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Generation 8 (continuation)


Wife2. Wife2 died before 1790.


Elias Jeanerette, son of Jacob Perret 'jean Pierre' Jeanerette follow 296 en Elizabeth follow 297, was born about 1721 in France. Elias died after 1762.




Samuel Hickman, son of John Hickman follow 304 en Ann Wingate follow 305, was born on March 3, 1743 in Saint David's,georgetown District,horry Co.,sc. Samuel died after 1836 in Brunswick Co.,nc.


Margaret Milligan, daughter of Moses Milligan follow 306 en Mary Murrill follow 307, was born on March 20, 1743 in Prince Fredricks,winyah,sc and was baptized on September 8, 1745 in St. David's Parish,horry Co.,sc. Margaret died after 1810 in Waccamaw District,brunswick Co.,nc.


Joseph Dewitt, was born about 1742.


Susannah, was born about 1755.


Job Benton, was born 1751. Job died on January 24, 1824 in Brunswick Co.,nc.


Hannah Linch, was born about 1755. Hannah died on January 24, 1824.


Arthur Pinner, son of Arthur Pinner follow 316 en Rebeckah Rasberry follow 317, was born about 1756 in Bertie Co., Nc. Arthur died after May 7, 1821 in Horry Co.,sc.


James Long, son of William Long follow 336 en Margarett follow 337, was born about 1722. James died before April 29, 1754.




Wright Faulk, son of John L. Faulk follow 344 en Mary Calhoun? follow 345, was born about 1732 in Chowan Co.,n C. Wright died on in Fair Bluff,bladen,now Columbus Co.,nc.


Jennet Pittman, was born about 1734 in North Carolina, Verenigde Staten. Jennet died in Fairbluff, Bladen Now Columbus Co., Nc.


John Hawes, son of John Hawes follow 352 en Mary Edmund follow 353, was born 1700 in Providence, Rhode Island. John died 1774 in New Hanover Co., Nc.


Mary Hawkins, daughter of Edward Hawkins follow 354 en Anne Sprague follow 355, was born on December 11, 1690.


Jabesh Frink, son of Nicholas Frink follow 368 en Deborah Pendleton follow 369, was born on June 16, 1736 in Georgetown District,sc. Jabesh died in Sc and is buried on February 26, 1787 in Location Unknown.


Ruth Brewton Pinkney, daughter of William Pinkney follow 370 en Ruth Brewton follow 371, was born on May 22, 1741 in Charleston,sc. Ruth Brewton died after 1790.


William H. Gore, son of Unknown "joshua" Gore follow 372, was born on March 27, 1753 in Pireway,brunswick Co Now Columbus Co.,nc. William H. died on October 30, 1828 in Little River,horry Co.,sc and is buried in Gore Cemetery,little River,horry Co.,sc.


Mary Ann Simmons, daughter of Isaac Simmons follow 374 en Wife1 follow 375, was born on October 8, 1757 in Columbus Co.,nc. Mary Ann died in Little River,horry Co.,sc.


John William Reaves, son of Joseph Reaves follow 376 en Eleanor Bagnall follow 377, was born 1724 in Virginia and was baptized. John William died 1763.

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