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Ancestors (and descendant) of Guy Iii de Dampierre

Household of Guy Iii de Dampierre

(1) He is married to Mathilde de Béthune.

They got married.

DATE 2 FEB 1245/46


  1. Robert Iii de Béthune  1247-1322
  2. Guillaume de Tenremonde  1248-1311
  3. Jean de Flandre  1250-1291
  4. Baudouin de Flandre  1252-1296
  5. Marie de Flandre  1253-± 1296 
  6. Béatrice de Flandre  ± 1253-????
  7. Philippe de Flandre  1263-????

(2) He is married to Elisabeth von Luxemburg.

They got married in the year 65.

Guy & Isabelle had eight children:

1. MARGUERITE de Flandre (-1331). m firstly (Roxburgh 15 Nov 1282) ALEXANDER Prince of Scotland, son of ALEXANDER III "the Glorious" King of Scotland & his first wife Joan of England (Jedburgh, Roxburghshire 21 Jun 1264-Lindores Abbey, Fife 28 Jan 1283, bur Dunfermline Abbey, Fife). m secondly (3 Jul 1286) REINALD I Graaf van Gelderland (-9 Oct 1326).

2. JEANNE de Flandre (-1296). Nun at Flines 1283.

3. BEATRIX de Flandre (-after 1307). m (1287) HUGUES [II] de Châtillon, son of GUY [II] de Châtillon-sur-Marne Comte de Saint-Pol & his wife Mathilde de Brabant (1258-1307). He succeeded as Comte de Blois et de Dunois in 1292.

4. JEAN de Flandre (1267-[28 Oct 1329/31 Jan 1330], Bruges, église des Cordeliers). His father appointed him as Governor of the County of Namur at Gent 5 Nov 1297, then ceded his rights to the county 2 Oct 1298, whereby he became JEAN I Comte de Namur.


5. GUY de Flandre (-Pavia [10/15] Oct 1311). Seigneur de Renaix, Graaf van Zeeland 1294. He was probably killed in battle fighting in the army of Heinrich VII King of Germany[571]. m (contract Sierck 31 Mar 1311, Papal dispensation 1 May 1311) as her first husband, MARGUERITE de Lorraine, daughter of THIBAUT II Duke of Lorraine & his wife Isabelle de Rumigny (-[17 Mar 1344/25 Sep 1349], bur [Abbaye d'Orval]). She married secondly (25 Jan/22 May 1313) Louis Comte de Looz et de Chiny.

6. HENRI de Flandre (-6 Nov 1337). Conte de Lodi. m (Jan 1309) MARGARETE von Kleve, daughter of DIETRICH VIII Graf von Kleve. 1325. Henri & his wife had two children:

a) HENRI de Flandre (-1366). Heer van Ninove. m firstly MARGARETA von Vianden, daughter of GOTTFRIED [I] Graf von Vianden (-1336). m secondly (10 Oct 1352) PHILIPPA van Valkenburg heiress of Valkenburg and Sittard, daughter of REINOLD van Valkenburg [Kleve] Heer van Monschau en Valkenburg. 1352/68. Henri had one illegitimate child by an unknown mistress:

i) GOSWIN . Heer van Rymerstech. Goswin had one illegitimate child by MARGUERITE de Pape, daughter of ---:

(a) MARGUERITE . m JEAN Paris .

b) MARGUERITE de Flandre (-8 Jun 1334).

7. ISABELLE de Flandre (-1323). m (1307) JEAN [I] de Fiennes Châtelain de Bourbourg, Seigneur de Tingry. 1333.

8. PHILIPPINE de Flandre (-Paris 2 Feb 1304[572]). Her betrothal was arranged under the Treaty of Lier which strengthened ties between Flanders and England. Philippe IV King of France obliged her father to abandon the betrothal after summoning him to Paris in 1300 and imprisoning him for four months with two of his sons. Philippine was sent to Paris for her education[573]. [574]Betrothed (31 Aug 1294) to EDWARD of England Prince of Wales, Comte de Ponthieu et de Montreuil, son of EDWARD I King of England & his first wife Infanta doña Leonor de Castilla (Caernarvon Castle 25 Apr 1284-murdered Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire 21 Sep 1327, bur Gloucester Cathedral). He succeeded his father in 1307 as EDWARD II King of England.


