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Information on my Dutch heritage on my mother's side.  The building of my database began with a 1978 publication by Leslie Smith Powell (my third cousin twice removed) entitled, "The Bush/Smith/Stavenger Connection."  Working from her information, I expanded the tree by using several online sources, primarily AlleGroningers.nl.  In addition, I have a book published in 1843 titled "Tafel der Afstammelingen van Jan Boijkema en Courtjen Rijpkes, in Leven Echtelieden, Landbouwers te Vierhuizen" by Jakob Pieters Buikema. Information gathered from user-submitted databases (ie., Ancestry.com) is only included if I have been able to verify the data from an independent source.  Other individuals may be added to the tree if I have first-hand knowledge of their authenticity (ie., a living cousin testifying to the existence of other living relatives).

Individuals hail primarily from the Northern and Central regions of Groningen.  

Those couples with the most prolific descendant trees include:

Jacob Derx Schipper & Hane Jansenn, m. 3 Jun 1627, Aduard
Popke Peters & Anne Claessen, m. 25 Jun 1643, Garnwerd
Albert Heijne Grube & Aeltjen Jurjens, m. 31 Jan 1650, Groningen
Jan Boijkema & Courtjen Rijpkes, m. 26 Dec 1654, Vliedorp
Hillebrant Tonnis & Syrtje Ulrijx, m. 18 Mar 1655, Warffum
Cornellis Jans & Grietjen Cornellis, m. 3 May 1663, Usquert
Arent Jans & Roelefjen Peters, m. 29 Dec 1667, Slochteren
Egge Dercx & Aeltie Jans, m. 27 Jun 1669, Noordhorn 
Egbert Allerts & Geertien Peters, m. 17 Dec 1671, Noordhorn
Allert Peters & Luijckjen Derricks, m. 17 Dec 1671, Niekerk, Vliedorp
Reert Jacobs & Jantien Dercks, m. 1 Apr 1678, Zuidhorn
Wolter Geeuwes & Grietien Jans, m. 20 Sep 1684, Uithuizermeeden
Rijckel Rijckels & Renske Rinnes, m. 1686, Leens
Geert Jacobs & Grietien Peters, m. 15 Apr 1688, Zandeweer
Jan Jannes Hasecamp & Reinouw Jacobs, m. 19 Sep 1692, Eenrum
Peter Ites & Trijntje Hendricks, m. 13 Nov 1692, Lellens
Bruin Elses & Ebeltje Mennes, m. 3 Dec 1693, Eenrum
Temme Jans & Annie Alberts, m. 18 Mar 1694, Den Ham, Fransum
Klaas Eckes & Jantje Egberts, m. 26 Apr 1696, Lutjegast
Jelte Peters & Hindrickjen Claesens, m. 29 Oct 1702, Leens
Geeuwe Wolters & Lamge Willems, m. 19 Jan 1711, Zandeweer
Bartelt Jans & Aaltjen Geerts, m. 4 Apr 1718, Zandeweer
Geert Willems & Anje Reiners, m. 27 Mar 1722, Baflo
Sijbelt Willems & Hinderkjen Hindriks, m. 5 Jul 1722, Niekerk
Lammert Hendricks & Itien Jacobs, m. 24 Mar 1724, Niehove
Jurrien Eppes & Trijntje Arents, m. 11 Nov 1725, Slochteren
Jacob Jans Agterhof & Geertje Jans, m. ~1748, Leens
Geert Roelfs & Henderika Jans Frieling, m. 24 Oct 1751, Tinallinge
Jannes Klasen & Hilje Ekkes, m. 9 Apr 1752, Uithuizen
Sijtke Popkes & Geeske Meertens, m. 13 Dec 1767, Saaksum
Gerhardes Harms Kooij & Lijsabet Jans, m. 12 Oct 1794, Zandeweer

Other significant surnames include:  Achterhof, Bakker, Berghuis, Beukema, Bos, de Boer, Boerema, Bolhuis, Bolt, Borgman, Bos, Buikema, Bulthuis, Dijk, van Dijk, Dijkema, van Dijken, Dijkhuis, Dijkstra, Doornbos, Feenstra, Frieling, Gaaikema, Geerts, Glas, de Groot, Haan, Hasecamp, Hoeksema, Hofman, Huisman, Huizinga, Jacobs, Jans, Klunder, Knol, Koning, Kooi, Kremer, Krijthe, Kuipers, Lubbers, Medema, Meijer, van der Molen, Mulder, Pieters, Ritsema, Rozema, Smit, Stavinga, Sterenberg, Swierenga, Tillema, van der Veen, Venhuizen, Visser, Vos, de Vries, de Waard, Wegter, Werkman, Wieringa, Wiersema, Wiersum, Willems, and Zuidema. 

This database has virtually no "Sources" listed, but I have extensive URL documentation of individuals in the "Notes" section of the files.  This is due to an error committed early on when using the interface in my primary genealogy program.  After 6,000 sources were accidentally saved as "Notes" instead, I chose to continue the mistake for the sake of consistency. 

I have divided my database into two categories for personal organization.  Those individuals who are biologically related to me have the most extensive sourced documentation.  Other families who have contributed to my tree by providing multiple spouses for my relatives may only be listed by name; however, as I have verified their existence through AlleGroningers.nl, searching the names in the online database will provide documentation for interested parties.

Some individuals are also listed as anonymous (denoted with "??") because I don't know their names but I know they exist.  For example, my great7grandmother, Anje Reiners, was married twice.  Proof of her identity at her second marriage is provided by the fact that she is listed as the widow of my great7grandfather.  In order to link her descendant lines together, I had to create a parent family for her; however, as her birth record has yet to be found, I am unaware of her parents' names, so they are listed as "??" in this database.

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