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Generation 6 (continuation)


Elizabeth (Mary) Boswell, daughter of William Boswell follow 126 en Green follow 127, was born 1792 in Bladen Co., Nc. Elizabeth (Mary) died 1877 in Columbus Co.,nc and was buried 1877 in Hugh Williams' Farm With Son Jonathan.

Generation 7


Robert Carlisle, was born 1737 in Surry, Va. Robert died about 1815 in Edgecombe Co., Nc.


Sarah Snell, was born about 1737 in Surry, Va. Sarah died about 1798 in Edgecombe Co., Nc.


Jacob Phelps.




Joseph Gore, son of Jonathan Gore follow 144 en Sarah "sally" follow 145, was born about 1770 in Duplin Co.,nc. Joseph died after October 1844 in Brunswick Co.,nc.


Sarah "sallie" Simmons, daughter of Isaac Simmons follow 146 en Wife2 follow 147, was born about 1769 in Duplin Co.,nc. Sarah "sallie" died about.


Elias G. Jeanerette, son of Elias Jeanerette follow 148 en Unknown follow 149, was born 1759 in France. Elias G. died on September 9, 1833 in Columbus Co., Nc.




Samuel Hickman, son of Samuel Hickman follow 152 en Margaret Milligan follow 153, was born on March 3, 1761 in Kingston District,sc. Samuel died on March 6, 1844 in Brunswick Co.,nc.


Margaret de Witt, daughter of Joseph Dewitt follow 154 en Susannah follow 155, was born about 1775.


Arthur Benton, son of Job Benton follow 156 en Hannah Linch follow 157, was born 1771 in Brunswick Co., Nc. Arthur died on December 18, 1846 in Brunswick Co.,nc.


Margaret Pinner, daughter of Arthur Pinner follow 158, was born about 1775 in Horry Co., Sc. Margaret died about 1829 in Brunswick Co., Nc.


Joseph Long, son of James Long follow 168 en Rose? follow 169, was born 1750. Joseph died before 1810.


Philip Faulk, son of Wright Faulk follow 172 en Jennet Pittman follow 173, was born estimated around 1755 in Edgecombe Co.,nc. Philip died about 1825 in Columbus Co.,nc.


Mary Hinnant, was born 1764 in Spring Hill, Johnston Co., Nc. Mary died 1855 in Shallotte,brunswick Co.,nc.


John Hawes, son of John Hawes follow 176 en Mary Hawkins follow 177, was born on August 30, 1725 in Rhode Island, American Colonies. John died 1790 in New Hanover Co., Nc.


Thomas Frink, son of Jabesh Frink follow 184 en Ruth Brewton Pinkney follow 185, was born about 1771 in Georgetown District, Sc. Thomas died 1843 in Columbus Co., Nc.


Rebecca Ann Gore, daughter of William H. Gore follow 186 en Mary Ann Simmons follow 187, was born on December 26, 1775 in Brunswick Co., Nc. Rebecca Ann died on March 26, 1870.


Solomon Reaves, son of John William Reaves follow 188 en Prudence Harrelson follow 189, was born 1754 in Va. Solomon died in Columbus Co.,nc.

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