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Ancêtres (et descendants) de John Carlisle

Robert Carlisle
1737-± 1815
Sarah Snell
± 1737-± 1798

John Carlisle
± 1770-± 1832

Nancy Sims
± 1770-± 1878

Abigal Carlisle
± 1790-????
Dorothy Carlisle
± 1802-1841
Susannah Carlisle
± 1795-> 1860
Joseph Carlisle
± 1800-± 1863
John S. Carlisle
± 1805-> 1880

Famille de John Carlisle

Il avait une relation avec Nancy Sims


  1. Abigal Carlisle  ± 1790-???? 
  2. Dorothy Carlisle  ± 1802-1841 
  3. Mary Carlisle  ????-
  4. Elizabeth Carlisle  ????-
  5. Robert Carlisle  1792-1878 
  6. Susannah Carlisle  ± 1795-> 1860 
  7. Joseph Carlisle  ± 1800-± 1863 
  8. John S. Carlisle  ± 1805-> 1880 
  9. Benjamin Sims Carlisle  1808-1894 

Notes par John Carlisle



From a letter written 12 Apr 1917 by Mrs. M. A. Reynolds to Fanny Carlisle (believe this to be Francis Josephine Waller Carlisle) "John Carlisle was a planter and a doctor. He owned a large plantation and many slaves. He and wife, Nancy, were both of Scots/Irish descent. Nancy also "doctored". After her husband's death, she moved to Alabama and rode day and night doctoring till she was 98 years old." Source: Sandra Little

They owned land on Simmons Bay which is commonly referred to as the Carlisle Place, next to Ezekiel Haws.

Is the following John Carlyle related to our John Carlisle?
Will of James INNES of Cape Fear Col of the Reg. of sd province...of this Expedition to the Ohio agst the French & their Indians...I direct a remit may be made to Edinburg sufficient to pay for a Church bell for the Parish Church of Channely? in Caithness..my wife Jean INNIS my plantation called Point Pleasant..Appt my wife sole Exec..Wit: John CARLYLE, William COCKS, Caleb GRAINGER. Prov Oct 9, 1759 P.402

1 Feb 1786 Tax Listing Halifax Co., distr. 3 taken by Lemuell Hogan
John Carlile - 1 m between 21 and 60
1 w m under 21 or over 60
3 w females all ages.
Halifax Co. was formed from Edgecombe Co in 1758. Possibly not our John Carlisle.

1790 Edgecombe County Census
John Carlisle 1-1-4-0-0
Translates to 1 male over 16 including Head of Household
1 son under 16 (Might be Robert)
His wife and three daughters.
This comes very close to our John.

There is a Robert Carlisle living a few dwellings apart with 1-1-3-0-0 - this could be a brother.

1790 Jones Co., North Carolina
Robert Carlisle - New Bern Dist. (M637-7) page 425

Source Family History Center Film NO. 027-010 033719 - Not sure is this is John Carlisle or Jesse Carlisle.
1810 Columbus County Census
Page 6
J. Carlisle,
3 males under 16
1 male 10-16
2 males 16-26
2 females under 16
2 females 10-16
1 female 16-26
no slaves or entry for other free inhabitants.
No. of Woollen Wheels - 2
No. of Flax Wheels - 1
No. of Looms - 1
Cotton cloths no of bales - 0
The Value in Dollar* and cents -300
Flax Cloth No. of Yds - 150
Mixt cloth of either
No. of Yds - 16
The Value in Dollar* and
cents - 8
Number of hides in leather
tan(ning?) - 12
*The word Dollar was signified by a scriggle that was not a dollar sign,
neither do I think a pound sign. It looked like a "Th"

1820 Columbus Co., NC census
John Carlisle 1,1,0,1,0,1,0,2,0,0,1
1 male <10, b. betw. 1810-1820 - Benjamin
1 male 10-16, b. betw. 1804-1810 - John S.
1 male 16-26, b. betw. 1794 and 1804 - Joseph
1 male 45 and over, b. at or before 1775 - John
2 females 10-16, b. betw. 1804-1810 - Elizabeth and Abigail
1 female 45 over, b. at or before 1775.

Three sons, two daughters.

