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Données personnelles Hans Steffens 

Famille de Hans Steffens


  1. Cornelis Steffens  ± 1580-????

Notes par Hans Steffens

"On the 7 March 1575 a Hans Steffens from Herzogenbusch, a Brabanter, received from the council of Danzig, permission to be a settler here although he is not eligible to have city privileges of a citizen because he is a handcraftsman (a stone and statue chiseler); yet he must promise that he will not ever hold a celebration (probably refers to religious services) and also that he will not use any other means to make a living." This Hans Steffens is listed as an elder of the Danzig Flemish Mennonite congregation. A letter dated 1592, from the Thorn Mennonite congregation, is signed by Cornelis Steffens. Cornelis is most likely the son of Hans. Horst Penner believes that the Steffens that were farmers throughout
the Grossenwerder villages of Petershagen, Tiegenhagen, and Vogtey in the 1700s, were descended from Hans and Cornelis Steffens.

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