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Ancêtres (et descendants) de Philip Faulk

John L. Faulk
± 1710-± 1780
Wright Faulk
± 1732-????
Jennet Pittman
± 1734-????

Philip Faulk
1755-± 1825


Mary Hinnant

Ary Faulk
-< 1828
Mary Ann Faulk
± 1780-< 1850
William Faulk
1784-< 1827
Jonathan Faulk
± 1786-> 1836
John Hinnant Faulk
± 1791-< 1832
Richard Faulk
1793-± 1828
Thomas Faulk
± 1804-????

Famille de Philip Faulk Sr [RW]

Il est marié avec Mary Hinnant estimé vers 1775, il avait 20 ans.


  1. Daughter Faulk   
  2. Ary Faulk  -< 1828 
  3. Mary Ann Faulk  ± 1780-< 1850 
  4. Priscilla Martha Faulk  1782-???? 
  5. William Faulk  1784-< 1827 
  6. Jonathan Faulk  ± 1786-> 1836 
  7. Nancy Ann "Sidy" Faulk  1788-1860 
  8. John Hinnant Faulk  ± 1791-< 1832 
  9. Richard Faulk  1793-± 1828 
  10. Phillip Lemuel Faulk  1796-1867 
  11. Thomas Faulk  ± 1804-???? 
  12. Isaac D. Faulk  1811-1857 

Notes par Philip Faulk Sr [RW]

Phillip Faulk SR. was born 1755 - 1760 in North Carolina, probably Edgecombe County, and died abt 1825 in Columbus County, NC. He is probably buried in a cemetery now destroyed on the high ground south of Seven Creeks and west of the Waccamaw River. He possibly is the son of Wright and Jennett Faulk. Based on the birth of his first child, he was married circa 1775 -1780. The most likely person who was his wife was Mary probably Hinnant, of Johnston County, North Carolina.
There is no record about her, but Phillip's wife must have died abt 1830 and be buried with him.

By: Charles B. Schweizer who went there abt 1983 with James Faulk who had worked the land. Per his msg of 11 Sep 03.
Starting at the junction of the road at Piraway drive toward Nakina/Bughill a short distance. Twenty years ago a gravel road lead to the area of Seven Creeks and the Waccamaw River. We drove down the road past homes still occupied by Long families and came to a plain at the junction. That is the site of Swamp House plantation.
James said a barn used to stand near the Creek and a spot where nothing would grow was up the hill to the south of the plain. It was rumored that that had been an old cemetery. It is my opinion that that is where Phillip Faulk and family are buried. Since no one would build a house where it flooded I assume the Phillip Faulk House was also up the hill above the flood level and near the spot where nothing would grow.

In abt.1784 Philip and his brother Richard and their uncle William, who was their age, moved from Dobbs (that part is now Johnston Co) to Bladen County were Moses and Lorena (Faulk) Coleman lived. Per Charles B. Schweizer.

The first reference to Phillip Faulk is his witnessing a deed in Bladen County, now Columbus County, of a land transaction in 1784 of Richard Faulk.

1789 Bladen Co Tax Rolls - Pg 200 Philip Faulk - Free Poll - 1.
1790 Bladen Co., NC census
Philip Faulk, 1 m >16 (b. 1774-1790); 2 m <16 (b. before1774); 5 females.
This translates to himself and 1 son b. before 1774. 1 son b. 1774-1790, wife and 4 daughters.

1800 Census Brunswick Co., North Carolina - Page 19
Philip Faulk, 1 m under 10; 1 m 10-16, 1 m 16-26; 1 male 26-45; 1 female under 10; 2 females 10-16, a female 26-45.
This can be translated into
1 m. b. 1790-1800
1 m. b. 1784-1790
1 m. b. 1774 - 1784
1 m. b. 1755- 1774 = Philip

1 f. b. 1790 -1800
2 f. b. 1784-1790
1 f. b. 1755-1774 = Ary m. Benjamin Lambeth Sr.

Per Susan FD Thomas: Enos Lay sold in 1783 and 1788 Swamp House Plantation Tracts to John Smith.
Is this Enos Lay connected with Philip Faulk? In the list of Minor Heirs 5 Lay children are mentioned.
Enos Lay is mentioned in a Rev. War file (Horry Co, SC web site) as having served under Major John Warden in the summer of 1783. He was one of nine men mentioned by Maj. Warden as needing relief for having served that summer and lost their crops on account of this service. His lands were next to that of Philip Faulk.
John Lay and Enos Lay were neighbors of Josiah and Joshua Long in SC.

