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Ancestors (and descendant) of Jonathan Gore

Jonathan Gore
± 1735-1804

± 1760

Sarah "sally"
± 1755-????

Jonathan Gore
± 1760-1781
Joseph Gore
± 1770-> 1844
Jemima Gore
Priscilla Gore
1795-± 1869
Daughter Gore

Household of Jonathan Gore

He is married to Sarah "sally" about 1760.Source 1


  1. Jonathan Gore  ± 1760-1781
  2. Leodicia "dicey" Gore  1765-1844 
  3. Joseph Gore  ± 1770-> 1844 
  4. Jemima Gore  1772-1865 
  5. Male Gore  
  6. Male Gore  
  7. Son Gore  
  8. Priscilla Gore  1795-± 1869 
  9. Sarah "sally" Gore  1783-> 1860 
  10. Elizabeth "betsy" Gore  1784-???? 
  11. Daughter Gore  1810-????

Notes by Jonathan Gore

NC Archive, Folio 6, no page
From the Book "Revolutionary War Records of Duplin-Sampson Counties." By Virginia and Oscar Bizzell c1997.
John Gore and Jonathon Gore served in the NC Militia

Jonathan's brother William moved to Horry Co, SC.

Jonathan settled with his brothers in Brunswick Co, NC before the Revolution. .

William Gore was in Brunswick Co. by 1772 on a tax list for St. Philips Parish. And so far, no proof that Jonathan was there before he entered for a land grant in 1787. He was there already but don't know how long.

A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below.GORE, Jonathan Birth: Circa 1735-40Service: NCRank: Pvt CLDeath: NC 6 Jul 1804Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No Spouse: (1) Sarah X


Abstracts Sampson - Duplin County DeedsBooks 4-6(ca 1762- 1779)by Max R. Peterson, Jr.Copyright 1984Library of Congress Catalog Number - 83-61086
Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Book 4page 1354Jonathon Gore witnesses a land transaction between Abraham Molton and Sarah, his wife, to Burwell Lanier.18 January, 1768
page 135Jonathon Gore witnesses a land transaction between Abrham Molton and Sarah, his wife, to Burwell Lanier.18 January, 1768
14 Dec 1769
No. 0156 Duplin CO., NC 150 acres. Warrant No.31 Entered 13 Dec 1769. On the N. side of Grove Swamp. For some unknown reasons, he never completed the process for the final grant.
(Nula Tingleff has copy of this from the Secretary of State Offices.)
Duplin Co. NC - Deed Book 6 pg 104, 105
20 Jul 1774
Jonathan Gore to John Phillips 200 A, £ 60. Land he bought from Abraham Molton on Grove Swamp. Signed his name.
Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Book 5page 293Mentions Jonathon Gore in a deed transaction between Abraham Molton adn Lamuel Boytdated 10 May, 1776
Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Book 6page 100Deed - Ephaim Boyt to John Goredated 12 January 1778Trans: 75 pounds for 75 acres "On the Branches or drains of the swamp and on both sides of the Jinkipin(?) Branch. Deed mentions Jacob Powell. Land was part of 150 acres granted to Edward Cannon by patent dated 29 April 1763. Witness: Joseph Dickson and Abraham Molton.
page 104Deed - Jonathon Gore to John Phillipsdated May 18, 1778Trans: 60(?) pounds for 200 acres of kland (location not specified). Deed mentions Edward Cannon. Witness Ephraim and William Rigby
****Lisa Bailey's Note - most likely this is Ephaim Boyt

Book 3A - Duplin County Deeds - JONATHON157
JACOB (8) POWELL of Brunswick County to JOHN GORE of Duplin County, 2 Apr 1795 for 15 pds. 150 Acres on the head of the drains of Grove Swamp, beg at a pine JONATHON GORE’s corner along WM. BOYTS line, being land surveyed for Jacob Powell in Aug 1782Wit.: JAMES REARDON, WILLIAM GOORE.July Ct. 1795Book 3A - Duplin County Deeds -
Page 378THOMAS PHILLIPS & JOHN PHILLIPS to JAMES MIDDLETON SENIOR, all of Duplin Co., 27 Sept 1796, for 50 pds current N.C. money 120A on the NS of the Grove Swamp, being the upper part of a survey of land patented by ABRAHAM MOLTE and by him sold to JONATHON GORE who deeded to JOHN PHILLIPS des’d. late of Duplin Co., neg at pine in the line of the land which sd. Middleton bought from BENJAMINE BEST, to a black gum in Grove Swamp & along upper line of BENJAMIN PHILLIPS land.Wit., JOSEPH DICKSON, BENJAMINE BESTOct. Ct. 1796

Duplin Co. NC - Deed Book DFTU, pg 47-48
From Brunswick 1787, Jonathan sold his 1780 land grant in Duplin Co. to his brother John Gore who was still in Duplin. Registered in Duplin Co. April Term 1789. .He signed his name. Witnessed by Lewis Thomas & Jonathan Thomas

Abstracts of Land Warrants - Brunswick County_ north Carolina - 1778-1810
Page 54 - Jonathon Gore - Willis West chain carrier - Sept 10, 1787

There is recorded in Brunswick Co, a land grant dated 22 June 1787, for 100 acres of land on Horse Pen Creek and Tar Kiln.
Book 107, Page 351, Entry No. 612, Grant # 432 100 acres.

