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Ancêtres (et descendants) de Joseph Gore

Jonathan Gore
± 1735-1804
Sarah "sally"
± 1755-????

Joseph Gore
± 1770-> 1844

(1) ± 1788

Sarah "sallie" Simmons
± 1769-± ????

Daniel Gore
± 1791-> 1880
John Gore
± 1794-> 1870
Joseph B Gore
± 1795-1863
Son Gore

Sarah Reynolds
± 1806-????

Sarah A. Gore

Famille de Joseph Gore Sr

Il est marié avec (1) Sarah "sallie" Simmons environ 1788 à Columbus Co.nc.Source 1


  1. Mary Jane Gore  1789-???? 
  2. Daniel Gore  ± 1791-> 1880 
  3. John Gore  ± 1794-> 1870 
  4. Joseph B Gore  ± 1795-1863 
  5. Daughter Gore  
  6. Son Gore  1810-????
  7. Daughter Gore  
  8. Daughter Gore  
  9. Daughter Gore  

Il avait une relation avec Sarah Reynolds


  1. Jonathan Linton Gore  ± 1836-1863
  2. Elizabeth Jane Gore  ± 1838-???? 
  3. Sarah A. Gore  1841-???? 

Notes par Joseph Gore Sr

In 1790 census with wife in father's census

1800 Census for Brunswick Co., Page 19A on film I read
2 wm under 10; 1 wm 10-16; 1 m 45 & over, 1 wf 10-16; 1 wf 45 & over
In this census he lives next to Jonathon Gore.

1810 Census for Columbus Co. Pge 8,
1 wm under 10; 1 wm 25-45;: 3 wf under 1; 1wf 26-45

1820 Census for Columbus Co, Page 46 - Males 45 & up: 1; Females 45&up:1, and 7 slaves*
* verified by Nula Tingleff
1830 Census for Columbus Co, Page 20 - Males 60-70:1; Females 60-70:1*

1840 Census for Brunswick Co, Page 5 -
Males under 5: 1, 70-80:1; Females under 5: 1; 30-40: 1 - 5 slaves

Deed dated 18 Feb 1796 from ISAAC SIMMONS to JOSEPH GORE for 50 pounds a parcel of land on East side of Seven Creeks. No acreage mentioned. No specification of Joseph Sr or Jr.
Above per Nula Tingleff

Brunswick County Record of Deeds, Book E
20 May 1804
THOMAS SIMMONS, MOSES SIMMONS, ANN SIMMONS, WM. GORE, JOSEPH GORE, NEHEMIAH KEETER, & HENRY WILLITS all of Brunswick County, to JONATHON GORE of Brunwick County, 50 pounds,(1) 100 A more or less, Ws of Waccamaw River (2) 120 A. joins the above tract, adj. ISAAC SIMMONS, Dec'd , granted to him and descended to us, named above. as heirs.
Signed (Seals), Thos Simmons, Joseph Gore, Ann Simmons, Wm. Gore, Moses Simmons, Nehemiak Keeter
Wit: Daniel Swain, Wm. White, Needham Stanland, Needham Gause Snr, Thos. Frink, Isaac Sessions, John Faulk, Josephh Gore, John Bessant, James D. Cribb, Willis West.
Page 260 and 261. October Term 1806. Jjohn Gause Jnr., Clk.
NOTE: No signature was shown for Henry Willits but his signature was proven by Needham Stanland.

Columbus Co. Abstracts of Deeds, Vol II, Jason McLeod Williamson:

Book E, Page 110
13 Jul 1803 -JONATHAN GORE sells to his son JOSEPH GORE for the sum of Two Hundred Dollars one 1 Negro girl by the name of Nancy.
Witnessed by James Inman and Johnathan Wingate
Executed October Term 1804. John Gause Jnr., Clerk
(Complete text of deed copied from Brunswick RoD by Diane Bertrand on 7 June 2002 and transcribed 11 Aug 2002).

Columbus County Deed, Book E, Pg 198
12 Nov 1831
JOSEPH GORE SENR, in consideration of the great good will & natural affection which I bear toward my well-beloved son JOSEPH GORE JR. one Negro boy named Ben, aged 10 yrs together with one Negro woman named Dil age 25. Signed Joseph Gore
Wit: Isaac Etheridge, John G. Grissett, Etheldred Bozeman. Aug Term 1832. Ch. Baldwin, Clk.