During the Nov. term 1828, Charles Baldwin, Clerk of the Columbus County Court was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of the late Philip Faulk as follows:
Benjamin Lambeth, Phillip Lambeth, John Lambeth, Elizabeth Lambeth, Mary Lambeth, Jackson Lambeth
Daniel Long, Joseph F. Long, Rheuben Long, Mary Ann Long, Priscilla Long, Richard Long, Gabriel Long,
Euros Lay, Washington Lay, Elias Lay, Dorcas Lay, Elizabeth Lay
William Long, Creesey ? Long, Isaac Long, Elias Long, Gabriel Long
Richard Faulk, Calvin Faulk, Rebecca Faulk,
William Marlow, Jesse Marlow, John Marlow, Abraham Marlow, Priscilla Marlow, Mary Ann Marlow, Martha Marlow.

Keziah Long b. 1816 is not mentioned in this list - she was the natural daughter of Gabriel Long Sr and a black woman.
Pireway Early Grant
Swamp House Plantation. 11 June 1788. John Smith* received a grant of 150 acres. This property included Swamp House Plantation, located on the south side of Seven Creeks. Brunswick County Deed Book A, p.40, Book B pp.48, 121, 195, 198-200, 416.

*The son of John Smith, John Giles Smith b. 1763 was the second husband of Jemima Gore b. 1772. He was her second husband and they were married in Brunswick Co, NC in 1806.. Her first husband was Isaac Etheridge Dauge (d'Auge)b. 1769

Oct 7, 1801. Bladen Co. Deed Book: John Q. Smith and Abram Bessert to Philip Faulk, for 65 pounds 10 shillings, tract of west side of Waccamaw River, Seven Creeks: known as A Swamp House tract, by virtue of last will and testament of John Smith, deceased..

Philip bought additional land in the area. a. o. the land that was owned by his brother Simon which was sold for non-payment of debt he owed in 1790 in Dobbs Co, NC. (Info from Charles Schweizer)

Oct 9, 1801 Bladen County Deed Book James Smith to Philip Faulk for 50 pounds, 200 acres on the west side of the Waccamaw River in Seven Creeks Swamp.
Note: One of the tracts was "adjoining Enos Lay". Maybe the first name of the first Lay minor listed in the Minor Heirs list of Philip Faulk was not Euros but Enos.

Brunswick Co, 28 Oct 1805. Deed of conveyance from Phillip Faulk to Gabriel Long was proved in open court by the oath of Isaac Etheridge and was orderd to be registered - probated.

As above - Page 54 Brunswick County Minutes of Court Please and Quarter Sessions.
A deed of conveyance from Moses Simmons to Phillip Faulk was proved in open court by the oath of Isaac Etheridge and ws ordered to be registered. - probated.

Land Warrant: 3 May1816 File No. 207, Philip Faulk Sr.Book 130 Pg 252
3 items - Grant 208
Bogue Swamp, Colubmus Co., NC
100 acres on W. side of Bogues Bay

15 May 1819 - Philip Faulk & Richard Faulk witness a deed Jordan Sellers to Timothy Sowls.

1805 and 1807 - served on the Grand Jury

He served as a supplier in the Revolutionary War. Phillip Faulk is listed in North Carolina"Revolutionary Army Accounts", Volume XI, page 48, folio 2. Heading: Missing; Subheading: Special Certificates; Number 237;
To whom issued: Phil Faulk; Principal: 9 Pounds; Other information: None.

Also: Service Source: Haun, NC Rev Army Accts, Vol XI, Part X, P. 1330

NOTE: On 21 June 2000 NC Dept of Cultural Resources, Div. of Archives and History, informed me that no Philip Faulk was found in these or any other records pertaining to the Rev. War.

On 5 Jul 2000, I received a State of NC copy with the above specifications from Charles B. Schweizer.