State of North Carolina No. 432.
In consideration of the sum of ten pounds for every hundred acres hereby granted.......
Entered 22 Jun 1787... to hold to the said Jonathan Gore his heirs and assigns forever.... Yielding and paying to us such sums of money, yearly or otherwise as our General Assembly from time to time may direct. Provided always that the said-------
shall cause this grant to be registered in the Registrars Office of our said County of Brunswick within twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the same shall be void, and of no effect.

In testimony whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent, and our great seal to be hereunto affixed.
Witness Benjamin Williams Esq, our Governor, Captain General and commander in Chief at Raleigh the 22nd day of April in the XXIV year of our indepence and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred.

Brunswick County Register of Deeds - Book E, page 110
13 Jul 1803 -JONATHAN GORE sells to his son JOSEPH GORE for the sum of Two Hundred Dollars one 1 Negro girl by the name of Nancy.
Witnessed by James Inman and Johnathan Wingate
Executed October Term 1804. John Gause Jnr., Clerk
(Complete text of deed copied from Brunswick RoD by Diane Bertrand on 7 June 2002 and transcribed 11 Aug 2002).

Brunswick County Record of Deeds, Book E
20 May 1804
THOMAS SIMMONS, MOSES SIMMONS, ANN SIMMONS, WM. GORE, JOSEPH GORE, NEHEMIAH KEETER, & HENRY WILLITS all of Brunswick County, to JONATHON GORE of Brunwick County, 50 pounds,(1) 100 A more or less, Ws of Waccamaw River (2) 120 A. joins the above tract, adj. ISAAC SIMMONS, Dec'd , granted to him and descended to us, named above. as heirs.
Signed (Seals), Thos Simmons, Joseph Gore, Ann Simmons, Wm. Gore, Moses Simmons, Nehemiak Keeter
Wit: Daniel Swain, Wm. White, Needham Stanland, Needham Gause Snr, Thos. Frink, Isaac Sessions, John Faulk, Josephh Gore, John Bessant, James D. Cribb, Willis West.
Page 260 and 261. October Term 1806. John Gause Jnr., Clk.
NOTE: No signature was shown for Henry Willits but his signature was proven by Needham Stanland.

The due execution of this within deed was proved in open court by the oath of the following
viz. the signature of Tho's Simmons Joseph Gore was proven by Saul Stevens, the Signature of Henry Willetts, Moses Simmons was proved by Needham Stanaland. Nehemiah Keiter was proved by Daniel Swain. The signature of Ann Simmons was proved by the oath of John Folk; the signature of Wm. Gore was acknowledged & was ordered to be registered.
John Gause Jn'r, Clk.
(Provided by Nula Tingleff who has a copy of the complete text. Henny Carlisle also has a copy the complete text).

Book E, Page 165, Brunswick County Register of Deeds
State of North Carolina - Brunswick County
13 May 1805
JONATHON GORE gives to MECAJAH LONG and his wife "my well beloved daughter" SARAH, one small negro girl called MARY, age 4.
Witn: Isaac Etheridge; James Innam
Deed of Gift was proved in Open Court by the oath ot Isaac Etheridge and was ordered to be registered.
Execution October Term 1805. .
John Gause Jnr., Clerk
(Complete text of deed copied from Brunswick RoD by Diane Bertrand on 7 June 2002 and transcribed 11 Aug 2002).
NOTE: Per his Military record he died 6 Jul 1804.

Book E, Page 181- Brunswick County Register of Deeds
State of North Carolina - Brunswick County
23 Nov 1805
JONATHAN GORE, Planter and wife SARAH GORE give to BRYANT ROGERS and his wife BETSEY one negro woman by the name of CHLOE.
Witn; James West; James Inman; Willis West
Executed Jan Term 1806. Signed" John Gause, Jnr. Clerk
(Complete text of Deed copied 7 Jun 2002 Brunswick County RoD, transcribed
11Aug 2002 by Diane M. Bertrand)

Book E pg 255 - Brunswick County Register of Deeds
State of North Carolina - Brunswick County.
10 Jan 1806
JONATHAN GORE gives to his daughter PRISCILLA two pieces of land, one being 80 acres, the remaining part 100 acres ,joining the 20 acres he sold this day to WILLIS WEST, the whole was granted to ISAAC SIMMONS SRr. He also gives and grants to PRISCILLA 24 acres being part of 120 acres, 96 acres of which have been sold this day to Willis West.
Witn: Absalom Session; Moses Simmons, Willis West.
Executed October Term 1806. Signed John Gause Jnr., clerk
(Complete text of Deed copied 7 Jun 2002 Brunswick County RoD, transcribed
11Aug 2002 by Diane M. Bertrand)