Book E, Pg 198
12 Nov 1831
Known all men by these present that I Joseph Gore Senr. of the State of North Carolinad and County of Columbus for and in consideration of the great good will and natural affetion whih i have and bear in mind toward my worthy and well beloved daughter Mary Reaves have given, granted fully and freely bestowed and delivered to her the said Mary Reaves and the lawful heirs of her body, two negro girls to wit, Jane of the age of nine years and Charlotte of the age of 5 years also Nan of the age of thrity with her youngest child (Mia?) which said negroes with issue, I warrant and defend unto her my said beloved daughter May as aforesaid againt the lawful right title or demant of any person or persons whatsoever, in Witness whereof I the said Joseph Gore Sr. have herunto set my hand and sealed this 12th day of Nov. 1831. Joseph Gore Senr. (Seal)
Witn: Isaac Etheridge, John G. Grissett, Etheldrez Bozman

Book E, Page 260 - Brunswick County Register of Deeds
State of North Carolina - Brunswick County
25 May 1804 - JONATHAN GORE purchased all of the estate of ISAAC SIMMONS. For the consideration of £ 50 the following tracts of land "on the west side of Waccamaw River" 1. Red oak on swamp side...to a pine..to the first station "containing 100 acres... 2. "The second joining the above tract" at a small red oak corner of big branch..to a red oak, Isaac Simmons upper corner, then up the swamp as it meanders.. to a myrtle bay tree in the branch "containing 120 acres more or less". Surveyed for, and granted to Isaac Simmons Snr. deceased, by the heirs.
Heirs of the estate signed as follows: Thomas Simmons, Moses Simmons, Ann Simmons, William Gore (for Mary his wife), JOSEPH GORE (for Sarah his wife), Nehemiah Keeter, Henry Willets.
(Provided by Nula Tingleff who has a copy of the complete text. Henny Carlisle also has a complete copy of this deed.)

12 Jan 1811
WILLIAM MONEY to JOSEPH GORE, Sr. 12 Jan 1811 for $400, Bill of Sale Negro boy named YORK* 15 years old. Wit: Isaac Dage & Daniel Gore
*The son of slave York Gore, another York was given to Daniel Gore in 1831. His picture is shown in the Gore Researchers Family site. Young York ended up with Shrele Ann Gore and G. P. Formy Duval.

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Earliest Deed 1808 - 1818

8 May 1816
JOSEPH GORE SR. to JOSEPH GORE JR. 8 May 1816; Deed of Gift 200A where Joseph Gore Jr. then lived. Wit: I. S. Dage & Micajah Long. (C-108)

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Deed of Jason Williamson, Vol. 1

26 Jan 1816
JOHN GRISSETT (Planter) to JOSEPH GORE -$100, 250 A. on W. side of Waccamaw River joining his own lines of a tract called Rogues Harbor, to Grissett Lake, then to Simmonds old field.
Wit: J. S. Dages & Natha. Marlow (B-124)

26 Jan 1816
JOHN GRISSETT (Planter) to JOSEPH GORE, 26 Jan 1816; $400, land on W. side of Waccamaw River being upper part of Rouge Harbor tract (land which was equally divided between JOSEPH GORE and JESSE GRISSETT).
Wit: J. S. Dages & Natha. Marlow (B-125)

From Book D
D-324 Joseph Gore, Sr. to Samuel Stevens, 25 Apr 1821; $50,150 A.pat. 28 Nov1816. Wit: John H. Faulk & James West

Columbus County, North Carolina, Abstracts of Deed 1829 -1840 Book E & F

24 Dec 1819
ISAAC ETHERIDGE to JOSEPH GORE SR., 24 Dec 1819; $50, 100 A. adj sd. Gore's own line, incl. the Cribb ridge.
Wit: John Gore, Jr. & Macajah Long. Aug Term 1832 (E-193)


