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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Elizabeth Harington

John Haryngton
± 1315-1359
Katherine Banastre
± 1320-> 1359
William English
± 1314-1369
Margaret Le Brun
± 1320-????
Elizabeth Harington
1386-± 1445

± 1408
John Stanley
± 1386-1437

Gezin van Elizabeth Harington

Zij is getrouwd met John Stanley rond 1408 te Hornby, Lancashire, England.Bron 10

Notities bij Elizabeth Harington

[Our Kingdom Come.ged]

Sir John de Stanley, Knight; said to have m. Isabel Harington, daughter of Sir Nicholas Harington of Hornby Castle.
[Magna Charta Sureties]


[Jim Weber]

Isabel (or possibly Elizabeth), daughter of Sir John Haryngton, of Hornby Castle, Lancs.
[Burke's Peerage]


He [John de Stanley] is said to have married Isabel, daughter of Sir John and sister of Sir William DE HARYNGTON (c).
[Complete Peerage XII/1:249-50, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

(c) Dugdale's authority is the family pedigree. It may be noted that in 1503 Richard Beaumont obtained a license to marry, as his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Stanley, who is said to have been daughter and coheir of Sir John Harrington of Hornby Castle, and relict of Sir John Stanley.


Isabel Harington [daughter of Sir Robert Harington, KB, Lord Harington of Gleaston Castle, & (2) Isabel Loring], of Hornby, co. Lancaster; m. Sir John Stanley, d. 1437. [Ancestral Roots]


Sir John de Stanley, Knight; said to have m. Isabel Harington, daughter of Sir Nicholas Harington of Hornby Castle.
[Magna Charta Sureties]


Note AR has Isabel as a daughter of Robert Harington, and MCS has her daughter of Nicholas, while BP & CP have her as daughter of John. MCS, AR, & BP have her of Hornby Castle. AR does not explain how she came to be in Hornby. There is an Isabel Harington of Hornby Castle, b. c 1404, daughter of William Harington, who received Hornby in marriage from Margaret Neville. They, as far as I know are the first Haringtons at Hornby, too late to be connected to this Isabel. William's father Nicholas (who may be the one referred to by MCS) was of Farleton (unless he moved in with his son).


Note: The newsgroup, soc.genealogy.medieval, has a posting from Brice Clagett, 2 July 2001, purporting that Isabel is daughter of Nicholas (agreeing with MCS). However this requires Sir Nicholas to have two daughter named Isabel (his first Isabel m. Sir Thomas Tunstall)

The following is Douglas Richardson's posting to soc.genealogy.medieval:

From: Douglas Richardson (royalancestry AT
Subject: Re: Harington
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Date: 2001-07-13 09:40:44 PST

Dear newsgroup ~

In answer to the various posts about Isabel Harington, wife of Sir John Stanley, although sources vary as to her parentage, I've proven she [is] definitely the daughter of Sir Nicholas Harington. Sir Nicholas also had a much older daughter named Isabel who married Sir Thomas Tunstall. So, it would appear there were two daughters named Isabel in this generation. Curiously, I find some secondary sources which give Sir John Stanley's wife as Elizabeth, rather than Isabel. If true, then it is also possible that one daughter was actually named Elizabeth, and the other named Isabel. Also, it is possible that the two women had different mothers. The two women appear to have been about twenty years apart in age.

I've confirmed from a contemporary record that Sir Thomas Tunstall's wife was definitely named Isabel. I understand there is a papal grant to Sir John Stanley and his wife which I have not seen. Perhaps someone can check the published papal documents for this grant and post it for the newsgroup. Hopefully Sir John Stanley's wife's name is given in this record.

Best always,

Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

E-mail: royalancestry AT




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