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Ancestors (and descendant) of John Rasbury

John Rasbury
± 1675-> 1749

± 1703

Bridget Browne
1683-> 1749

John Rasberry
± 1704-????
Ann Rasberry
± 1706-1787
William Rasbury
± 1708-????
Bridget Rasberry
± 1710-????
Mary Rasberry
± 1712-????
Rebeckah Rasberry
± 1716-????

Household of John Rasbury

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He is married to Bridget Browne about 1703.


  1. John Rasberry  ± 1704-???? 
  2. Ann Rasberry  ± 1706-1787 
  3. William Rasbury  ± 1708-???? 
  4. Bridget Rasberry  ± 1710-????
  5. Mary Rasberry  ± 1712-????
  6. Elizabeth Rasberry  < 1714-????
  7. Rebeckah Rasberry  ± 1716-???? 
  8. Christian "Christina" Rasberry  ± 1718-???? 

Notes about John Rasbury

John's origin is not known, but he or his ancestors were probably from England. John first appears in the Chowan County North Carolina deed records showing he purchased 200 acres of land plantation for a half pound of North Carolina currency on 16 April 1711. The deed record also shows that John was living in the Chowan Precint of Albermarle County at this time. (Chowan County was created in 1670 from Albemarle, and Albemarle was discontinued in 1739.) The Chowan County deed records also show that John and his wife Bridget Rasberry sold 635 acres in Chowan Precint for 2,000 pounds of tobacco on 20 October 1713. Since there seems to be no record of John acquiring this 635 acres and the fact that Bridget had also "signed" the deed indicates that the land had previously belonged to Bridget.
John Rasberry died in 1749 and his will split the estate. Then, in 1764, the families of Arthur Pinner and hir brother-in-law, William Rasberry, are found furthr south in Onslow County. Arthur sold his Onslow County land in 1770 after William Rasberry had sold his the previous year. In 1775, a Pinner family (no first ame) was in Georgetown County, South Carolina. Then in the 1790 census. the families of Wright and Arthur Pinner are recorded in Georgetown County. The 1790 census also counted a John Raspberry family over in the adjacent district of Cheraws, SC, and a Nathaniel Rasberry in the Prince Fredericks district of Georgetown County.

Other Rasberry families appear to have moved northwest from Onslow County, to Dobbs County, both in North Carolina. Dobbs was later changed into Wayne and Lenoir County. An Outlaw family was counted living in Brunswick County, NC which borders Horry County, SC on the north.

From the database of Edward DeShields on Rootsweb WorldConnect.

