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Ancestors (and descendant) of Hardouin I de Neustria

Household of Hardouin I de Neustria comte de Neustria

He is married to Hedwige LNU.

They got married


  1. Hardouin II de Neustria  ± 835-> 870 

Notes about Hardouin I de Neustria comte de Neustria

Hardouin, count of Neustria is your 33rd great grandfather.
¬â€ ¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Geneva Allene Welborn¬â€ 
your mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Alice Elmyra Smith¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Nellie Mary Henley¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ John Merrit Wooldridge¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíMerritt Wooldridge¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Chesley Wooldridge¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Edward Wooldridge, Jr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Wooldridge¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Martha Flournoy¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíJane Gower¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Marian Mary Hatcher¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Capt. Christopher Newport, Admiral of Virginia¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Christopher Newport, Sr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíChristopher Richard Newporte¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Allington¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Allington¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Elizabeth Cokayne¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Baroness Ida Cokayne¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíReynold de Grey, 2nd Baron Grey de Ruthin¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Elizabeth Hastings, Baroness Grey of Ruthin¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Isabel de Valence¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíWilliam de Valence, 1st Earl of Pembroke¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Isabella of Angoulême¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Alice "Alix" de Courtenay, comtesse d'Angoulême¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíPierre de France, I¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Adelaide de Maurienne¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Humbert II le Renforc√©, comte de Savoie¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Am√©d√©e II, count of Savoy¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíAdelaida di Susa, Marchese di Turino¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Olderico Manfredi II, Marchese di Torino e Susa¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Manfredo I, margrave of Turin¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíArduino il Glabrio, count of Auriate¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ruggero, count of Auriate¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Hardouin, marquis of Neustria¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Hardouin, count of Neustria¬â€ 
his father

Hardouin, comte de Neustria
circa 818¬â€ 
Neustria, Low Normandy, France
between circa 854 and 857¬â€ (28-47)¬â€ 
Neustria, France
Immediate Family:
Son of¬â€ Odo I, count of Orl√©ans¬â€ and¬â€ Ingeltrude of The Franks of Orleans¬â€ 
Husband of¬â€ Hedwige¬â€ 
Father of¬â€ Hardouin, marquis of Neustria;¬â€ Odo of Neustria, Count of Neustria¬â€ and¬â€ Ansgard of Burgundy, Queen of Aquitaine¬â€ 
Brother of¬â€ Beatrix of Orleans;¬â€ Guillaume, comte d'Orl√©ans;¬â€ Engela of Orleans;¬â€ Gebhard I, Graf im Niederlahngau;¬â€ Ermentrude of Orl√©ans, queen of the Franks;¬â€ Gottfried von Metz;¬â€ Ruggero, Count of Auriata¬â€ and¬â€ (No Name)¬â€ ¬´ less

Hardouin, comte de Neustria
Birth: circa 818 Nuestria, Low Normandy, France
Death: circa 862 (44) Nuestria, France
Parents: Eudes-Odo I, Count of Orléans and Ingeltrude of The Franks of Orleans
Wife: Hedwige
Children: Ansgard, Queen of Aquitaine and Hardouin, marquis of Neustria
Siblings: Beatrix of Orleans; Guillaume, comte d'Orléans; Ermentrude d'Orléans, reine des Francs; Engela de Narbonne; Gebhard I im Niederlahngau, Graf im Niederlahngau; Gottfried von Metz and Ermantrude Roman Emperor, King of France
Half Siblings: Ruggero, Count of Auriata

1. Manfred I / Manfredo I margrave of Turin married Prangilda of Modena¬â€
son of
2. Ardoino III Glabrion / Arduino il Glabrio Count of Auriate, Torino married married (Miss)/ Emilia di Mosezzo, daughter of Manfredo, Seigneur di Mosezzo.¬â€
son of
4. Roger / Ruggero Count Auriate & Susa was born¬â€
son of
5. Odo / Hardouin Count of Neustria, Marquis di Pavia married Hedwige wife of Hardouin, count of Neustria¬â€
6. Hardouin, Count in Neustria¬â€

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Timeline Hardouin I de Neustria comte de Neustria

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