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Persoonlijke gegevens Edward Eastham Mannelijk

Gezin van Edward Eastham

Hij is getrouwd met Anne Taylor.

Notities bij Edward Eastham

Edward EASTHAM JR (Edward (Essom) EASTHAM1) was born BET 1660 AND 16 80 in ,Rappahannock,VA, and died AFT 1725 in ,Essex,VA. He married Ann TAY LOR ABT 1701 in ,Essex,VA, daughter of James TAYLOR and Mary Bishop GREGOR Y. She was born 12 JAN 1685 in ,Caroline,VA, and died ABT 1718 in ,Ki ng & Queen,VA.

Some of you write me very angry that I don't have the correct information. I apologize, every thing in this file has not been verified, I've been sick and dont have the time to verify every thing so be sure you verify it and not take it for the gospel, but rather as a starting point. Also alot of my dates are about not exact I do not edit files that are sent to me but add them as they are I have to assume that the person who sent them has done his homework. I only try to verify my direct line. This file is a large one with extended family and comes from many sources including the internet I do my best to correct wrong infomation. If you want me to make changes send me proof and I will but please dont write and say its wrong if you have nothing you can prove your version with. My hope is that this file will help you and that some day all the information will be correct. Thank all who have added to this file. Everything I have is here in this file. Dee

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