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Ancêtres (et descendants) de John Chambers

Mary Ballard
John Chambers

John Chambers
1683-± 1717


Eleanor Harvey
± 1681-1784

Robert Chambers
± 1704-1774
David Chambers
± 1706-????
Mary Chambers
± 1715-????
Lydia Chambers
1720-< 1763
Jane Chambers
± 1720-< 1763

Famille de John Chambers

Il est marié avec Eleanor Harvey le 25 mai 1702 à Somersetshire, England, il avait 19 ans.


  1. Robert Chambers  ± 1704-1774 
  2. David Chambers  ± 1706-????
  3. Mary Chambers  ± 1715-????
  4. Lydia Chambers  1720-< 1763 
  5. Jane Chambers  ± 1720-< 1763
  6. Martha Chambers  1724-????
  7. Elizabeth Chambers  1744-1809 

Notes par John Chambers

I think it goes like this..sort of....There was a Robert Butler with a wife ? Chambers who came to Mass 1635 and her brother, Robert..I think it was..came with them. They came to Charlestown (all this needs to be looked at again and I haven't had time yet and don't know if I have it all with me)....About 1640 the Butlers and from what I have found the Robert Chambers moved to Gravesend, NY...near Brooklyn today if I read the map right.

We have a lot of gaps but then we have a Thomas Chambers who married a Phebe Cutler in 1796 in Huntington LI; and a Thomas Chambers who left Gravesend and went to Stratford, CT. That is where the son of Robert Seeley lived. I have also found a Thomas Chambers who got warned out of New Haven Ct when Robert Seeley was in New Haven....as I said lots of gaps and unknowns ...but
there is a definite pattern of alliances between the Seeley and Chambers surnames over the centuries...more on that another time but for starters Rebecca Sanford m for her second husban d a Seeley, John I think....and her sister Elizabeth married for her 3rd husband Thomas Chamb ers about 1715. They moved to Newtown Ct and then to Westchester Co NY. I think that ther e were dealings there between a James Chambers and Obadiah Seeley. I think Obadiah sold hi s land to Thomas Chambers and I think that James' brother was John Chambers, the famous lawye r in the Zenger case (freedom of the press)....Now out of this mess of Chambers came our John . He must have had a father or a brother named David as it appears without research that a D avid was an associate of Elizabeth and John inheirited the share....

Now much of this is speculation but I think it is a good place to start exploration. A grea t grandson of Rebecca or maybe more than that removed...went to Morristown NJ; he was the L T in the Reg of Col Spencer to which John Chambers (mine) belonged and which he deserted from ....I cannot find my John from May 1779 to 1793. I think he was in Pennsylvania around Wilk es Barre when he headed into New York but I wonder if he was hanging out with some of the See ley family in between....Seeleys and Chambers are
"cousins"...they never intermarried in my family directly but they always had contacts...My d ad's youngest brother was named James Seeley Chambers...My gr grandmother's sister marrie d a Seeley.

If you have opportunity, you might want to use some of the above for a starting place and se e if you can find any clues that might lead us to NJ. I think John (d 1767) came from Huntin gton or Jericho NY to NJ...It really isn't far from Long Island down to North Jersey...chec k a map....think about it and give me your imput..

3=17=03 Carol Chambers: I got a letter from a cousin and he told me that many years ago whe n doing a school project on family history, his grandfather told him "we come from a yellow-b elly Yankee from Pennsylvania".....In my research I have found only two deserters named Joh n Chambers....one was from Maryland and the desertion occured in SC; the other was from Morri s Co NJ and occurred in PA....
worldconnect.rootsweb Betty Lou Riley (e-mail adres niet gepubliceerd)
gave his name

Carol Church - copy of John's will (e-mail adres niet gepubliceerd)
28 May 1763 Bernardstown, Somerset, NJ wife Eleanor, sons Robert, David, daughters Martha , Lydia, Elizabeth & Mary
and son-in-law Robert Adams