  1. Jeanne de Flandre  
  2. Béatrix de Flandre  
  3. Jean de Flandre  
  4. Guy de Flandre  
  5. Henri de Flandre  
  6. Isabelle de Flandre  
  7. Philippinne de Flandre  
  8. Marguerite de Flandre  ± 1272-1331

Notes about Guy Iii de Dampierre

ALIA Guy III /de Flandre/, Gwijde III van Vlaanderen
GUY de Dampierre, son of GUILLAUME [II] Seigneur de Dampierre & his wife Marguerite II Ctss of Flanders
([1225/26]-Compiègne 7 Mar 1305, bur Abbaye de Flines, near Douai[536]).
The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names (in order) "Guillelmum Guodnem et Iohannem" as the three sons of "Guillelmo domino de Dampetra [et] Margaretæ", specifying that "primo mortuo sine liberis in tornramento apud Trasegnies"[537].
Matthew of Paris specifies that his parents had "two others" when he records the parentage of his brother Guillaume, but does not name the other children[538].

He succeeded his brother in 1251 as GUY joint Count of Flanders.

Willem II Count of Holland, as king of Germany, pronounced that Count Guy and his mother had forfeited imperial Flanders by failing to do homage to him. His forces attacked Holland in 1253 and Count Guy was defeated at Westkappel, on the island of Walcheren, in Jul 1253 and captured.
His mother sought help from Charles Duc d'Anjou, who agreed in return for receiving the county of Hainaut which he partially subjugated.
A truce was negotiated between all parties 26 Jul 1254, which included an agreement to submit the dispute to Louis IX King of France for adjudication[539].
Count Guy was ransomed in 1256, when Louis IX King of France confirmed his 1246 decision regarding the Hainaut/Flanders split between the Avesnes/Dampierre families[540]. Guy bought the rights to Namur 20 Mar 1263 from Baudouin II titular Emperor of Constantinople[541].
He succeeded as sole Count of Flanders on the abdication of his mother 29 Dec 1278.

Following complaints of mal-administration, together with commercial difficulties following a long-running trading dispute with England, rebellions broke out in Bruges and Ypres in 1280/81[542].

Conflicts with France arose after the accession in 1285 of King Philippe IV.

In 1290, the emperor enfeoffed Jean d'Avesnes Comte de Hainaut with imperial Flanders, although he lacked the means to enforce it.

Count Guy established closer ties with England, confirmed by the Treaty of Lier 31 Aug 1294 under which his daughter was betrothed to the future Edward II King of England.

Philippe IV King of France summoned Count Guy to Paris, imprisoned him for four months with two of his sons, forced him to abandon the English betrothal, and obliged him to adhere to the French embargo of trade with England[543].
In Mar 1296, Count Guy's acceptance of an invitation from Valenciennes, chief city of Hainaut, to annex it to Flanders provoked Jean d'Avesnes Comte de Hainaut into invading Flanders from Holland. King Philippe IV declared Flanders forfeit, but restored it on payment of a fine.

Count Guy renounced homage to the French king, who attacked Flanders 15 Jun 1297. He attacked again 6 Jan 1300, incorporated Flanders into the royal domain, took Count Guy and his sons as prisoners to Paris, and appointed Jacques de Châtillon as royal lieutenant. An uprising followed in Bruges, prompting another French invasion which was heavily defeated at Courtrai 11 Jul 1302.