15 Mar 1828
GEORGE REAVES (Brunswick Co.) to JOSEPH GORE., 15 Mar 1828; $100, 320 A. being the lower half of 640 A. granted to Samuel Laban Plummer situated on W. side of Waccamaw River near Rouges harbor landing.
Wit: Benjamin Lambeth & John Gore, Jr. aug Term 1832 (E-196)

The second deed was for the upper part of the Rogues Harbor tract (land which was equally divided between Joseph Gore and Jesse Grissett) the first half of Rogues Harbor of 640A that he seemed so determined to own.
(Provided by Nula Tingleff)

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Deeds 1829 - 1830 Book E & F

12 Nov 1831
JOSEPH GORE, SR., (Planter) to DANIEL GORE, 12 Nov 1831; $600, 150 A. on the W. side of Waccamaw River known by the name rouge harbor, pat. by Samuel Laban Plummer, 14 Sep 1737, sold & conv'd by different persons down to him the sd Joseph Gore, Sr.,. Also, an adj. trac tknown as the Ward place cont. 250 A. pat. by Johnathan Wingate, 13 Apr 1796; also 100 A. adj. the above purchased from Isaac Etheridge out of the lands called Smith survey. Wit: Isaac Etheridge; John G. Grissett & Etheldred Bozeman.. Aug Term 1832. (E-193/194

Book E, pg. 198 Columbus Co., NC
12 Nov 1831
JOSEPH GORE SR.. gives "beloved" daughter MARY( Gore) REAVES, DoG, 12 Nov 1831 two negro girls, Jane age 9 and Charlotte age 5. Nan age 30 with her youngest child Nice .
Registered August Term 1831.
Similar deeds exist for his other children, Joseph, John and Daniel.

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Deeds, Vol. II, 1816-1829

4 Mar 1825
JOSEPH GORE SR., to MICAJAH LONG, 4 Mar 1825; $100, 100A on Seven Creeks.
Wit. John H. Faulk & Samuel Stevens. (D-336).

Columbus County, North Carolina, abstracts of Deeds 1829 - 1840, book E 7 F
JOSEPH GORE, SR. to "beloved son" JOSEPH GORE, JR., DoG dtd 12 Nov 1831; Negro named Ben, 25 yrs old with children Francis & Marium. Wit: Isaac Etheridge, John G. Grissett & Etheldred Bozeman.Aug Term 1832 (E-198.

BENJAMIN SIMMONS buys from JOSEPH GORE SR for $100 a tract of land on the East side of the Waccamaw River.
Deed executed Sept. 1844, Brunswick County Court
(Provided by Diane Bertrand)

12 Nov 1831
Know all men by these present that I JOSEPH GORE Sen'r of the County of Columbus and State of North Carolina for and in consideration of the great goodwill and natural affection which I have & bear towards my well beloved son JOSEPH GORE JR., one negro boy named BEN of the ago of 10 years together with one negro woman named DIL of the age of twenty five years with her two children FRANCIS and Marianne(?) which said negroes with their lawful issue I warrant and defend unto to him the said JOSEPH GORE his heirs & assigns forever.

In witness where of I the said JOSEPH GORE SEN'R have hereunto set my hand & seal the 12th of Nov. 1831.
Signed: Joseph Gore.
Witn. Isaac Etheridge
John G. Grissett
Etheldred Bozeman
August Term 1832. This deed was prove by the oath of Isaac Etheridge and ordered to be registered.
Ch. Baldwin, Clk.

12 Nov 1831
JOSEPH GORE, SR., to "beloved son" JOHN GORE, DoG dtd 12 Nov 1831: Negroes Mark (or Mack), 8 yrd old, and Nancy, 12 yrd old.
Wit. Isaac Etheridge, John G. Grissett. Aug Term 1832. (E-197)/

JOHN G. GRISSET conveys to JOSEPH GORE for the sum of one hundred and ten dollars a tract of land East of Waccamaw River and Bear Branch containing one hundred and fifty acres granted to Samuel Hargroves.
(Provided by Diane Bertand.)