Gastons married into the Chambers family. Look for them

4-03 Carol ChurchHoneyman, A. Van Doren, Documents Relating to the Colonial History of th e State of New Jersey: Calendar of Wills 1751-1760(Somerville, NJ: The Unionist-Gazette Ass ociation, Printers, 1924), p, 73. Land in Somerset and in Hunterdon Cos bought of John Cha mbers?mentioned in Will of Court Coul, of Somerset Co., dated 25 Apr. 1747, proved 7 Aug . 1755.
There is an item in my notes that page 9 of the same volume shows an abstract of the will o f Matthew Adams of Hunterdon Co., dated 11 September 1767, proved 16 March 1768, that mention s his wife, Lydia, daughter of John Chambers.
A John Chambers list from Colonial Conveyances. There was one entry showing a purchase by Joh n Chambers from Samuel Neville and his wife, 3 March 1752, for land on the Rockaway River i n Morris Co. Deed I-2, page 1 of East Jersey Deeds, dated 3 March 1752, involves the sale o f land by Samuel Nevill, Esq. and Anne, his wife, to John Chambers Esq. of the City of New Yo rk.
Regarding John Chambers and the searching. As I search the internet for John Chambers I fin d more and more relating to the one from Bedford, Westchester and New York City. A few days a go I found that he was a member of the governing board of King's College at his death which w as 176? maybe...about then anyway. This morning I did a search on the Peter Zenger trial an d found that JC was court appointed attorney for Zenger but defence was actually handled b y a Andrew Hamilton from Phila. I also "think" that the references in the History of Elizabet h by Hatfield which mention a John Chambers and Mr. Alcorn in the "suit" was probably referen ce to John Chambers, the attorney. If we knew more about Mr. Alcorn that might throw some lig ht on that...IF he was an attorney also...
So, since there are so many John Chambers who all may or may not be inter connected...I wonde r if you should look to see if there are any references to a David Chambers...the one whose n ame is on that document...I think I can conclude (based on the will) that John of Somerset di d have some "claim" in Elizabeth that he must have got from someone else by inheritance, defa ult or ???...Since John Chambers of Somerset named a son David as did his daughters Jane an d Lydia (don't know about the others) that name must have had some sort of a family significa nce. I can't say I have searched extensively for this David of the document but I have not fo und anything more about him in searchengines etc. It would seem it would be easier to filte r for the correct David, than for the correct John....especially since John C. of NYC was s o prominent and mine so insignificant....(or so it seems)...Incidentally Chambers Street in L ower Manhattan seems to have been named for John of Bedford and he is buried in Trinity Churc hyard...Broadway and Wall...isn't that right? There was some political connection between Joh n and his NY cronies and NJ...in the Zenger trial, the judge or someone was a Morris and hi s gr grandson was Gov Morris...that would be of NJ, correct? So by association, I ally Thoma s Chambers of CT with James Chambers of Bedford (who was probably related to John C of Bedfor d) and I ally John of Somerset with the John of Bedford because of the "associates" and histo ry of Elizabeth. I think John of Bedford was on the NY Supreme Court. And he may have been a n uncle (through his wife) to John Jay. Need to check that out further....But all these thing s make it more difficult for either of us to focus on info pertinent to John of Somerset.
Eleazer Lindsley and "head" of John Chambers unit when he deserted?

I have long speculated and suggested that somehow (perhaps in England) my Chambers were conne cted to the Seeley's...Robert Seeley was an original associate or ???; I checked to see wha t happened to his shares and found they were sold by his widow to Carteret or ? (can't thin k of the other original proprietor of NJ)....I feel that John of Somerset had "roots" in NY ( Long Island...Huntington area) and the family came there from Mass. and a Thomas Chambers o f Jamaica, NY moved to Stratford, CT. Why I think what I do is complex and complicated an d I won't bother to explain. I would just like to find out if John of Somerset did in fact, c ome from Long Island....

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