVILLE, NO TWP LISTEDSeries: M32 Roll: 31 Page: 531
Thomas York 1-1- -211---.1
Joshua Ketteral 41-1-211---.25.
Watson Smith --1- - - - 1---.-.
Hardy Tol~~~on 1--1- 3- 1---.3.
Benjamin Hayes -2- 1-1221--.-.
Josiah Hays 1- -1-1- 11--.-?.
John Harp 3-11- -311--.-
Thomas Norman -1- -1111-1-.28.
Joseph Rogers, Senr. -- -1- - 2-1- -.9.
Jones Fuller 1-1- -- -1--1.-?.
Edward Powel 11-1-2-11--.4.
William Garrett 1- -1-3-1- - - .-.
Anson Ball 3--1- -11- - -.1.
Jonathan Kitteral - -1-1- - -- - -.18.
Isham Kitteral 11-1-3 - -1--.12.
James Hutchins 21-1-32-1---
William Lock 21-1-2--1---
Ezekiel Hays 1--1-2-1---1 Check (no known certain meaning)

Isaac Kitrell ---1-2-1---71.300.-.-
Wm Kitrell --21-2--11-41.100.-.- Who is Wm Kitrell?
Johnathan Kitrell 11-1-12-1--21.200.30


PERSONS’ NAMES LANDSitua-PollsSlavesCarriageStud Horses
TionWheelsand Prices

Richard Thomason180D2…
Valentine White
Isaac Roberts284D1…
Jonathan Kittrell Junior 30½ D13

Phillip Spears170D1…
John Spears245D13

Joseph Rogers286D12
Jonathan Kittrell, Senr.1371½D29

Joshua Kittrell662D12

Samuel Kittrell 671 ½ D27……
David Ragsdel.100D1………
The Above list take by me.
Charles R. Eaton/.

Two pages from The State Records of North Carolina, Published under the Supervision of the Trustees of the Public Libraries, by Order of the General Assembly. Collected and Edited by Walter Clark, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North CarolinaVol. XXVI
Censues 1790
Names of Heads of Families
Nash Brothers-
Book and Joh Printers
Goldsboro, N.C.
Broadfoot Publishing Company
Wilmington, North Carolina
Capt. Jonathan Kittrell’s 1771 Granville Company

Jonathan Kittrell, Sr., Captain
Samuel Kittrell, Lieutenant
Jonathan Kittrell, Junior, Clerk
Soldiers include family or familiar names
John Hunt
William Roberts
William Bryant
Pomfret Herndon
William Spears

Notes of Beverly Cunningham White

Bertie County NC
(formed 1722 from Chowan County)

Colonial Bertie County, NC Deed Books A-H 1720-1757, abstracted by:
Mary Best Bell

01 Sep 1755: Jonathan Kittrell to William Pierce - 27 pds. 15 shls. for 167
acres on east side Connaritsrat Swamp between John Gilbert (Gilbart) and
Jonathan Kittrell formerly between John Holly and John Thomas. Wts: Daniel Murphree, James Dody.
This may be the start of the winding up of Bertie County land affairs.

Colony of North Carolina 1735-1765, Abstracts of Land Patents Vol. 1, by Hoffman
Some documentation is provided but of course,...


From Mrs. Edythe Rucker Whitley as to Jonathan II, which has errors in misreading Fielding as Frederick and William as Wilborn and others to errors be added:, but still a good tool for looking for original or copies of records involvingCapt. Jonathan Kittrell, our J II:

Title Page:

Kittrell family by Edythe Rucker Whitley.

Nashville, Tennessee,
Jonathan Kittrell of the second generation and the second by the name of Jonathan. Born about 1720 (exact date undetermined.) From Revolutionary and Colonial services he must have been at least thirty years of age at the beginning of the Revolution.

There is so much history about Jonathan's career; it is difficult to know where to begin. He was no doubt, a resident of Bertie or Chowan County until 1760. In this year he buys land in Granville, County, North Carolina, at a place now called Kittrell, North Carolina, in Vance County. (Vance County was formed from Granville.) In 1761 he was granted land in Granville County by Lord Granville. Nothing appears regarding him in Bertie or Chowan County after this date.

Vol. 22, page 394, N.C. State and Colonial Records, "Newbern District, N.C., Beaufort Co., 1763. We the undersigned subscribers do hereby acknowledge to have received of Robert Harris, Colonel ofGranville Co. Regiment of Militia the sum opposite our respective names for ourservices in protection of the public peace at Hillsborough in Sept. last ___ March 24, 1763." Among the names on the list appears Johnathan Kitral, Captain Dec. 24, 1763 and John Kittral, Ensign." This proves that Jonathan Kittrell was in the service of his country prior to the Revolution.

Vol. 22, Pages 489-490 N.C. State amd Colonial Records
"Capt. Kitral, paid soldiers for services thru Robert Harris Colo" and
again Vol. 22, page 165, same reference, Company commanded by Capt. Jonathan Kittrell 1771---gives Samuel Kittrell, as Lieutenant,and Jonathan Kittrell Jr. as clerk." This proves in 1771 Jonathan II had a son Jonathan who was at least eighteen years old as he was serving his country.

