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Household of Aaltje NOORDERMEER

She is married to Marinus REEDIJK.

on December 18, 1925 at Klaaswaal, she was 23 years old.Source 1

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  1. acte 28
    acte 28

Timeline Aaltje NOORDERMEER

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About the surname NOORDERMEER

Historical events

  • The temperature on December 18, 1925 was between 4.1 °C and 6.5 °C and averaged 5.2 °C. There was 2.5 mm of rain. There was -0.1 hours of sunshine (0%). The average windspeed was 4 Bft (moderate breeze) and was prevailing from the west-southwest. Source: KNMI
  • Koningin Wilhelmina (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1890 till 1948 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • In The Netherlands , there was from September 19, 1922 to August 4, 1925 the cabinet Ruys de Beerenbrouck II, with Jonkheer mr. Ch.J.M. Ruys de Beerenbrouck (RKSP) as prime minister.
  • In The Netherlands , there was from August 4, 1925 to March 8, 1926 the cabinet Colijn I, with Dr. H. Colijn (ARP) as prime minister.
  • In the year 1925: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 7.3 million citizens.
    • January 21 » Albania declares itself a republic.
    • February 2 » Serum run to Nome: Dog sleds reach Nome, Alaska with diphtheria serum, inspiring the Iditarod race.
    • February 15 » The 1925 serum run to Nome: The second delivery of serum arrives in Nome, Alaska.
    • March 21 » Syngman Rhee is removed from office after being impeached as the President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.
    • July 25 » Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) is established.
    • August 5 » Plaid Cymru is formed with the aim of disseminating knowledge of the Welsh language that is at the time in danger of dying out.

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  • The temperature on July 28, 1983 was between 14.4 °C and 22.8 °C and averaged 18.0 °C. There was 2.6 hours of sunshine (17%). The heavily clouded was. The average windspeed was 2 Bft (weak wind) and was prevailing from the north-northeast. Source: KNMI
  • Koningin Beatrix (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from April 30, 1980 till April 30, 2013 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • In The Netherlands , there was from Thursday, November 4, 1982 to Monday, July 14, 1986 the cabinet Lubbers I, with Drs. R.F.M. Lubbers (CDA) as prime minister.
  • In the year 1983: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 14.3 million citizens.
    • February 13 » A cinema fire in Turin, Italy, kills 64 people.
    • April 22 » The German magazine Stern claims the "Hitler Diaries" had been found in wreckage in East Germany; the diaries are subsequently revealed to be forgeries.
    • June 13 » Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to leave the central Solar System when it passes beyond the orbit of Neptune.
    • July 27 » Black July: Eighteen Tamil political prisoners at the Welikada high security prison in Colombo are massacred by Sinhalese prisoners, the second such massacre in two days.
    • September 23 » Saint Kitts and Nevis joins the United Nations.
    • December 4 » US Navy aircraft from USS John F. Kennedy and USS Independence attack Syrian Missile sites in Lebanon in response to an F-14 being fired on by an SA-7. One A-6 Intruder and A-7 Corsair are shot down. 1 American pilot was killed, one was rescued and one is captured.

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Source: Wikipedia

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