John Rasbury - Time-Line-----GeneralAcquired from Wooten-Lewis Family Tree File unless otherwise stated.-----From Page 07-08, "RASBERRY RECORDS AND REMARKS", by Edna Monette Rasberry Burtis, August 29, 1988: Chowan County, North Carolina Deeds, Book W : "Know all men by these presents that I John Early of NC living in the County of Albermarle & in the Precinct of Chowan for and in consideration of the sum of half pound current money of North Carolina to me in hand paid by John Rasberry hatter living in the above County & in the Precinct of Chowan at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents wherewith I confess myself to be fully satisfied contended and paid have bargained & sold and by these presents do fully clearly and absolutely bargain & deed unto the said John Rasberry a certain parcel of land containing two hundred acres of land plantation thereon houses orchard fencing & all that is belonging to the said two hundred acres of land lying upon Chowan River betwixt John Hales land and Thomas Daniel to have and to hold the above said two hundred acres of land all appurtenances belonging thereon to the above sai d John Rasberry his heirs ex'ors adm'trs or assigns to hi m & them forever from me my heirs ex'ors adm'trs or assigns and every one of us or whosoever shall come after me & against all people who shall and will warrant acquit and forever defend by these presents given from under my hand and seal the 16th day of April in the Reign of Sovereign Lady Queen Ann Anno Domi 1711. Signed sealed and Delivered in the presence of George Smith and John Hale. Signed (his mark ) John Early."-----1711Edna's REMARKS: This John, who will be John (No. 5) suddenly appears at Edenton on 16 April 1711, as if from out of no where. No records prior to that date have been found in an y of the four precincts of Albermarle County with the Rasberry name. John is a "hatter", which means he made hats. Evidently, the hat making industry was so successful in the Colonies that 21 years later (in 1723) the Hat Act was passed by England's Parliament which prohibited inter-colonial trade in hats, restricted their manufacture, and only permitted the hat makers two apprentices. Hats, in that area and early day, were made from skins and furs of deer, raccoon and beaver. Shoes, gloves, leggings, robes, bed covering al l were made from bearskins and lanterns and powder horns from buffalo horns. Oil was made from bear's fat and candles from deer tallow.This John could be a descendant from one of the four preceding Johns or, he could have just arrived at Edenton from England. Only additional records will help us on this.-----From Page 09, "RASBERRY RECORDS AND REMARKS", by Edna Monette Rasberry Burtis, August 29, 1988 :Isle of Wight County, VA Deeds, Deed Book 2, Page 244. "This Indenture made ye twenty eighth day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & thirteen know all men by these presents that I John Rasberry Sen ye Governor of NC do hereby bargain sell & deliver unto Joseph Godwin of ye Isle of Wight County in Virginia him his heirs & assigns a certain parcel of land containing seventy five acres of land more or less with ye plantation thereunto belonging with all wod and underwood & bound being as follows Beginning at a small spring branch coming out of Boones Branch at a Spanish Oake from thence to a pine a corner tree from thence to a white oake from thence to a Hickory from thence to a gum in Boones Branch a corner tree south downe Boones Branch to ye first station. To have & to hold use occupy and possess ye aforesaid land & plantation forever with all rights & privileges whatsoever with warranty of the same from me my heirs executors and any other person or persons whatsoever unto Joseph Godwin aforesaid him his heirs executors assigns and further I do hereby acknowledge myself to be fully paid and satisfied for the aforesaid land & plantation with all housing orchard and fencing ye unto belonging of the aforesaid land & plantation & further I the afore said John Rasberry & as aforesaid do hereby acknowledge our selves bound to defend ye right & title of the aforesaid land & plantation unto Joseph Godwin as aforesaid his heirs & as aforesaid from ye claims or claim of a persons or person whatsoever as now given under my hand & seale ye day and date above written.Signed Sealed & DeliveredJoshua Turnerhis Robert LittleJohn RasberryWm. Harvette (?)mark-----1713John Rasberry came into court presented & acknowledged ye within deed to Joseph Godwin & it is admitted to record. A t a Court held for Isle of Wight County the 28th day of Sep t. 1713. _____(?) Lightfoot, Clerk"The term "Governor" is chiefly British colloquial: meaning a master or employer, or one's father. There is only on e of these that fit and that is employer. John was a hatter, and he hired people to help him make hats, thus "Governor."Of prime importance, John (No. 5), calls himself "Sen." (Senior) which of course, means there is a John Junior as of 28th Sept. 1713.

