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Source: Delpher (Koninklijke Bibliotheek Newspapers from January 4, 1862 at Delpher

Born on January 4

Died on January 4

Names that were popular for boys in 1862
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Source: Wikipedia Historical context 1862
  • Koning Willem III (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1849 till 1890 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • From March 14, 1861 till January 31, 1862 the Netherlands had a cabinet Van Zuijlen van Nijevelt - Loudon with the prime ministers Mr. J.P.P. baron Van Zuijlen van Nijevelt (conservatief-liberaal) and Mr. J. Loudon (liberaal).
  • In The Netherlands , there was from February 1, 1862 to February 10, 1866 the cabinet Thorbecke II, with Mr. J.R. Thorbecke (liberaal) as prime minister.
  • The Netherlands had about 3.6 million citizens.
  • January 30 » The first American ironclad warship, the USSMonitor is launched.
  • February 6 » American Civil War: Forces under the command of Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew H. Foote give the Union its first victory of the war, capturing Fort Henry, Tennessee in the Battle of Fort Henry.
  • March 23 » American Civil War: The First Battle of Kernstown, Virginia, marks the start of Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign. Although a Confederate defeat, the engagement distracts Federal efforts to capture Richmond.
  • July 12 » The Medal of Honor is authorized by the United States Congress.
  • August 17 » American Civil War: Major General J. E. B. Stuart is assigned command of all the cavalry of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.
  • November 5 » American Civil War: Abraham Lincoln removes George B. McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac.
Weather January 4, 1862

The temperature on January 4, 1862 was about 2.1 °C. There was 2 mm of rain. The air pressure was 2 kgf/m2 and came mainly from the north-northwest. The airpressure was 75 cm mercury. The atmospheric humidity was 89%.

Source: KNMI