John and Robert Carlisle were mentioned as chain carriers in a 14 Aug 1795 deed [1079(0222] Thomas Leonard to Dempsey Smith

Earliest Deeds of Columbus County, North Carolina
1808 - 1818 - Books A and B

20 Aug 1805
JAMES CORBITT (Bladen County) to JOHN CARLISLE, 20 Aug 1805, £ 13.0.0, 100 A. on both sides of Big Pond Branch, known as "Conese old field" beginning on the east side of the Big POnd...to a stake on Hudson's line, patroned by John Carlisle baring date of (blank) and purchased by JAMES CORBITT from JOHN CARLISLE, "and they have cancelled their bargain". Signed by James Corbett. Wit: Archibald McFatter, Jesse Carlisle.

27 Jun 1807
ELISHA SELLERS (Bladen County) to JOHN CARLISLE (Bladen County), 27 Jun 1807, £ 15 5 sh, land in the forks of Beaver Dam Swamp and Great Pond Branch.
Wit: John Money and Joel Sellers (A-49/50)

22 Mar 1810
SION SELLERS (Horry District, SC) to JOHN CARLILE - 22 Mar 1810, £ 8.0.0 on N. side of the dividing line between Bladen & Brunswick Co.
Wit: Joel Seller and Elisha Sellers.

Land Grant to JOHN CARLILE, 100 A. in Columbus County and N. side of Beaver Dam Swamp. Adj. to Barthalman Floyd and Elias Duncan. Patented 30 Nov 1810 (A-83)

5 Sep 1812
JEREMIAH MICHAEL to JOHN CARLILE (planter), 5 Sep 1812, $150, 150 A;
1) 100 A. patented by John Etheridge on Simmons Bay, 27 Oct 1784 and
2) 50 A. patented by John Russ in 1798 adj. aforesaid tract.
Wit: Jesse Stevens and John Green Jr. (A-351)

13 Nov 1812
JOHN CARLILE and NANCY CARLILE, to BARTHOLOMEW FLOYD, 13 Nov 1812. $500, 625 A. on both sided of big Pond Branch adj. to ROBERT CARLISLE, Joel Wills and Elias Duncan.
Witn: Elisha Sellers, Mattew Sellers (A-294).

22 Sep 1813
JESSE STEVENSON and FRANKY STEVENSON to JOHN CARLISLE, 22 Sep 1813, $100, 100 A. on the North side of Beaver Dam Swamp. Part of a tract patented by ALEX STEVENSON on 24 Mar 1773. Wit: Godwin Wilson, William (his Xmark) Carlile.

19 Oct 1814
JOHN THOMPSON and LUCRETIA THOMS (wife) to JOHN CARLILE, 19 Oct 1814, $200, 100 A. on N. side of Beaver Dam Sawmp, adj. Alexander Stevens.
Wit: A. Powell and J. B. White (B-298)

William Kemp and Frank Blake, Justices of the Peace of Columbus County, state that Lucretia Thompson privately acknowledged that she assigned the deed of conveyance voluntarily and with her consent, 20 Sep 1817 (B-299)

6 Dec 1815
Land Grant to JOHN CARLILE, 50 A. on East side of Simmons Bay. Ent. 6 December 1815. Pat. 13 Dec 1816 (B-271)

27 Dec 1815
Land Grant to JOHN CARLILE, 300 A. on North side of Simmons Bay adj. his own land and Jones line by Hickman Branch. Ent. 27 Dec 1815. Pat. 13 Dec 1817. (B-1344)

24 Jan 1817
JOHN CARLISLE of Columbus Co., NC, a farmer, sells 200 acres to JAMES CORBETT of said County, a farmer, for $350. Said land being in Columbus Co., NC on Beaverdam Swamp, which land had been patented 24 May 1773 by Alexander Stephenson. Signed John Carlile. Wit: Elisha (his X mark) Mancill, Ezekiel (his X mark) Hill.

7 Feb 1818
CHARLES JONES to JOHN CARLILE (planter), 7 February 1818, $10, 20 A. on Simmons Bay adj. Jones and Carlile's own land. (B-365)

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Deeds
by Jason McLeod Williamson
Books C & D

11 Dec 1821
Land Grant to JOHN CARLILE, 150 A adj. Daniel Gore on Gum Swamp.
Ent. 11 Dec 1821, Pat. 28 Nov 1823. (D-208)

13 Nov 1825
JOHN CARLISLE to JOHN H. WHITE, 13 Nov 1825: $50, 440 A., all of the lands of John Thompson which was sold for taxes in 4 separate tracts:
(2) 100 A. on Beaver Dam Swamp
(3) 100 A. on Beaver Dam Swamp adj. Elias Duncan; and
(4) 90 A. on Beaver Dam Swamp adj. E. Mancil.
Pr. Nov. Term 1825 (D-286/287)