The Isle of Wight County Virginia deed records show that John sold 75 acres with a plantation to Joseph Goodwin on 28 September 1713. In this record, he is identified as "John Rasberry Sen ye Governor of North Carolina". "Governor" is a Brittish colloquial for master or employer, or one's father. Since John was a hatter and hired people to help him make hats, he could be called "Governor". The term "Sen" means that there is a John Jr as of this date. (The hatmaking industry was so sucessful in the Colonies that in 1723 the Hat Act was passed by England's Parliament - this act prohibited intercolonian trade in hats, restricted their manufacture, and only permitted the hat makers two apprentices.) Bertie County North Carolina deed records show that: (1) John witnessed a deed in 1725; (2) on 14 August 1734, "John Rasberry, hatmaker", purchased 220 acres on Cashy Swamp for 30 pounds, the same tract which John sold in August 1734; (3) on 14 August 1734, "John Rasberry, hatmaker" purchased 450 acres in Cashy Swamp for 45 pounds; (4) on 14 May 1735, John sold 250 acres on White Oak Swamp for 7 pounds; (5) on 26 July 1736, John and wife Bridget sold 470 acres on Conritsy Swamp and Buck Branch for 30 pounds; (6) in May 1737, John sold 100 acres on Conaritsis Swamp and ES Rattlesnake Branch at Buck Branch for 50 pounds; (7) on 8 November 1737, John sold 300 acres on SWS of a branch of Cashie River for 15 pounds; (8) on 17 February 1738/39 John purchased 150 acres at Main Swamp for 30 pounds, and one of the witnesses was William Rasberry; (9) on 5 May 1743, John sold 150 acres on White Oak Swamp for 60 pounds; and (10) on 10 May 1743, John sold 400 acres at Colt Branch for 15 pounds.John left a will dated 11 September 1749, in which he named his wife "Bredgit" and son William as executors. He named his children, 2 son-in-laws, 2 grandchildren, and bequethed to them land, slaves, and Bibles. The 5 tracts of land, 2 plantations, and a number of slaves bequeathed to his family, as well as the numerous land transactions, shows that John had accumulated a sizeable amount of property during his life. He "signed" his will by a mark in the presence of Isaac Hill and Edward Williams, indicating he could not write.
John and Bridget had 8 children: (1) John, born about 1704, married Elizabeth; (2) Ann, my ancestor; (3) William, born about 1708, married Ann; (4) Bridget, born about 1710, married Thomas Yates; (5) Mary, born about 1712, married a Mr Unkers; (6) Elizabeth, born about 1714, married a Mr Williams; (7) Rebecca, born about 1714, married Arthur Pinner; (8) Christian "Christina", born about 1718, had a daughter out of wedlock named Mary Nickolls Rasberry, named in her father's will as "Christian Loid", indicating she had married a Mr Lloyd.
(Ref: Abstracts of Deeds Colonial Bertie County North Carolina by Mary B Bell; Rasberry Records and Remarks by Edna M Rasberry Burtis)
The will of John Rasberry, father-in-law to Arthur Pinner, connects Arthur to his brother-in-law, William Rasberry. Then later Onslow County, NC records connects them living in Onslow County in 1765. These Onslow documents came from tax and deed records and a North Carolina early census index.

Abstract of Wills, 1690 - 1760 Grimes Page 306

RASBUARRY, JOHN - Bertie County, NC
September 11, 1749. February Court, 1749.
Sons" William Rasbuary, Thomas Yaits, Arthur Pinner
Grandson John Rasbuary
Daughters: Rebeckah Pinner, Bridget Yaits, Elizabeth Williams, Ann Beverler, Mary Unkers, Chhristian Loid.
Executors: Bridget Rasbuary (wife), William and Hosea Rasbuuary.
Witnesses: Isaac Hill, Edward Williams.
Clerk of the Court: John Lovick.

