Question/answer » Where do the coordinates of places come from?

Every publication on Genealogy Online has a counting page where the places that appear in the data collection are displayed on a map. The color of the marker gives you an impression of the geographical distribution of the genealogical events.

If you use a family tree program that stores coordinates at places, then these coordinates are used by Genealogy Online!

If no coordinates are available in the GEDCOM file supplied, they will be looked up in the geographic database. This method can be inaccurate. An example: a person is born in Noordwijk. However, there are 3 places in the coordinate file that are called Noordwijk (in the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and South Holland respectively). The first Noordwijk will then be selected (possibly incorrectly). As an author you can increase accuracy by:

  • Use a family tree program that keeps coordinates of places and also places them in the GEDCOM file.
  • State the place names as completely as possible, for example: Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

The author receives feedback or place names from the administration page that are not or not clearly identified.

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