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Deeds, 1840-1849, Vol IV

4 Apr 1840
DANIEL GORE to JOSEPH GORE, SR., 4 Apr 1840: $100, 100 A., part of a 250 A. tract grntd to Jonathan Wingate "joining Rouges Harbour Lands including ----Longs ferry on the river."
Wit: George Grissett* and John C. Grissett. May Term 1840 (G-32/33)

State of North Carolina
Brunswick County
GEORGE REAVES conveys to JOSEPH GORE SR for $110 a tract of land of 50 Acres including the plantantion where he now resides.
Executed December Term 1846.

Brunswick County, North Carolina Deeds - Book N, Page 142 (5 Oct 1841)

JOSEPH GORE Senr., , of the State of North Carolina and County of Brunswick to my living wife SARAH GORE of the same State and County aforesaid and the lawful heirs of her body, JONATHAN LINTON GORE, ELIZABETH JANE GORE and SARAH GORE: four Negroes Cherry (?), YORK*, Anthony and (chopped off) with all my household and kitchen furniture and all my stock of my kind, my lands in different surveys with all and every part of property now being in the State and County aforesaid.
Executed September Term 1844

Brunswick Co., North Carolina
JOSEPH GORE, SR. 1846, Sep Term of Court
Widow: SARAH; Minors, Jonathan, Elizabeth and Sarah. Guardian: Etheldred Bozeman

December Term of Court 1846
DANIEL SIMMONS in right of his wife SARAH....minor listed as above.

This means Sarah and Daniel were maried between Sep and Dec Term of Court 1846.

~Rogues Harbor on the Waccamaw.
There was a tract of land, 640 acres, that Joseph Gore Sr wanted to buy. It was sold as 2 tracts Upper and Lower parts of Rogues harbor. Joseph bought both tracts and sold it as one tract to his son Daniel. NulaTingleff did a chain of title search back to Samuel Laban Plummer's grant for 1737.

Susan FormyDuval responded to this: " It is as the mouth of Grissett/Gore Lake on the Waccamaw River. There are two entrances. Rogues Harbor was the land on both sides of these entrances. In 1935, my dad recalled, they dynamited the south end, closing it to the public. In 1985, Coval, Owen, Randy Gore took the Corps of Engineers to federal court and proved they owned all this land including the Lake. The Corps of Engineers stated it was part of the Waccamaw River. I went one more time to see it in 1999, she was a beaut, just the same primitive untouched bell-bottomed cypress you see'll see today that our Gore's looked at 200 years ago. Through the years they cut all of them down."

"Rogues Harbor can be viewed now only from the Henry Cannon Smith graveyard. Howard Gore and others has it all blocked of by road and water. You can see the bend in the river up from the cemetery though ... even Reaves Ferry has been taken over at the landing by a double-wide mobile home -- no river acess there anymore. Kenneth Gore, Percy's son, owns the old field there now, he will not mind anyone looking. Joseph Gore, Coval's son, lives in the old Bethesda Church, he has a road to the river on up at Nat's Branch. Close as you'll get today."



Inventory of the property of the Estate of Joseph Gore Senyor Deceased as follows four negroes York, Anthony, Cato an Cherry

thirty five Head of Cattle
100 Head of Stock Hogs50 Head sheep
1 good Horse
4 feather Beds an furniture
2 tables 2 spinning wheels
1 loom
6 Chears
3 bed steads
3 pots
1 oven
1 pan
1 lot of crockery ware
1 lot of coopersware
1 ox cart
3 plows3 haws ?3 oxes
2 brown oxesone han saw
1 crosscut saw
1 Brass Clock
1 shotgun
Judgment on Zack Ross for21
Note on E. Reaves doubtful 6
do on Thomas Simmons for10
on Edward Reaves for 6
Note on J.B. Ross4
Evans note5
Judgment on Joel Long4
J. Williamsons note desperate2
Colman Reynals note5.75
A. Evans note3
Thos. Simmons note3

Note on Colman Reynals for11.62
J.B. Ross J Hill note for13.72
Judgment on Smith desperate 9
R Smith W Smith's note for51
Judgment on C. Ross or Russ for desperate47
Thomas Simmons note for 4.41
Samuel Millican note for6.00
One hand mill
one grind stone
seven beehives
one saddle & bridle
two dina gong & six juggs
veriety of bottles
Benja Simmons note $.10

Sworn in open Court ather
December Term 1844Sarah X Gore
Nathl. Powell (?) mark



At September Term 1844 of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County of Brunswick the subscriber obtained letters of Administration on the estate of Joseph Gore Senr. deceased.