Book E pg 255 - Brunswick County Register of Deeds
State of North Carolina - Brunswick County.
10 Jan 1806
JONATHON GORE conveys to WILLIS WEST for 48 barrels of pitch, payable April 1808 two pieces of land - one being on the North branch of boy branch that runs through the tract whereon JONATHAN GORE lives, which was granted to ISAAC SIMMONS SNR. the sold part above the branch containing 20 acres and another 96 acres, sold from the 120 acres, for a total of 116 acres.
Witn: Absalom Session; Moses Simmons
Execution October Term 1806 proven in open court by oath of Absalom Sessions; ordered registered.
John Gause, Jnr., clerk
Book E pg 255 - Brunswick County Register of Deeds
State of North Carolina - Brunswick County.
10 Jan 1806

January, 1806, Brunswick Co., NC
JONATHAN GORE gave his wife SALLY: one negro man Jack, all his "hogs, horses, cattle sheep & my house hold & plantation furniture & tools..." After Sally's death, then the property would go to their daughters ELIZABETH, SALLY, and PRISCILLA.

Brunswick Co., NC Court Minutes
27 Oct, 1806
Administration on the estate of JONATHAN GORE be granted to JAMES GORE, ISAAC ETHERIDGE and PETER PORTIVENT, Sec.
This would give rise to the idea that James Gore is a son of Jonathon and not a brother.

27 Oct 1806
A deed of conveyance from THOMAS SIMMONS, JOSEPH GORE, ANNE SIMMONS, WILLIAM GORE, MOSES SIMMONS, NEHEMIAH KEETER and HENRY WILLETS to JONATHAN GORE was proved in open court by the following names persons vizt. the signatures of THOMAS SIMMONDS and JOSEPH GORE was proved by SAMUEL STEVENS, the signatures of HENRY WILLETS and MOSES SIMMONDS was proved by NEEDHAM STANDLAND. NEHEMIAH KEETER was proved by the oath of DANIEL SWAIN. The signature of WM. GORE was acknowledged by the said WILLIAM GORE and the signature of ANN SIMMONS, was proved by the oath of JOHN FOLK. Ordered that it be therefor registered. probated--.

28 Jan 1807?
Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
An inventory of the Estate of JONATHAN GORE was exhibited in open court as sworn to before Isaac EHTERIDGE Esqr. and was ordered to be filed.


The 1790 census for Wilmington Dist. Brunswick Co shows:
Jonathan Gore
1 wm over 16 including HOH; 3 wm under 16; 5 wf - no slaves

This means in 1790 were living with him 3 sons under 16 and 4 daughters any age.
Leodicia m. 1789; Jemina m. 1788, based on the 1810 census Elizabeth m by 1790.
Living at home we presume Priscilla, Sarah, which leaves 2 missing females.
(Resided bet. John Canniday and Sarah Wingate) Nine households between these two: to wit: Sarah Wingate, Matthew Stevens, John Rhoads, Mary Rhoads, John Rogers, James Smith, John Thomas, John Lay.

The 1800 census for Brunswick Co, Page 21 line 18 shows:(The film I checked had Page 19A written on it)
Johnathan :
1 wm 10-16; 1 wm 16-26 10; 1 m 45 & over; 2 wf 10-16; 1 wf 45 & over

This translates for the children still in the household:
1 m b. betw. 1784 and 1790
1 m b. betw. 1774 and 1784
1 f b. betw. 1790 and 1800
1 f b. betw. 1784 and 1790

No further census records for Jonathon Gore who died in 1806.

~11 Jun 2002 Susan Formyduval Thomas went by the Horseford where Jonathan had his plantation. She described it as paradise compared to the others around there in 1780.... plenty of water and cool shade. Wildlife must have been abundant and still is.

Research Notes:
1790 all living at Horsepen Branch in Bughill, where Gore Chapel sits today

1800 all living at Horsepen - Jonathan, Joseph Sr., Bryant Rogers, isaac d'Auge and John simmons all in Iron Hill.

1810 Joseph Sr at Pireway at old Isaac Simmons estate. Joseph Jr. at Horsepen, on his own land not Jonathan's which went to Rogers. Joseph Jr's land was next door.

1820 Joseph Sr. in Pireway, Joseph Jr. not moved

1830 Joseph Sr. moved to Reaves Ferry (Jack's Pond included in his land across road from John Hinnant Faulk) between sons Daniel and John. Joseph Hr. not moved.

1840 Joseph Sr remarried in West Ash, Brunswick Co. Joseph Jr. not moved.

1850 Joseph Sr. dead. Joseph Jr. never moved from Gore's shape; Road by Horsepen Creek - he died before 1863 and is buried with Nancy Best in the now called Joshua Gore Cemetery behind Boyd Register's house - no stones. Daughter Darcas Ann Gore Smith is 'buried at her father's feet', she has a stone. This islisted on her death certificate for burial place.

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