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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Jonathan Kittrell

Jonathan Kittrell

Tabitha Bryant
± 1756-> 1804

Bryant Kittrell
< 1776-1837
Mary Kittrell
Isaac Kittrell
1779-< 1866
Isham Kittrell
± 1780-????
Joshua Kittrell
± 1783-1860
Fielding Kittrell
± 1792-1838

Gezin van Jonathan Kittrell Jr. [K-sBs "J III" DNA 3zDNA ]0 fr 3

Hij is getrouwd met Tabitha Bryant.Bron 2

Marriage bond # 240, Bro. Wm. Bryant as witness
7. Page 17 Tabbie Bryant to Jonathan Kittrell, Jr.,17 November 1772 Bond 240
op 17 Nov 1772 bond date te Granville County, North Carolina.Bron 3


  1. Bryant Kittrell  < 1776-1837 
  2. Mary Kittrell  1777-1837 
  3. William Kittrell  1779-1843 
  4. Isaac Kittrell  1779-< 1866 
  5. Isham Kittrell  ± 1780-????
  6. Joshua Kittrell  ± 1783-1860 
  7. Fielding Kittrell  ± 1792-1838 

Notities over Jonathan Kittrell Jr. [K-sBs "J III" DNA 3zDNA ]0 fr 3

"228, 229, 230 [Book 5, 1799-1803 of the court or estate records of Granville County]-February Court 1802 - Committee appointed to divide the negroes of Jonathan Kittrell, deceased, to his widow and children: Tabitha Kittrell, Bryant Kittrell, Thomas Blacknall [husband of Mary Kittrell, known daughter of Jonathan Jr., whose surname here is written Blackwell], William Kittrell, Isaac Kittrell, Joshua Kittrell, Isham Kittrell and Fielding Kittrell." Pp. 254-55, Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1808, Zae Hargett Gwynn, Abstractor; Publisher, Joseph W. Watson, 406 Piedmont Avenue, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 1973.

The above doucments the names of the children surviving as of the date of the February Court of 1802.

Capt. Jonathan Kittrell’s 1771 Granville Company

Jonathan Kittrell, Sr., Captain
Samuel Kittrell, Lieutenant
Jonathan Kittrell, Junior, Clerk
Soldiers include family or familiar names
John Hunt
William Roberts
William Bryant
Pomfret Herndon
William Spears

|-------Kittrell, Jonathan I
|------Kittrell, Jonathan (Capt.?) II
| |-------Durant, Ann
Kittrell, Jonathan III
|------Kittrell, Elizabeth Unk
Gender: M Birth : about 1753 Death : January 1809 2/1823 John Kittrell interest on account on Elijah Bradford,Henry L. Martin,Joshua Floyd, Wm. D. Jones, and others, aquanitty of furnitre, kitchen ware, negroes. W. D. Allenappointed guardian of Mary Ann Allen orphan and minor.Reference : 2627
Family Kittrell - Bryant
Marriage: 07 November 1772
|------Bryant, Rowland
Bryant, Tabitha Gender: F Reference : 1973Kittrell, Issac Gender: M Reference : 1976Kittrell, Joshua Kittrell, Isham Kittrell, Bryant Kittrell, Mary Gender: F Mary's existence given in The Kittrell Family, a Memory By JohnC. Kittrell, Jr., 1994.Reference : 2620Kittrell, William Kittrell, Fielding Gender: M Birth : about 1805 Reference : 1977

PERSONS’ NAMES LANDSitua-PollsSlavesCarriageStud Horses
TionWheelsand Prices

Richard Thomason180D2…
Valentine White
Isaac Roberts284D1…
Jonathan Kittrell Junior 30½ D13

Phillip Spears170D1…
John Spears245D13

Joseph Rogers286D12
Jonathan Kittrell, Senr.1371½D29

Joshua Kittrell662D12

Samuel Kittrell 671 ½ D27……
David Ragsdel.100D1………
The Above list take by me.
Charles R. Eaton/.

Two pages from The State Records of North Carolina, Published under the Supervision of the Trustees of the Public Libraries, by Order of the General Assembly. Collected and Edited by Walter Clark, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North CarolinaVol. XXVI
Censues 1790
Names of Heads of Families
Nash Brothers-
Book and Job Printers
Goldsboro, N.C.


Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville Co. NC 1746-1808 by: Zae Hargett Gwinn 30 Mar 1790 - Mortgage - Britton Fuller to Roland Bryant, household furniture and two horses. Wts: Henry Fuller, Samuel Fuller, John Fuller, Joshua Bell. 13 Mar 1789 - Samuel Walker, Rowland Bryant, Jonathan Kittrell, Jr. and Charles R. Eaton, appointed by court to divide lands of Sarah Harris between Jesse and Solomon Harris, heirs at law of Sarah Harris and William Penn. 24 Apr 1775 - Memo of goods and money lent to Rowland Bryant by Capt. Jonathan Kittrell as guardian.


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  1. GenForum [database online], via, 28 oktober 2012
    Posted by: Jane Date: November 11, 2000 at 06:53:43
    In Reply to: JONATHAN K.(III) m.<1776 TABITHA BRYANT by KittrellKin of 661

    Granville County Abstracts-Wills and Estate Records: Feb. Ct. 1802--mentions Jonathan Kittrell, deceased. Widow-Tabitha. Children-Bryant Kittrell, Thomas Blackwell*, William Kittrell, Isaac Kittrell, Isham Kittrell, Fielding Kittrell.
    *Thomas Blackwell was likely a son in law and last name could have been Blacknall.
    Also mentioned:
    Feb.Term-1802-Tabitha Kittrell, wife of Jonathan Kittrell, deceased, relinquishes right to administration on estate and is granted to Briant Kittrell with William Walker and Thomas Person as bondsmen...Tabitha Kittrell appointed guardian to Fielding...Tabitha Kittrell petitions for dower in lands of Jonathan Kittrell, Jr.

    -Feb. 19, 1802-Inventory of estate of Jonathan Kittrell, deceased by Bryant Kittrell, administrator.

    May Court-1802-Account of sale of estate of Jonathan Kittrell, deceased by Bryant Kittrell, adm.

    Feb. Ct. 1803-Division of lands of Jonathan Kittrell, deceased; ordered by court.

    Aug. Ct. 1805-Petitions for Austin Harris and wife Tabitha, guardian to Fielding Kittrell to answer why further security not being given.

    Nov. Ct. 1805-Wm. Kittrell appointed guardian to Fielding Kittrell, orphan of John Kittrell, in place of Tabitha Harris who is being replaced from guardianship.


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  2. Hick’s History of Granville County, North Carolina, Vol. I., Hick's
  3. North Carolina Marriages to 1825

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