26 Jun 2000. Robbie Moye sent her Registration Nr with the SAR as follows:

Phillip Faulk m. Mary Hinnant
B. 1760 NC
D. 1825, Columbus, NC
Names one son: Phillip Lemuel Faulk md. Elizabeth Soles

Serv. P. S. NC
Desc: Ellison, James Edison
ANC # 147204
AL# 1740
SAR File Ref. #8462 F. GED. 16 Feb 1998

DAR Patriot Index Vol I pg 910
Faulk, Phillip: b. 1760 d a 2 -- 1825 m 1) Mary Hinnant PS NC

Philip Faulk, nmi, served in the War of 1812, in Major Lillington's Detachment, North Carolina Militia. Rank Induction Private, Rank discharge Private. Roll-Box 70, Roll 60. This might be his son Philip Lemuel Faulk.

In October 1981 CBS (Charles B. Schweizer) visited the area & found it above most flooding. The area is being farmed by the Long family, whose ancestors bought it from the Phillip Faulk estate. James Faulk, who farmed there some years ago, pointed out a spot high on a hill in a field and stated he understood that it had been a cemetery, and said that no crops would grow there.

Philip Faulk, Sr. had at least ten children and his descendants live in the South and West. References include census
1784 State Census of NC, Bladen County 1790, page 187;
Brunswick County 1800, page 19; Columbus County 1810, page 7;
North Carolina Treasurer and Comptroller Records, Volume XX; Bladen County deed book 1, page 392;
deeds dated 7 and 9 October 1801; Columbus County deed book A, pages 55-56; book B, pages 209, 269, 306; book D, page 287; book E, page 339; and book G, page 187: and Columbus County probate records of 1828

Information on Philip Sr and his descendants is supplied by Col. Charles B. Schweizer and Johnny Charles Faulk. E-mail: (e-mail adres niet gepubliceerd)

SWAMP HOUSE PLANTATION was named this way before Phillip Faulk was around. John Smith Sr. got it from the old Blount tax bills, then John Giles Smith Jr. sold out what his father did not, before he left this area to Phillip Faulk...there is an Ivy Plantation that connects to Swamphouse Plantation..it covers the land we call East Indigo Falts today. The slave dug out canals from the Waccamaw River to flood the area to grow Indigo inthe mid 1700's, like Henry Cannon's Cattal Bay drainage his slaves dug. All these are still visible but not in use. Cannon's are still open-- these indigo fields canals are dammed up with dirt that was removed off and on for flooding - indigo grows in water. Rice was grown but none after 1800. (submission of Susan FormyDuval Thomas).

Columbus County, NC Abstracts of earliest deeds: 1808-1818
11 June 1813
PHILIP FAULK to PHILIP FAULK JR, £50, 1100 A. land on S. W. side of the Seven Creeks, adj, Joseph Long.
With. John Faulk & Richard Faulk. (A-383)

11 June 1816
Columbus County, North Carolina
Deed Abstracts, Book 1, Vol I
(furnished by Linda Bushnell)

28 Nov 1816
Land Grant to PHILIP FAULK SR., 100 A. on W. side of Bosiers Bay near Alford line & line of John G. Smith.
Ent. 13 May 1816; Pat. 28 Nov 1816 (B-210)

2 Jun 1817
PHILIP FAULK SR. to PHILIP FAULK JR. (son of Jonathan Faulk),
Deed of Gift to grandson of 100 A. on W. side of Bryier's Bay.
Wit.: Gabriel Long & Isaac Etheridge (B-306).

Columbus County, North Carolina
Deed Abstracts, Vol II, 1816-1829

14 Dec 1822
PHILIP FAULK, SR. & WILLIAM FAULK to JOSEPH LONG, 14 Dec 1822; $50 A. Seven Creeks adj. plat of John Smith & Philip Faulk Jr.
Witn: Daniel Long & Gabriel Long. Pr. Nov. Term 1825 (D-287)

29 Mar 2003.
We think the unknown daughter who married Benjamin Lambert Sr. was b. abt 1775 - this would most likely set Philip Faulk's birth year back to around 1750-1755. The unk. daugher was probably born in Dobbs, now Johnston and Wayne, County, since Philip and his brother did move to Bladen (now Columbus) Co in abt 1784. Her name is most likely Ary.

A possible scenario: He met Mary Hinnant in Johnston (then Dobbs) Co and married her there. Daughter Ary most likely was born in Johnston (then Dobbs) Co.

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  1. Information from Charles B. Schweizer

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