10 Jan 1827
JOHN CARLISLE to JOSEPH SINGLETARY, $100, all the lands (340 A) of JOHN TOMSON which were sold for taxes due.
2) 100 A on Beaver Dam Swamp adj. ROBERT CARLISLE & ELIAS DUNCAN; and
3) 90 A on Beaver Dam Swamp adj. ROBERT CARLISLE & R. MANCIL.
Wit: JOSEPH CARLISLE. Pr. May Term 1827 (D-367/369)

2 June 1827, NANCY BLUE (Bladen Co.) to JOHN CARLILE/CARLISLE, BoS Negro Woman named ELSEY & her child named WILLIAM.
Witn: JOSEPH CARLISLE & Archibald McCollum. Pr. Aug Term 1826 (D-391)

8 Aug 1827
1) 50 A. on Simmons Bay, part of 100 A. pat. by John Etheridge 27 Oct 1784;
2) 10 A. adj. EZEKIEL HAWS. (no witnesses) Pr. Aug Term 1827 (D-390/391).

9 Feb 1831
GABRIEL MERRITT to JOHN CARLILE, BoS, 9 Feb 1831; $300, negro named EDWARD.
Wit: JOSEPH CARLISLE. May Term 1831 (E-114)

2 Dec 1833
This Deed sold all the land of John Carlisle and his wife, Nancy Sims Carlisle to Daniel Gore.
"NANCY CARLISE, ROBERT CARLISLE, ABRAHAM HINSON, SUSANNA HINSON, MARY HUTCHENS, ELIZABETH BRYAN, WALEN MCKEITHAN and ABIGAL his wife, BENJAMIN CARLISLE heirs of JOHN CARLISLE deceased, 7 Dec 1833, $10, 610 A. six tracts) to DAVID GORE ---610 acres, first 300 acres on N. side of Simmons Bay.
Witn: H. Best, Ezekiel Haws.May Term 1838 (F-297-299)

John and Nancy lived in Brunswick and Bladen counties, North Carolina 1801-1805. Columbus county was formed in 1809 from Brunswick and Bladen counties. From 1810 - 1832 they lived in Columbus County.

Edgecombe Co., NC Deed Vol. I 1759 - 1768 - abstracted by Stephen Bradley Jr.
Published by author in Virginia Beach, VA - 1995

Page 13(In above Source) Deed Book OO page 221, Anthony MOORE of Northampton Co to William CARLILE of Edgecombe Co. 2 Mar 1761. 25 pounds VA. 150 acres, joining Swift Creek, Buffeloe Swamp. Wit: Aron COLEMAN, William ROLLINGS, Robert CARLILE. Mar Ct 1761. Jas Hall CC

Page 28(In above Source)Deed Book 1 page 183, Joshua Wombell planter of Edgecomb Co to William Carlile planter of same. 29 Sep 1761. 30 Pounds VA. 640 acres as by a deed to sd Joshua Wombell 27 Jul 1761, joining William Carver, Edmond O'Neal's old patent, Swift Creek, Enoch Lewis, Wit: Aaron COLEMAN, William Rollings, Robt Carlile, Willm Carlile Jr., Mar Ct. 1762 James Hall CC

Page 43(In above Source) Deed Book 1 page 425, William CARLILE planter of Edgcombe Co to John BRADLEY of same. 26 Sep 1762 20 pounds VA. 400 acres as by a deed to sd William CARLILE 27 Jul 1761, on the north side of Swift Creek, joining Amos COTTON. Wit: Aaron COLEMAN, John PULLY, Kader COLEMAN. Sep Ct 1762 Jas Hall CC

DB 15-195 Patsey Carlisle was wife of Robert Carlisle of Halifax Co, NC. Doc date 23 Mar 1811. [Watson, p. 108]

(18) 5. Sarah Coleman b. 1738, m. 5 Jan 1763, in North Carolina, to Robert Carlile (later spelled: Carlisle). Daughter of Robert Coleman III and Susannor

Reason for above deeds. Many of the families who appeared in Bladen and Brunswick counties, such as Faulk and Coleman originated in Edgecombe county, NC. Maybe our John was from there.

Was he the son of Robert Carlisle d. Bet 1808 AND 1815 and Nancy Bell?

Could this be John Carlisle b. abt 1770 married to Nancy Sims and founding father of the Brunswick Co., NC Carlisles?

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