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Ancêtres (et descendants) de Derias Clinton Canady

Joseph Long
Mary Ann Faulk
± 1780-< 1850
John Canady
Priscilla Long
± 1807-> 1880

Derias Clinton Canady

(1) ± 1867
Albert L. Canady
± 1869-1873
Susan E. Canady
± 1870-1873
Vander L. Canady
± 1871-1873
Infant Canady
± 1872-1873
(2) 1909

Famille de Derias Clinton (Clint) Canady

Waarschuwing Attention: Conjoint (Clemia R. Ward) est 35 ans plus jeune.

Il est marié avec (1) Elizabeth "eliza" M. Hawes environ 1867 à Nc.


  1. Frances Rebecca Canady  1867-1950 
  2. Albert L. Canady  ± 1869-1873
  3. Susan E. Canady  ± 1870-1873
  4. Vander L. Canady  ± 1871-1873
  5. Infant Canady  ± 1872-1873
  6. Dorcas Ann Perniza Canady  1872-1963 
  7. William Stacy Canady  1875-1960 
  8. Jabez Johnson Canady  1879-1955 
  9. Gabriel London Canady  1881-1970 
  10. Fletcher Mayo "pop" Canady  1884-1969 
  11. Mary Elizabeth Canady  1886-1983 
  12. Carrie Louvenia Canady  1889-1982 
  13. Joseph Bruce Canady  1892-1972 

Il est marié avec (2) Clemia R. Ward le 16 mai 1909 à Columbus Co.,nc, il avait 61 ans.Source 2

Notes par Derias Clinton (Clint) Canady

Company H, 51st NC Regiment (Civil War) - enlisted from New Hannover County, NC. Have also found his birthdates of 1845 and 1847. He claimed to be born in 1845 in order to enlist.

From NC Troops 1861-1865 A Roster Vol XII Infantry - Co H, 51st Regt.

"Derias Clinton Canady - resided in Columbus Co and was by occupation a farmer prior to enlistment at Camp Hill, near Petersburg, VA at age 16, March 15, 1864, for the war. Present or accounted for through Dec. 1864. Survived the war. (North Carolina pension records indicate he was wounded at Ft. Harrison in 1864)".

Family history has it he was shot while on guard duty by Stonewall Jackson because he forgot the password. This is definitely not true.
Death certificate signed by Mrs. D. C. Canady (Clamia Ward) address Nakina, NC. Cause of death senility - other condition: malaria.

Note: Gen. Stonewall Jackson was accidental fatally shot by a NC contingent ( the 18th Regt, NC?). at Chancellorsville, VA, (near Wilderness, VA) He was riding back in darkness toward his lines, when th NC contingent mistook his party for a wave of charging Yankee. Jackson was shot twice in his left arm and once in his right hand. His arm was taken to a Confederate field hospital where he right arm was amputated at about 2 a.m. May 3, 1863. Gen. Lee ordered him moved 27 miles by horse-drawn ambulance to Guiney station and by rail to Richmond. Pneumonia set in and he died 6 days later.

These facts may have given rise to the untrue story that Derias Clinton Canady was shot by Stonewall Jackson. Derias was wounded about a year later in 1864.

Company H of the 51st NC had one company of Columbus Co men. Capt. S.W. Maultsby was severely wounded at Petersburg, Lt. J. A. Meares was wounded at Fort Harrison. The regt. went into camp near Wilmington and joined Clingman's Brigade. Its first battle occurred at the Neuse River bridge near Goldsboro. The regt. then saw service in Savannah and Charleston. It was then sent to Tarboro and Petersburg. It fought at the Second Battle of Cold Harbor and Fort Harrison returned to Wilmington for the defense of Ft. Fisher, fought at Bentonville and surrendered with Johnston at Bush Hill.

Per Susan Thomas,: his burial place is in the Daniel Russell Gore Cemetery in Bughill, Nakina, NC on the Tom Jones Curve; Manley Smith Rd. It is not Pireway. He is buried there with Clemia, his second wife. They lived in Bug Hill which is now Nakina. Rattlesnake Island Plantation is the old name for the cemetery. The old Canady homesite, now gone, and the graveyard are within a mile of one another. It was once on the river but trees have taken over all but a path and circle, which someone keeps up.

His house is/was located in Bug Hill. Per Shelia Garris:" coming from Reaves Ferry you pass the curve where Clint is buried and go to the next road on the right. Turn here and it is on the left down that road and it comes out on 130."


Transcribed from the Whiteville News Reporter, Monday April 27, 1970.

The article is about April 26 being Memorial Day for the Confederate dead. It refers to several of the 1939 issues of their own paper.