The French navy defeated the Flemish at Zierikzee in 1304, and an indecisive battle at Mons-en-Pévèle followed 18 Aug 1304[544].

m firstly (contract 2 Feb 1246) MATHILDE de Béthune, dame de Béthune, Dendermonde, Richebourg et Warneton, daughter of ROBERT [VII] Seigneur de Béthune & his wife Elisabeth de Morialmes (after 1230-8 Nov 1264). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ names "Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis" wife of "Guido frater eius [=Willelmus]"[545]. The Annales Blandinienses record the wife of Comte Guy as "filiam Roberti advocate Bethunensis", and the death of "Mathildis uxor Widonis comitis" in 1262[546].

m secondly (May 1264) ISABELLE de Luxembourg, daughter of HENRI II Comte de Luxembourg & his wife Marguerite de Bar, dame de Ligny-en-Barrois (-25 Sep 1298). The Iohannis de Thilrode Chronicon names "Elysabeth filia Henrici comitis de Lucemborch" as the second wife of "Guido", specifying that he obtained the county of Namur through her[547].

Guy & his first wife had eight children:

1. ROBERT de Flandre ([1249]-Ypres 17 Sep 1322, bur Ypres Saint Martin, transferred to Ypres Cathedral). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ names (in order) "Robertum, Willelmum, Iohannem episcopum Leodiensum, Balduinem et Philippum" as the sons of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis"[548]. He succeeded his father in 1305 as ROBERT III Count of Flanders.

- see below.

2. GUILLAUME de Flandre "Sans-Terre" (after 1249-1311). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ names (in order) "Robertum, Willelmum, Iohannem episcopum Leodiensum, Balduinem et Philippum" the sons of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis"[549]. Seigneur de Dendermonde et de Crèvecœur, the former presumably transferred to him by his older brother. m (1286) ALIX de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, Vicomtesse de Châteaudun, dame de Mondoubleau, heiress of Dunois, daughter of RAOUL [II] de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, Seigneur de Nesle-en-Picardie, Connétable de France & his wife Alix de Dreux Vicomtesse de Châteaudun (-1330). Guillaume & his wife had seven children:

a) GUILLAUME de Flandre (-1320). He succeeded his father in 1311 as Seigneur de Dendermonde. He succeeded as Vicomte de Châteaudun, Seigneur de Nesle-en-Picardie, by right of his mother. m as her first husband, MARIA von Vianden, heiress of Rumpst and Schorisse [Escornaix], daughter of PHILIPP von Vianden Herr von Rumpst & his wife Marie de Cernay. She married secondly (before 1324) Enguerrand de Coucy [Gand] Vicomte de Meaux.

b) JEAN de Flandre (-killed in battle 2 May 1325). He succeeded his father in 1311 as Seigneur de Crèvecœur et d'Alleux. He succeeded his brother in 1320 as Seigneur de Dendermonde et de Nesle-en-Picardie. m (1315) BEATRICE de Châtillon-sur-Marne, daughter of JACQUES [I] de Châtillon-sur-Marne, Seigneur de Leuze et de Condé & his wife Catherine de Carency (-after 1350). Jean & his wife had five children:

i) JEAN de Flandre (-young).

ii) MARIE de Flandre (-[8 Jul 1349/before 1356]). She succeeded her father as Dame de Dendermonde, de Nesle-en-Picardie et de Mondoubleau. m (before 1330) as his first wife, ENGUERRAND [I] "le Grand" Sire d'Amboise et de Chevreuse, son of PIERRE [I] Sire d'Amboise & his wife Jeanne dame de Chevreuse et de Maurepas (-before 1373).

iii) MARGUERITE de Flandre (-after 3 Jul 1387). m (before 4 May 1341) GUILLAUME de Craon, son of AMAURY [III] Sire de Craon & his second wife Béatrix de Roucy [Pierrepont] (after 15 Apr 1318-8 Jun 1387, bur Châteaudun, Abbaye des Cordeliers). Vicomte de Châteaudun 1340, which he presumably bought from his wife's aunt Marie dowager Ctss d'Auvergne et de Boulogne.

iv) ISABELLE de Flandre (-after 28 Feb 1387). Franciscan nun in Paris.

v) MATHILDE de Flandre . 1369.