All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment and those having claims to present them as by law required or they will be barred of recovery.

September 2, 1844

Sarah (her mark) Gore Adm.


I have seen the copy of the within notice posted at the Court House door and three other public places in the County of Brunswick within the past three months.
2nd Dec. 1844

Benj Simmons

Sworn to before me
2nd Dec. 1844Thos. C. McKeithan JP

Account Sales of perishable property of Joseph Gore decd Returned to March Term 1845 by
Sarah Gore Administrator.


$ & Cts.

Hairson Hickman5 head of hogs4.00
Saml. B. Stanby7 head of hogs7.12
Etheldred Bozeman6 head of hogs8.00
Silas Inman6 head of hogs7.50
J.G. Grissett36 head of hogs pigs also21.00
Silas Inman11 head hogs15.00
John Ludlum1 sow 8 pigs 3.25
Joel Long1 sow 6 pigs 3.50
J.G. Grissett10 head sheep 7.25
J.G. Grissett16 head of cattle30.00
Saml. B. Stanalan1 ox12.00
Saml. B. Stanalan2 steers16.25
Saml. B. Stanalan1 cow and calf 9.50
Saml. B. Stanalan3 head of cattle26.50
Daniel Simmons1 cow and yearling 6.25
Joseph Faulk1 cow an Bull17.00
John H. Swain6 head of sheep 5.95
Joel Long6 head of sheep 6.15
Joel Long6 head of sheep 6.60
Joel Reaves6 head of sheep 6.05
W.G. Grissett7 head of hogs 5.25
J.G. Grissett1 cart 7.00
J.G. Grissett1 handmill 7.00
Cornelius Simmons1 Dimijon .75
Benj. Simmons1 horse25.00


Benjamin Simmons1 lot of corn 9.50
JG Grissett1 lot of beehives 7.25
John G. Grissett1 grindstone 1.30
John G. Grissett1 lot of tools 5.00
John G. Grissett1 clock 3.00
John G. Grissett1 gun 1.05
James H. Stanaland1 table .50
Joseph Simmons1 jug .60
Samuel Simmons1 plain (?) .25
Samuel Simmons1 jointer .25
Wm. Simmons Junr.1 bedstead .50
February 15
John G. Grissett2 ploughs4.25
Joseph Simmons1 pair brick molds .6 3/7
John G. Grissett23 sticks of timber11.50 Feb. 15
JG Grissett4 head of hogs12.00
Dito Doto3 head of hogs 3.00
Henry Inman1 hog 1.25
JG Grisett6 head of hogs 6.00
JG Grisett3 head of hogs 9.34
JG Grisett3 head of sheep with the mark 7.04
Zachariah Ross16 head of sheep 13.00
JG Grisett2 head of hogs 2.50
JG Grisett1 pig .66
JG Grisett75 lbs of Bacon 6.75
John G. Grisett73 lbs of Bacon 6.27
John G. Grisett75 lbs of Bacon 6.75
Henry Inman1 lot of lard 25 ? 2.50
John G. Grissett30 of lard 2.55
John G. Grissett1 saddle 10.25
John G. Grissett1 bed and furniture 17.50
John G. Grissett1 bed cover 7.50
John G. Grissett1 bed cover 7.75
John G. Grissett1 sheet 2.00
John G. Grissett1 large pot .85
John G. Grissett1 small pot .25
John G. Grissett1 loom and gear 1.75
John G. Grissett1 lot of furniture 1.25
John G. Grissett1 spinning wheel 1.25
William W. Stanland
Sarh Gore JG Grissett1 beaufat and furniture 7.25
John G. Grissett1 coffee mill .25
John G. Grissett1 jug .50
John G. Grissett1 crosscut saw 3.00
John G. Grissett1 handsaw 1.25
John G. Grissett1 pare of steelyards? 1.50

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  1. Descendants of Joshua Gore
    Date of Import: Aug 31, 2000
  2. Deed of Gift to his last three children 5 Oct 1841

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