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She is married to Waltfred di Verona de Vérone.

They got married


  1. Gisela di Verona (Nellenburg)  ± 870-911 

Notes about Gisela di Friuli

Gisela di Friuli is your 32nd great grandmother.
¬â€ ¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henry Marvin Welborn
your father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henry Marvin Welborn, Sr.
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Francis "Fannie" Pernerviane Welborn
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Primma M. Davis
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Sarah Autra Pridgen
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Major John Pitchlynn, Sr.
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Jemima Sally Pitchlynn
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Marie Hickman
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Janneke aka Jane Hornbeck
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Sarah Kortright
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Jannetje Aldertse Roosa
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Capt. Aeldert Hymansz Roosa
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Heijmen Guijsbert Roosa
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Gijsbert Goertzen Roosa
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Jutta van Heukelom, gezegd van Rosendael
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Otto Ottensz van Heukelom
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Otto van Heukelom
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Otto Ottensz van Heukelom
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Aleid d'Avesnes
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Guido (Gwijde Gui) d'Avesnes, bishop of Utrecht
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Jean I d'Avesnes, count of Hainault
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Margaret II, countess of Flanders
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Marie de Champagne
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henri I de Blois 'le Lib√©ral', count of Champagne & Brie
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Thibault "Le Grande" IV de Blois, II de Champagne
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ âˆšâtienne Henri 'Stephen' II, Count of Blois, de Champagne and de Meaux
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Thibaut, Count of Blois & Champagne
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Odo (Eudes) II, Count of Blois, Champagne and Chartres
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Berthe de Bourgogne, reine consort de France
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Conrad "the Peaceful", king of Burgundy
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Bertha of Swabia
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Reginlinde von Nellenburg
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Gisela di Verona (Nellenburg)
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Gisela di Friuli
her mother

Gisela di Friuli is your 35th great grandmother.
You¬â€  ·Üí Marvin "Toad" Henry Welborn, Jr.
your father ·Üí Heny Marvin Welborn, Sr.
his father ·Üí Calhoun H. Welborn
his father ·Üí Sarah Elizabeth Dikes
his mother ·Üí Benjamin Franklin Dykes, II
her father ·Üí William Dykes, Sr.
his father ·Üí George Dykes, Sr.
his father ·Üí Edward George Dykes
his father ·Üí Edward Dykes
his father ·Üí Thomas Dykes
his father ·Üí Edward Dykes
his father ·Üí Thomas Dykes
his father ·Üí Leonard Dykes
his father ·Üí Isabelle Dykes
his mother ·Üí Mary Pennington
her mother ·Üí Mary Hudleston
her mother ·Üí Sir Henry Fenwick
her father ·Üí Margaret de Percy
his mother ·Üí Sir Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland
her father ·Üí Mary of Lancaster, Baroness Percy
his mother ·Üí Henry of Lancaster
her father ·Üí Blanche of Artois
his mother ·Üí Mathilde van Brabant
her mother ·Üí Maria von Hohenstaufen
her mother ·Üí Philip von Hohenstaufen, duke of Swabia
her father ·Üí Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor
his father ·Üí Frederick II, Duke of Swabia
his father ·Üí Agnes of Waiblingen
his mother ·Üí Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
her father ·Üí Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
his father ·Üí Gisela of Swabia, Holy Roman Empress
his mother ·Üí Gerberge of Burgundy
her mother ·Üí Conrad "the Peaceful", king of Burgundy
her father ·Üí Bertha of Swabia
his mother ·Üí Reginlinde von Nellenburg
her mother ·Üí Gisela di Verona (Nellenburg)
her mother ·Üí Gisela di Friuli
her mother

Gisela di Friuli
circa 845
after 918
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Eberhard, duca della marcia del Friuli and Gisela of Cysoing, daughter of Louis and Judith
Wife of Waltfred de Vérone, Count of Verona, margrave of Friuli
Mother of Gisela di Verona (Nellenburg)
Sister of Ingeltrude; Eberhard; Judith of Friuli; Rodolf, Abbot of Cysoing and St. Vaast; Unroch III de Friuli, marchese di Friulia; Berengario I, re d'Italia; Adelardo, abbé de Cysoing; Alpais; Gisela, abbadessa di S. Salvatore di Brescia; N.N.; Bertha de Friuli and Heilwig, daughter of Eberhard and Gisela « less
Half sister of Guido di Friuli

Source :¬â€
For information: Gisela, Adalhard, Unruoch III and Berengar I are brothers and sister. It is not clear who this Gisela was married from the monastery after her abduction. It must be a cousin of Bishop Liutward von Vercelli. Abduction in 886/87 Brescia. There are also information on the Internet that the Gisela abducted another Gisela is the daughter of Unruoch III, the brother of this Gisela. Looking at the Europäische Stammtafen Band II 1984 Table 188A then would be the abducted Gisela nameless and a daughter of Berengar I di Friuli. It is to expect that this Gisela is Waltfred von Verona's wife and so the mother of Gisela de Verona (Nellenburg) but she must then be born after 886 but this year of birth looks not good. It is true that Waltfred von Verona had a wife with the name Gisela.
Wikipedia: Berengar I. von Friaul (* um 840; ·Ä† 7. April 924 in Verona) war Kaiser von 915 bis 924 und König von Italien in den Jahren 888·Äì889, 896·Äì901 und 905·Äì924. Somit gehört er zu den Nationalkönigen. Leben [Bearbeiten]
In 886, Liutward, Bishop of Vercelli, took Berengar's sister from the nunnery of S. Salvatore at Brescia in order to marry her to a relative of his; whether or not by force or by the consent of the convent and Charles the Fat, her relative, is uncertain.[11] Berengar and Liutward had a feud that year, which involved his attack on Vercelli and plundering of the bishop's goods.[12] Berengar's actions are explicable if his sister was abducted by the bishop, but if the bishop's actions were justified, then Berengar appears as the initiator of the feud. Whatever the case, bishop and margrave were reconciled shortly before Liutward was dismissed from court in 887.[12]
By his brief war with Liutward, Berengar had lost the favour of his cousin the emperor. Berengar came to the emperor's assembly at Waiblingen in early May 887.[13] He made peace with the emperor and compensated for the actions of the previous year by dispensing great gifts.[13] In June or July, Berengar was again at the emperor's side at Kirchen, when Louis of Provence was adopted as the emperor's son.[14] It is sometimes alleged that Berengar was pining to be declared Charles' heir and that he may in fact have been so named in Italy, where he was acclaimed (or made himself) king immediately after Charles' deposition by the nobles of East Francia in November that year (887).[15] On the other hand, his presence may merely have been necessary to confirm Charles' illegitimate son Bernard as his heir (Waiblingen), a plan which failed when the pope refused to attend, and then to confirm Louis instead (Kirchen).[16] [edit] King of Italy, 887·Äì915

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Timeline Gisela di Friuli

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