c) GUY de Flandre (after 1286-Apr 1345[550] or after). Seigneur de Richebourg. m firstly (after 1312) as her second husband, MARIE d'Enghien, Burggrafn van Gent, Vrouwe van Zotteghem, widow of HUGUES [V] d’Antoing Seigneur d'Epinoy, daughter of GERARD [II] van Zotteghem [Enghien], Burggraaf van Gent, Heer van Zotteghem & his first wife Maria Burggrafn van Gent (-1318). m secondly (Oct 1321) as her second husband, BEATRIX van Putten, widow of HUGO van Zotteghem [Enghien], Burggraaf van Gent, Heer van Zotteghem, daughter and heiress of NIKOLAAS [II] Heer van Putten & his wife Aleid van Srijen (-18 Jun 1354). Guy & his second wife had one child:

i) ALIX de Flandre ([1322]-4 May 1346). She succeeded her father in [1345] as Dame de Richebourg. m (contract 10 Jul 1330) as his first wife, JEAN [I] de Luxembourg Seigneur de Ligny, de Beauvoir et de Roussy, son of VALERAN [II] de Luxembourg, Sire de Ligny, de Beauvoir et de Roussy & his wife Guyotte chatelaine de Lille ([1300]-17 May 1364, bur Phalampin).

d) MARIE de Flandre (-1350). Vicomtesse de Châteaudun, which she presumably sold in 1340 to her niece's husband Guillaume de Craon. m (contract Dec 1312) as his second wife, ROBERT [VII] d'Auvergne, son of ROBERT [VI] Comte d'Auvergne et de Boulogne & his wife Béatrix de Montgascon (-13 Oct 1325, bur Le Bouchet). He succeeded his father in 1317 as Comte d'Auvergne et de Boulogne.

e) JEANNE de Flandre . 1327/42. m firstly (after 1325) as his second wife, GERHARD Heer van Diest, Burggraaf van Antwerpen, son of ARNOLD [VI] Heer van Diest, Burggraaf van Antwerpen & his wife Elisabeth de Mortagne (-1333). m secondly (1336) as his third wife, OTTO van Cuyck, Heer van Mierlo en Zeelem, son of JAN [I] van Cuyck, Heer van Merum en Neerloon & his wife Jutta von Nassau (-1350). No issue by either marriage.

f) ISABELLE de Flandre . 1330. Dame de Brion.

g) ALIX de Flandre . Europäische Stammtafeln[551] shows the daughter of Guillaume de Flandre Heer van Dendermonde as the second wife of Jean de Chalon Sire d'Arlay. According to Le Hête[552], she was the widow of Guillaume not his daughter. m ([1312]) as his second wife, JEAN I de Chalon Seigneur d'Arlay, son of JEAN I "l'Antique" Comte Palatin de Bourgogne et de Chalon & his third wife Laure de Commercy (1259-after 16 Apr 1316).

3. JEAN de Flandre ([1250]-1290). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ names (in order) "Robertum, Willelmum, Iohannem episcopum Leodiensum, Balduinem et Philippum" the sons of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis"[553]. The Annales Blandinienses record the death in 1291 of "Iohannes, filius Guidonis comitis Flandrie et Mathildis de Bethunia eius coniugis, episcopus Leodiensis" specifying his burial at "Felinis"[554]. Provost of St Donat at Bruges 1270. Provost of St Pierre at Lille 1274/77. Bishop of Metz 1279. Bishop of Liège 1282.

4. MARGUERITE de Flandre ([1251]-3 Jul 1285, bur Brussels Franciscan Church). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ refers to the three (unnamed) daughters of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis", specifying that one (listed first) married "Iohanni duci Brabantie"[555]. The Genealogia Ducum Brabantiæ Ampliata names "Margaretam filiam Guidonis comitis Flandrie" as the second wife of "Iohannes dux Lothoringie et Brabantie"[556]. The primary source which confirms her first betrothal has not yet been identified. The Annales Blandinienses name "Margaretha duxissa Brabantie, filia Guidonis comitis Flandrie" when recording her death in 1284 and burial in Brussels[557]. Betrothed (Papal dispensation 6 Aug 1266) to PIERRE de Bretagne Seigneur de Dinan, Léon, Hédé, Hennebont et La Roche-Derrien, son of JEAN I Duke of Brittany & his wife Infanta doña Blanca de Navarra [Champagne] (Châteaulin, Finistère 2 Apr 1241-Paris 19 Oct 1268, bur Paris, église des Cordeliers). m (1273) as his second wife, JEAN I “the Victorious” Duke of Brabant, son of HENRI III "le Pacifique/le Débonnaire" Duke of Brabant & his wife Alix de Bourgogne [Capet] (Brussels 1253-Antwerp 3 May 1294, bur Brussels Franciscan Church).

