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Persoonlijke gegevens John Cunningham Mannelijk

Gezin van John Cunningham

Hij is getrouwd met Anna van Duivenvoorde.


  1. Elisabeth Cuningham  1580-1622 Tree 7

Notities bij John Cunningham

2 John Cunningham is recorded as having distinguished himself as an artillerist
at the siege of Haarlem. He is referred to in the resolutions of Holland in
1585 as Colonel Cunningham. In 1581, being then * commander of the artillery,'
he received a commission as * Assistant ' (Adjutant) to Count William Louis of
Nassau, at Dockum (see p. 77), and in the same year a commission for the
relief of Naijesijl (p. 78). He married Anna van Duivenvoorde.

Over de familienaam Cunningham