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Famille de Clemencia van Poitou


Elle est mariée avec Gerard van Wassenberg.


  1. Jutta van Gelre  ± 1087-1151 
  2. Gerard II van Gelre  ± 1090-1131 
  3. Yolanda van Gelre  ± 1090-± 1131 


Elle est mariée avec Conrad I van Luxemburg.


  1. Hendrik III van Luxemburg  ????-> 1095 
  2. Ermensende van Luxemburg  ????-1141 

Notes par Clemencia van Poitou

CLEMENTIA (-after 1141). Her [first] marriage is confirmed by the charter dated 7 Jul 1083 under which "Conradus comes" founded the Benedictine abbey of Münster [Altmünster] in Luxembourg, with the consent of "uxore mea Clementia cum filiis et filiabus nostris"[114]. "Conradus cum uxore mea Clementia" founded the abbey of Münster at Luxembourg, with the consent of "filiis meis Henrico, Conradi et Wilhelmo", by charter dated 1080[115]. Meginher Archbishop of Trier confirmed the foundation of Kloster Schiffenberg by "Clementia…comitissa" with the consent of "filii sui Willehelmi et filie Irmesindis" by charter dated 17 Jun 1129[116]. Her supposed [second/third] marriage is confirmed by a second version of the charter confirming the foundation of Kloster Schiffenberg, dated 1129, which records the donation made by "Clementia comitissa de Glizberc…per manum Gerhardi mariti sui comitis de Gelre", with the consent of "palatine comitisse Gertrudis" [identified as Gertrud von Northeim, widow of Siegfried Graf von Orlamünde, Pfalzgrafen von Lothringen, and wife of Otto von Salm Graf von Rheineck, presumably a relative whose family relationship has not been traced, although see below for some speculation about this] to whom one fourth part of the property belonged[117]. Szabolcs de Vajay dismisses this supposed [second/third] marriage, considering that this second Schiffenberg document is a falsification[118]. However, the language of the document is not obviously anachronistic, the only surprising element being the large number of witnesses. The doubts surrounding the authenticity of these documents is discussed at length by Wyss[119]. "Clementia comitissa de Glizberg cum meis nepotibus Ottone et Wilhelmo" confirmed the foundation of Schiffenberg, with the consent of "domne Gertrudis palatine…[et] Adela filia eiusdem palatine", by charter dated 1141[120]. The documents relating to Clementia´s supposed [second/third] marriage also suggest a possible [second] marriage, because of the two references to her as “comitissa de Glizberc”. No primary source document has yet been identified in which Clementia´s [first] husband is described as “Graf von Gleiberg”. Nor has any record been found of the county of Gleiberg being held by her son by this [first] marriage, Guillaume [I] Comte de Luxembourg, nor by Guillaume´s son Conrad [II] Comte de Luxembourg. One possible explanation is that Clementia was not in fact heiress of Gleiberg, although she is often described as such in contemporary secondary sources, and that she was accorded the title in the 1129 and 1141 as the widow of an otherwise unidentified “Graf von Gleiberg” whom she married after the death of Conrad [I] Comte de Luxembourg. If that is correct, this shadowy [second] husband may have been the uncle or great-uncle of the cousins Otto and Wilhelm who are named above and who would have inherited the title after his death. If Clementia was dowager countess of Gleiberg, maybe continuing to hold part of the county as dower from her [second] husband, this would explain the necessity of her acting jointly with her nephews in the 1129 and 1141 documents. If all this speculation is correct, the consent given in the joint interest in the property in question held by Gertrud von Northeim and her daughter may provide an indication of the family origin of Clementia herself: maybe she was Gertrud´s maternal aunt, a member of the Braunschweig family? [firstly] [as his first wife,] CONRAD [I] Comte [de Luxembourg], son of GISELBERT Graf von Salm, Comte [de Luxembourg] & his wife --- (-in Palestine 8 Aug 1086, bur Luxembourg Münster Abbey).

[m [secondly] --- Graf von Gleiberg, son of ---.]

[m [secondly/thirdly] [as his second wife,] GERHARD [I] Graaf van Gelre, son of DIETRICH "Flamens" Graf [von Wassenberg] & his wife --- (-before 9 Apr 1138).]

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