'Among those interviewed for the paper were Jasper Pierce, 93, of Hallsboro and D.C. Canady, 94, of Reaves Ferry. According to the March 16, 1939 issue of The News Reporter, Mr. Canady had a remarkable memory for a man of his age. He could recall for the paper the names of every man in his company at the end of the war. Because he was born in 1845 *, Mr. Canady was unable to fight for the Confederacy when the war began, but he joined at the end of the war"

He has a recorded birth date of 8 May 1848.

The next article is assumed to be from the same publisher and has no identifying dateline. It is written as an obituary for Mrs. Clemia Ward Canady, who died 24 Jun. 1960. Date confirmed by headstone.

Headline of the article "Ties With History Ending"

"The county's living ties with some of the nations past are slowly dwindling.

The death on June 24 of Mrs. Clemia Ward Canady, 76, severed the county's last living tie with the Civil War. She was the last widow of a Confederate War veteran.

Her husband, the late Darius Clinton (Clint) Canady, who died in 1940 at 95, was the County's last Civil War veteran.

Mrs. Canady was Mr. Canady's second wife. His first wife, who preceded him, was the former Eliza Hawes.

Mr. Canady commemorated his 95th birthday on May 8, 1940 by dancing a jig to "Dixie". He was a member of Co. H. 51st North Carolina regiment, according to a United Daughters of the Confederacy scroll now at the courthouse.

He fought at Richmond, Melbourne Hill, and Gettysburg. He was wounded at Fort Harrison.

As a widow of a Confederate Veteran, Mrs. Canady received a small pension from the State of North Carolina.

Both Mrs. Canady and her husband were natives of the county. Mr. Canady died in the community in which he was born, Bug Hill."

1870 Columbus Co. ,NC census - Bug Hill Township
Pg. 4, Dwelling 22, Family 22
Canada, Durias C.,20, m, w, farmer, Value personal property $75. b. NC
Eliza, 18, w, f, keeping house
Frances, 3, f, w,
Albert, 1, m, w.

1880 Columbus Co., NC census - Bug Hill Township. Enumeration date 8 June 1880.
Pg. 13 Dwelling 115, Family 116
Canady, D. Clinton, w, m, 32, married, farmer, b. in NC, parents b. in NC.
Eliza, w, f, 31, keeping house, b. in NC (we know she was b. in MS), parents b. in NC.
Frances R., w, f, 13, daughter, b. in NC.
Dorcas P., w, f, 7, daughter, b. in NC.
William P., w, m, 5, son, b. in NC.
Jabez J., w, m, 1, son, b. in NC.

1900 Columbus Co., NC census - Bug Hill Tonwship
Family #199
Derius C. Canady, 53, b. May 1847, NC, married 33 years
Eliza M., 49, wife, b. Sep 1850, MS, # of children born/living 13/9
Jabez J., 20, son, b. Jun 1879, NC; Gabriel L., 18, son, b. Dec 1881, NC; Fletcher M., 16, son, b. Aug 1883, NC;
Mary E., 14, daughter, b. May 1886, NC; Carrie L., 11, daughter, b. May 1889, NC;
Joseph B., 7, son, b. Jun 1892, NC;
Francis R. Tripp, 33, daughter, b. Mar 1867, NC; married 18 years, # of children born/living 1/1;
Minnie E. Tripp, 16, granddaughter, b. Dec 1884, NC

1910 Columbus Co., NC census - Bug Hill Township
Darius C. Canada, 66, 2nd marriage, married less than 1 year
Clemmie R., 26, 2nd marriage, no children.

In the 1920 Columbus Co., NC census D. C. Canady indicated that both his parents were born in NC.

1930 Columbus Co. NC census
D. Clinton Canady, age 82, md at 17 yrs, b. NC, parents b. NC
Clemmie R. age 45, md at 25 yrs.


Per Shelia Garris and Catherine Carlisle Bullard: Clint Canady had "given" his lands to Eugene Gore (was he married to Crickett?) so Clemmie would be provided for. Per Crickett Gore who now owns Clint's lands, her father lived to the left of Clint and had helped build Clint and Clemmie's house as the old house had burnt down.

Shelia Garris' grandmother would tell her about crossing the Cape Fear on a boat to go into Wilmington for supplies and it was her job to make sure Joe Bruce did not fall or jump overboard. Clint and his wife Eliza lived for a while in Brunswick county while Clint worked in a mill in Wilmington.

~From Shelia Garris:"You are right. My grandmother did not like her but kept quiet and tried to get along with her for Clint's sake. All the people I have talked to in the family said she was greedy. The grand children and great grandchildren would go to see Clint and the apples would be ripe but she would only let the kids have the ones on the ground. This was told to me by some one that it happened to. All my life I have heard about her and never heard anything really nice and that is awful to say. I know that Clint would go to visit my grandmother and he loved to dance so he would get the old phonograph going and dance the night away. My aunt said he was a great dancer."

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Les sources

  1. Columbus Co., NC Death Records, Bk 26, Pg 46, Bug Hill Township
  2. Columbus Co., NC Marriage Records

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