From Ms.S. records in Office of Secretary of State of North Carolina, Granville County, taken from N.C. State and Colonial Records, Vol. 8, page 196, we have"Know all men by these presents that we Isaac Edwards, Jno. Williams and Wm. Bullock, all of Granville County are held and firmly bound unto Robert Harris, Johnathan Kittrell and Thornton Yancey---- Justices of the County of Granville in the sum of one thousand pounds proclaimation Money. To the which payment welland truly to be made. We bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by thes presents. Sealed without seals and dated this 17th day of April, A.D., 1770, etc."

Jonathan Kittrell II, made his will, which is dated 1811, March 18, in Granville, Co. N.C. Probated 1812. He mentions the following in his will:
"My son, Issac, son-in-law, Jno. Harris, daughter of Nancy Hunt, grandchildren Tabby, Talley, James, Sally, Nancy, Polly, daughter Sarah Higgs, and Mary Morse. Grandchildren Jonathan, Sally, Patsy, Eaton, Sol. Alston Kitrell, Eaton Hunter Kittrell. Ann Alston, wife of my son, Isham. Pathenia Elizabeh Isham Williamson Kittrell. Bryant, Wilborn, Fredrick, MaryBlakemore, children of son Jonathan.

This will does not call for Joshua, neither does it call for all of his brothers, but it does call for Isham and the heirs of Solomon Kittrell, so to prove Joshua a son of Jonathan we prove Joshua brother of Isaac and Isham.

In North Carolina census of 1790 Granville County, there appears Jonathan Senr and Jonathan Junr. Samuel, Joshua.

The proven issue of Jonathan II and his wife from the records:
1. Jonathan III, married Tabby Bryant (Bryan) (Later).
2. Nancy or Man


But see some of heads, usually at of near Patriarchs of these families, which
appertain to the collector of database, many ancestral&these are a bit of both:
Surname [Abbreviation] = Site address hoped to get the use to the patriarch
ben/bin Adam [A for all] =
Noah (Nuh Noe) of the Ark =
Jacob, Patriarch of Israel =
King David, of All Israel =
Jacob, father of Joseph =
Charlemagne [Emp for all] =
Alfred, King of "England" =,,,\\\///\
... the Great
William I the Conqueror [] =
Edward III, King of England =
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England = in good time as to her father and mother
Andrews [An] =
Bailey [By] =
Brown-White [Wb] =
Bryant [B] =
Cain [Cn] =
Carroll [C] =
Daniel [D] =
Dutton [Du] =
Hearst [H] =
Hulme [Hm] =
Kinkead [Kk] =
Kittrell [K] =
McAliley [Mc] =
Miller [M] =
Neely [N] =
Owen [Ow] =
Patterson [Pt]=
Pressly [P] =
Proctor [Pr] =
Ratchford [R] =
Richardson [Rc] =
Ross-Brown [Rb] =
Rowland [Rw] =
Simpson [Si] =
Spencer [Sp] =
Stewart [S] =
Wallace [O]=
Wherry [Why] =
White-Garner [Wh] =
Wylie-Dunn [Wd] =
.............................. or
Wylie-Lee [Wl] =
.............................. or
Wylie-McKinn*ey** [Wk]=
.............................. or

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  • De temperatuur op 18 maart 1812 lag rond de -2 °C. De wind kwam overheersend uit het noord-oosten. Typering van het weer: half bewolkt. Bron: KNMI
  • De Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden werd in 1794-1795 door de Fransen veroverd onder leiding van bevelhebber Charles Pichegru (geholpen door de Nederlander Herman Willem Daendels); de verovering werd vergemakkelijkt door het dichtvriezen van de Waterlinie; Willem V moest op 18 januari 1795 uitwijken naar Engeland (en van daaruit in 1801 naar Duitsland); de patriotten namen de macht over van de aristocratische regenten en proclameerden de Bataafsche Republiek; op 16 mei 1795 werd het Haags Verdrag gesloten, waarmee ons land een vazalstaat werd van Frankrijk; in 3.1796 kwam er een Nationale Vergadering; in 1798 pleegde Daendels een staatsgreep, die de unitarissen aan de macht bracht; er kwam een nieuwe grondwet, die een Vertegenwoordigend Lichaam (met een Eerste en Tweede Kamer) instelde en als regering een Directoire; in 1799 sloeg Daendels bij Castricum een Brits-Russische invasie af; in 1801 kwam er een nieuwe grondwet; bij de Vrede van Amiens (1802) kreeg ons land van Engeland zijn koloniën terug (behalve Ceylon); na de grondwetswijziging van 1805 kwam er een raadpensionaris als eenhoofdig gezag, namelijk Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck (van 31 oktober 1761 tot 25 maart 1825).
  • In het jaar 1812: Bron: Wikipedia
    • 11 mei » Brits premier Spencer Perceval wordt neergeschoten in de hal van het Britse Lagerhuis door de failliete handelaar John Bellingham.
    • 22 juni » Napoleon verklaart de oorlog aan Rusland.
    • 24 juni » Napoleon Bonaparte valt Rusland binnen op weg naar Moskou. Een half jaar later is hij weer terug.
    • 6 augustus » De vulkaan Awu op het eiland Sangihe Besar (Indonesië) barst uit en maakt 953 slachtoffers.
    • 16 augustus » Voor het eerst wordt de berg Finsteraarhorn in Zwitserland beklommen.
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