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Données personnelles Ary Faulk 

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Ancêtres (et descendants) de Ary Faulk

Wright Faulk
± 1732-????
Jennet Pittman
± 1734-????
Philip Faulk
1755-± 1825
Mary Hinnant

Ary Faulk
-< 1828

Benjamin Lambeth
± 1799-????
John Lambeth
± 1806-????
Elizabeth Lambeth
± 1810-????
Mary Lambeth

Famille de Ary Faulk

Elle est mariée avec Benjamin Lambeth estimé vers 1798, elle avait 23 ans.Source 3


  1. Benjamin Lambeth  ± 1799-???? 
  2. Philip Faulk Lambeth  ± 1802-???? 
  3. John Lambeth  ± 1806-???? 
  4. Elizabeth Lambeth  ± 1810-???? 
  5. Mary Lambeth  1825-????
  6. Andrew Jackson Lambeth  1815-> 1900 

Notes par Ary Faulk

This female Faulk was born circa 1775-1780 in Bladen, now Columbus county, NC. The only knowledge of this family comes from the settlement of Phillip Faulk, Sr's estate. Could she be Ary? Faulk m. Ben Lambeth in 1789 as found on the McClellenville Database on Rootsweb World Connect?

There are two grand-daughters with the name Ary.

4 April 2003

A possible scenario: Philip met Mary Hinnant in Johnston (then Dobbs) Co and married her there. The unk.(Ary?) daughter was born in Johnston (then Dobbs) Co. The Hinnants were from Johnston Co and many descendants still live there.

From a database on Rootsweb World Connect (McClellenvilleFamily submitted by Henry G. Hill #246390, no valid e-mail address, posted a Post-Em) Ary Faulk and Ben Lambert were married about 1789. She could have been 15 when she married which comes to a birth year of 1774. This would mean Philips birth year has to be set back by abt 10 years for an estimated birth in 1750. He would have been abt 76 years old when he died. Ary? was then probably born in Johnston Co (then Dobbs, which split into Wayne Co - my turf ), since Philip and his brother did move to Bladen (now Columbus) Co. in abt 1784.

An earlier birthdate such as 1750 for Philip Faulk puts him very close to his father's - Wright Faulk - estimated birth year of 1735 and a little bit further away from Mary Hinnant's birth year of 1764. She could not have been the mother of Ary? unless Ary? was younger then 15 when she married, 12 was not too uncommon. Since all dates approximate, it is possible.

This raises the question did Philip Faulk have a previous wife or was Mary Hinnant born earlier?



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Les sources

  1. Information from Susan Formyduval Thomas
  2. Roots and Remembrances; Volume 11, Issue 1
  3. Vicky's Genealogy database in Rootsweb WorldConnect Project, Vicky Hammond

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