The full will.
NC Wills , Vol. XXV. Page 78, Folio1. "NC know ye that I John Rasbuary being sick and weake in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God for the same Do make this my Last Will in manner and form following Revokeing all former wills made by me first of all I Commit my Soul to the Lord and my Body to the Earth from whence it was to be Desently Buried at the Descresion of my Executors here after named Secondly my will is that all my Just Debts and funeral Charges be fully paid and Contented.A. Item: I give and bequeth unto my son William Rasbuary the Land and Plantation where he now lives being all Ready Laid of to his and his heirs forever.B. Item: I also give and bequeth unto my son Thomas Yaets a piece of land beginning at Pine Standing in the White Oak Meddow / Running a Long a Line of marked trees to the Spring Branch / Down the Sd Branch to the White Oak / Down th e White Oak to Wm. Hoseas Line / Up the line to the first Station to him and his heirs forever.C. Item: I also give and bequeth unto my son Arthur Pinner the Land and Plantation where he now lives on beginning a t Wm. Rasbuary's Line Running up the Sypres to the head fro m thence to Charles Jones Line / a Long the Sd Line to the Main Swamp / a Long the main Swamp to Wm. Rasbuarys Line to the first Station to him and his heirs forever.D. Item: I give and bequeth unto my Granson John Rasbuary the Land of Wm. Rasbuary the Plantation where Arthur Pinner did Live called the quarter and all the Land Belonging to it to him and his heirs forever excepting my wife to have the use of it during her life and then to return to him as before the said John Rasbuary.E. Item: I give and bequeth unto my Daughter Rebekah Pinner one Negro woman called Judah to her and the heirs of her body lawfuly begotin excepting my wife to have the service of her during her life and then to return to her as before said.F. Item: I give and bequeth unto my daughter Bridgit Yaits one Negro child called (Nancy?) to her and her heirs forever lawfully begotin of her body ecepting my wife to have t he use of it during her life and then to return to her as before said.G. Item: I give and bequeth unto my daughter Elizabeth Will iams all the rights and title I have onto a Negro girl called Cait excepting my gran daughter Mary Nicholes Rasbuary the daughter of Christian Rasbuary to have the first live (born?) child that she the sd. Negro Cait shall bring and to be well looked after till it (grows?) two years old to her and her heirs forever.H. Item: I give and bequeth unto my three daughters Ann Beveler, Mary Unkers, and Christian Loid a Bible a Peace.I. Item: I give and bequeth unto my Son John John Rasbuary the Plantation where I now live and all the Land there un to belonging.J. Item: My Will is that all my good Chetils (chatels?) and Credits my well beloved wife shall have the use of it during her life and after her Deseas to be Equally devided betwixt William Rasbuary, Elizabeth Williams, Bredgit Yaits and Rebeckah Pinner and John Rasbuary and my Will is that any one of my Children that shall go to make my will void in law shall be cut off from all their former gifts and have only a Bible.I do appoint and ordain my well beloved wife Bredgit Rasbuary, William Hosea and William Rasbuary my whole and Soul Exectrs of this my Last Will and Testament and my estate to b e devided by my exectrs signed sealed and delivered in the presents of us. September 11, 1749Isaac Hillhis Edward WilliamsJohn Rasbuarymark Edward Williams
John's father or grandfather;

Deed Book W #l, ChowanCo, NC#224pg. 103 John Early of Chowan Prect. to John Rasberry of Chowan Prect., hatter, 16 April for twalf . current of N. C. 200 acres on Chowan River between John Heath (?) and Thomas Daniel. Wit; George Smith, John Hale, Robert Lanier Reg. (not given)
Isle of Wight County; John Rasberry received 170 acs. (N. L.) on south side of the main Blackwater Sw; adj. Arnold Pew; Wm Brown; Richard Williams; & James Bryant; 13 Nov., 1713, p. 110. 20 Shill.
Isle of Wight County: Joseph Vick; granted 80 acres on N. side of Nottoway River; beg. on N. side of Anthony's Delight; adj. John Joyner; Arnold Pew; & land of JOHN RASBERRY; 22 Feb. 1724.

Bertie Co Deed Book E 137
John Rasberry to John Thomas 50pds for 100 A. on Conaritsis Swamp and ES Rattlesnake Branch at Buck Branch. May Court 1737.
Wit. Thomas Lee, Francis McLendon. John wynns D.c/c

Bertie Co Deed Book E166
John Rasberry & wife Bridget to Jonathan Kitterlin of Chowan Precinct.
July 1736 30 pds for 470 A. on Conritsy Swamp and Buck Branch. Adj. Robert Lanier, Thomas Pollock.
Wit.: Joseph Bordill, James MaGlahon, Joseph Arline. August Court 1737.

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