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Ancêtres (et descendants) de John Hinnant Faulk

Wright Faulk
± 1732-????
Jennet Pittman
± 1734-????
Philip Faulk
1755-± 1825
Mary Hinnant

John Hinnant Faulk
± 1791-< 1832

± 1811

Priscilla Gore
1795-± 1869

Theresa Faulk
1815-> 1832
Sarah Faulk
John Lency Faulk
1824-± 1910

Famille de John Hinnant Faulk

Il est marié avec Priscilla Gore environ 1811.


  1. Mary Frances Faulk  1811-1867 
  2. Eleanor J. Faulk  1814-????
  3. Theresa Faulk  1815-> 1832 
  4. Joseph Philip Faulk  1817-1896 
  5. William Randall Faulk  1819-1865 
  6. Sarah Faulk  1823-1860 
  7. John Lency Faulk  1824-± 1910 
  8. Elizabeth Jane Faulk  1826-????
  9. Jonathan Gore Faulk  1828-± 1882 
  10. James Hynard Faulk  1831-1884 
  11. Priscilla Faulk  1832-????

Notes par John Hinnant Faulk

Marriage 1 Priscilla West b: ABT. 1795 in NC
Married: ABT. 1811
Mary W. Faulk b: 8 FEB 1811 in Columbus Co., NC
Sarah Faulk, b. abt 1813 md. John Long s/o Micajah Long
Eleanor J. Faulk b: 1814
Theresa Faulk b: 1815
Joseph P. Faulk b: 1817 in Columbus Co., NC
William Randall Faulk b: 1819 in Columbus Co., NC
John Lency Faulk b: 1824 in NC
Elizabeth J. Faulk b: 1826
Jonathan Gore Faulk b: 1828 in Columbus Co., NC
James Hynard Faulk b: ABT. 1832 in NC
Priscilla Faulk b: 1832

John H. Faulk was born circa 1791 in Bladen, now Columbus County, NC, near Fair Bluff, and died in 1834 in Columbus County. He probably is buried in the cemetery at Swamp House plantation. He married Priscilla West circa 1811, based on the birth of their first child. She was born in 1795 in North Carolina and died circa 1869. Nothing is known about her. John H. Faulk served in the 4th North Carolina Regiment in the War of 1812*. It is probable that the middle inital stands for Hinnant, as John Hinnant signed as a witness with Phillip Faulk, Sr., probably his brother-in-law, and Phillip's son was named for his uncle.
Information supplied by Johnny Charles Faulk. Email: (XXXXX@XXXX.XXX)

Source:"Recollection and Records" Columbus County, North Carolina.
Copyright 1980. p. 384-385

John Folks -- 4th Regt, detached from the 4th and 14th Brigades of the 7th Columbus Regiment.

Per Col. charles Schweizer - John Hinnant Faulk was also a lawyer.

Columbus County, North Carolina

Book A, pg 8
10 Jul 1809
Willis West and John Faulk witness deed of gift Unice Rogers to Obediance Harras, her daughter in law.

Abstract of Earliest Deeds, 1808 - 1818 (Deed Book A & B)
5 May 1813 B-226 Nathaniel Marlow to James WEST, $17.50, 15 A. on N. side of therice patch bay.
Wit: John Faulk & Macajah Long.
Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Deeds, Vol. II, 1816-1829
5 Jul 1814
WILLIS WEST (All Saints Parish, S.C..) to JOHN FAULK (same place), 5 Jul 1814, $200, 316 A. 3 tracts of land in Columbus County:
2 tracts on N. side of Bay branch "throught that tract whereon JOHN FAULK now lives which was granted to ISAAC SIMMONS, SR", supposed to contain 20 A. and 96 and also 80 A. which was granted to Isaac Simmons,
Sr.. Land on Fair Bluff Road adj. lines of Williamson, Rogers, General Smith.
Wit: John Beach & Aaron Williamson. (B-36/37)

Note: this same parcel of land was sold by Jonathan Gore b. 1735 to Willis West in 1806 for 48 barrels of pitch.
The 80 acres mentioned above were a gift from Jonathan Gore b. 1735 (same date) to his daughter Priscilla.

9 Feb 1816
MOSES WILLIAMSON to JOHN FAULK, 9 Feb 1816, $105, sale of stock, household furniture & effects.
With. Aaron Williamson & Edy Inman. (B-87)

Columbus County, North Carolina Deeds
Book E

30 Dec 1831
JOHN H. FAULK, MARTHA MARLOW, DANIEL LONG, BENJAMIN LAMBETH, & REUBEN LONG to JOSEPH LONG SR., 30 Dec 1831; their rights, title, etc. to property on S. side of Seven Creeks whereon Philip Faulk, Dec'd owned.
Wit: Henry Long - May Term 1834 (E-339)

Note: Daniel and Reuben Long are the sons of Nancy Ann "Sidy" Faulk.

Much of the information on this family was provided by Mrs Allie Faulk
Miller, now deceased, who lived in a nursing home in Lakeview, South
Carolina. Allie Faulk Miller was a wonderfull lady who was able to recount
her information from personal experience.

Columbus Co., NC land records: Bk E pp 959,960; Bk F pp 86,
280, 400; Bk G p 285;
Bk K p 18; Bk Q pp 177, 192, 205, 206 and 207.

Reference Columbus Co., NC 1860 census #638.

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  1. Information from Charles B. Schweizer

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