5. BAUDOUIN de Flandre ([1252]-1296). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ names (in order) "Robertum, Willelmum, Iohannem episcopum Leodiensum, Balduinem et Philippum" the sons of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis"[558].

6. MARIE de Flandre (1253-1297, bur Châteauvillain). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ refers to the three (unnamed) daughters of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis", specifying that the third married "Willelmo comiti de Ghuleke"[559]. The Iohannis de Thilrode Chronicon refers to the third of the three daughters of "Guido…[et] Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis" as the wife of "Willelmo comiti de Gouleke" and, after her first husband was killed, of "domino de Castello Villico"[560]. m firstly WILHELM von Jülich, son of WILHELM IV Graf von Jülich & his first wife Margareta van Gelderland (-killed in battle Aachen 16 Mar 1278). m secondly (contract Jan 1281, before 18 Mar 1285) SIMON [II] Sire de Châteauvillain, son of JEAN [I] Sire de Châteauvillain & his first wife Jeanne de Milly-en-Beauvaisis (-28 Jun 1305).

7. BEATRIX de Flandre (1260-23 Mar 1296). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ refers to the three (unnamed) daughters of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis", specifying that one (listed second) married "Florentie comiti Hollandie"[561]. The Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the marriage of Count Floris and "Beatricem filiam Guidonis Flandrensis comitis"[562]. The Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the death "1296 X Kal Aug" of "Beatricem conthoralem suam"[563]. m ([1279]) FLORIS V Count of Holland, son of WILLEM II Count of Holland, King of Germany & his wife Elisabeth von Braunschweig (Jul 1254-murdered 27 Jun 1296, bur Rijnsburg Monastery).

8. PHILIPPE de Flandre ([1263]-in Italy Nov 1318). The Genealogia Comitum Flandriæ names (in order) "Robertum, Willelmum, Iohannem episcopum Leodiensum, Balduinem et Philippum" the sons of "Guido…ex Mathilde filia Roberti Tenremontensis"[564]. The Annales Blandinienses name "Robbertum comitem Nivernensem et Philipphum" sons of Guy Count of Flanders, when recording their war against Floris Count of Holland in 1290[565]. He was taken to Apulia by Charles I King of Sicily who made him military commander of his campaigns in Sicily[566]. Conte di Teano. He returned to Flanders in May 1303 to become Regent during the imprisonment of his father[567]. He swore allegiance to Philippe IV King of France at Lille in Sep 1304 and negotiated the Treaty of Athis-sur-Orge which the Flemish were obliged to sign in Jun 1305[568]. m firstly (contract Wijnendaele 1284 before 25 Jun) MATHILDE de Courtenay, Ctss di Chieti, dame de Pandy et de Neuvy, daughter of RAOUL de Courtenay, Seigneur d’Illiers, Conte di Chieti & his wife Alix de Montfort Ctss de Bigorre ([1254]-Naples [after May] 1303). This marriage was arranged by Charles I King of Sicily [Anjou-Capet][569]. She returned to Flanders with her husband in May 1303[570]. m secondly ([1304]) as her second husband, PERENELLE [Philipotte] de Milly Ctss di Loretta, widow of ETIENNE de Sancerre Seigneur de Saint-Brisson et de Châtillon-sur-Loing, daughter of GEOFFROY Seigneur de Milly, Seneschal of the kingdom of Naples & his second wife Eléonore [de Sancerre] (-before 1335).

(excerpt from the foundation of medieval genealogy

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