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Source: Wikipedia Historical context 1791
  • Erfstadhouder Prins Willem V (Willem Batavus) (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1751 till 1795 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden)
  • January 25 » The British Parliament passes the Constitutional Act of 1791 and splits the old Province of Quebec into Upper Canada and Lower Canada.
  • July 14 » The Priestley Riots drive Joseph Priestley, a supporter of the French Revolution, out of Birmingham, England.
  • September 5 » Olympe de Gouges writes the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen.
  • September 13 » King Louis XVI of France accepts the new constitution.
  • September 27 » The National Assembly votes to award full citizenship to Jews in France.
  • December 4 » The first edition of The Observer, the world's first Sunday newspaper, is published.
Weather June 26, 1791

The temperature on June 26, 1791 was about 17.0 °C. Wind direction mainly west-southwest. Weather type: omtrent helder.

Source: KNMI