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Household of Anna Adelheid - Anna Aleid - Aleida Nögel

She is married to Johann Bernard - Jan-Berend Wilken.

They got married on October 22, 1867 at Rütenbrock, Haren (Ems), Landkreis Emsland, Lower Saxony, Germany, she was 23 years old.Source 4

Witness: Wilken Johann Albert Ackersmann zu Hebelermeer, Nögel Maria . zu Schwartenberg, Pfarrer Oldiges Johann


  1. Wilken  1870-1870
  2. Anna Grietje - Margaretha - Griet - Eite Wilken  1871-1952 
  3. Anna Tecla - Tekla Wilken  1873-1949 
  4. Helena Adelheid - Anna Helena Wilken  1875-1932
  5. Anna Angela Wilken  1877-1878
  6. Maria Anna - Anna Wilken  1878-1970 
  7. Bernard Gerhard - Bernard Wilken  1881-1961
  8. Anna Angela - Engel Wilken  1883-1973
  9. Johann Gerhard - Geert Wilken  1885-1944

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    # bruidegom-achternaam bruidegom-voornamen geboortedatum-bruidegom geboorteplaats-bruidegom vader-bruidegom moeder-bruidegom bruid-achternaam bruid-voornamen geboortedatum-bruid geboorteplaats-bruid vader-bruid moeder-bruid toekomstige-woonplaats trouwdatum
    Wilken Johann Bernard Ackersmann zu Compascuum, Niederlände 18360226 Hebelermeer, Deutschland Nögel Anna Adelheid Ackermannstochter 18440117 Schwartenberg Wilken Bernard Ackersmann Bimslage Margaretha zu Hebelermeer Nögel Johann Gerhard Ackersmann und . Wessels Margaretha zu Schwartenberg Hebelermeer 18671022

Timeline Anna Adelheid - Anna Aleid - Aleida Nögel

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Historical events

  • The temperature on January 17, 1844 was about 5.0 °C. Wind direction mainly northwest. Weather type: betrokken . Source: KNMI
  •  This page is only available in Dutch.
    De Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden werd in 1794-1795 door de Fransen veroverd onder leiding van bevelhebber Charles Pichegru (geholpen door de Nederlander Herman Willem Daendels); de verovering werd vergemakkelijkt door het dichtvriezen van de Waterlinie; Willem V moest op 18 januari 1795 uitwijken naar Engeland (en van daaruit in 1801 naar Duitsland); de patriotten namen de macht over van de aristocratische regenten en proclameerden de Bataafsche Republiek; op 16 mei 1795 werd het Haags Verdrag gesloten, waarmee ons land een vazalstaat werd van Frankrijk; in 3.1796 kwam er een Nationale Vergadering; in 1798 pleegde Daendels een staatsgreep, die de unitarissen aan de macht bracht; er kwam een nieuwe grondwet, die een Vertegenwoordigend Lichaam (met een Eerste en Tweede Kamer) instelde en als regering een Directoire; in 1799 sloeg Daendels bij Castricum een Brits-Russische invasie af; in 1801 kwam er een nieuwe grondwet; bij de Vrede van Amiens (1802) kreeg ons land van Engeland zijn koloniën terug (behalve Ceylon); na de grondwetswijziging van 1805 kwam er een raadpensionaris als eenhoofdig gezag, namelijk Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck (van 31 oktober 1761 tot 25 maart 1825).
  • In the year 1844: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 3.1 million citizens.
    • February 28 » A gun on USSPrinceton explodes while the boat is on a Potomac River cruise, killing six people, including two United States Cabinet members.
    • March 21 » The Bahá'í calendar begins. This is the first day of the first year of the Bahá'í calendar. It is annually celebrated by members of the Bahá'í Faith as the Bahá'í New Year or Náw-Rúz.
    • March 30 » One of the most important battles of the Dominican War of Independence from Haiti takes place near the city of Santiago de los Caballeros.
    • May 23 » Declaration of the Báb the evening before the 23rd: A merchant of Shiraz announces that he is a Prophet and founds a religious movement that would later be brutally crushed by the Persian government. He is considered to be a forerunner of the Bahá'í Faith; Bahá'ís celebrate the day as a holy day.
    • May 24 » Samuel Morse sends the message "What hath God wrought" (a biblical quotation, Numbers 23:23) from a committee room in the United States Capitol to his assistant, Alfred Vail, in Baltimore, Maryland, to inaugurate a commercial telegraph line between Baltimore and Washington D.C.
    • June 6 » The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) is founded in London.

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  • The temperature on October 22, 1867 was about 10.3 °C. The air pressure was 1 kgf/m2 and came mainly from the south-southwest. The airpressure was 77 cm mercury. The atmospheric humidity was 95%. Source: KNMI
  • Koning Willem III (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1849 till 1890 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • From June 1, 1866 till June 4, 1868 the Netherlands had a cabinet Van Zuijlen van Nijevelt - Heemskerk with the prime ministers Mr. J.P.J.A. graaf Van Zuijlen van Nijevelt (AR) and Mr. J. Heemskerk Azn. (conservatief).
  • In the year 1867: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 3.6 million citizens.
    • February 28 » Seventy years of Holy See–United States relations are ended by a Congressional ban on federal funding of diplomatic envoys to the Vatican and are not restored until January 10, 1984.
    • April 1 » Singapore becomes a British crown colony.
    • May 29 » The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 ("the Compromise") is born through Act 12, which establishes the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    • June 19 » Maximilian I of the Second Mexican Empire is executed by a firing squad in Querétaro, Querétaro.
    • November 3 » Giuseppe Garibaldi and his followers are defeated in the Battle of Mentana and fail to end the Pope's Temporal power in Rome (it would be achieved three years later).
    • December 4 » Former Minnesota farmer Oliver Hudson Kelley founds the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (better known today as the Grange).

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  • The temperature on September 16, 1896 was about 16.9 °C. The airpressure was 76 cm mercury. The atmospheric humidity was 87%. Source: KNMI
  • Koningin Wilhelmina (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1890 till 1948 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • Regentes Emma (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1890 till 1898 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • In The Netherlands , there was from May 9, 1894 to July 27, 1897 the cabinet Roëll, with Jonkheer mr. J. Roëll (oud-liberaal) as prime minister.
  • In the year 1896: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 5.1 million citizens.
    • February 21 » An Englishman raised in Australia, Bob Fitzsimmons, fought an Irishman, Peter Maher, in an American promoted event which technically took place in Mexico, winning the 1896 World Heavyweight Championship in boxing.
    • May 18 » The United States Supreme Court rules in Plessy v. Ferguson that the "separate but equal" doctrine is constitutional.
    • June 15 » The deadliest tsunami in Japan's history kills more than 22,000 people.
    • September 21 » Anglo-Egyptian conquest of Sudan: British forces under the command of Horatio Kitchener take Dongola.
    • November 1 » A picture showing the bare breasts of a woman appears in National Geographic magazine for the first time.
    • December 10 » Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi premieres in Paris. A riot breaks out at the end of the performance.

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Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

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