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William H. Gore

± 1774
John Gore
Mary Ann Gore

Household of William H. Gore Sr

He is married to Mary Ann Simmons about 1774 at Pireway,columbus Co.,nc.


  1. Rebecca Ann Gore  1775-1870 
  2. John Gore  1779-1871 
  3. William H. "brandy Bill" Gore  1783-1853 
  4. Mary Ann Gore  1787-???? 
  5. James William Gore  1790-> 1870 
  6. Catherine Betsey Gore  1793-???? 
  7. Jonathan Isaac Gore  1795-1864 
  8. Anner Jane Gore  1799-1893 

Notes by William H. Gore Sr

REF: NC Archives Book 5, Folio, Page 161 and #2676 to be r esearched
to be abstracted

1820 Horry Co, SC showed 2 males 45+ and 1 Female 45+.
Who is the extra older male?

~Research: There is some indication that he was NOT born in Brunswick Co.,NC now Columbus Co., NC. He may have been born in Duplin Co., NC. Other records show he was born in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC. Still others say he was born in Onslow Co., NC.

William Gore, Senior was a member of the militia in the Revolutionary War as is shown in Book 5, Folio 4, page 161, of Revolutionary Records in Raleigh, NC in the services of Captain Peal, Captain Avery and Captain Crawford
Patriot Index:
GORE, WilliamBirth: NC 27 Mar 1753Service: NCRank: SolDeath: SC 30 Oct 1828Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: NoChildren Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: NoSpouse: (1) Mary Simmons

Is the record below for this Wm. Gore?
Vol I 1782/1797, Brunswick Co., NC
Wm Gore ordered that the following hands work on the Wagamaw River from the Province Line (SC line) to Jack Hills
Peter Portenvlent
John Lay Jr
Nathan Ellis
James D Ellis
John Beck
Jesse Etheridge
Joseph Long
Jonathan Wingate
James Sellers
Joel Hill
William Renelds (Reynolds)
Etheldred Bosman
Josiah Bosman
Joseph Hudson
Benjamin Millican
Abraham Bessent
William Wingate
James Thomas
Phillip Thomas
Ordered that Jonathan Wingate, Peter Porteviet, Joel Hill app. overseers to work said River dividing the distance between the hands

Married Abt 1774 in Pireway,Brunswick now Columbus Co, NC. Horry Co documentation is from Horry Co cemetery records.

Note from Gary D. Long:
The following chart is an alphabetical list of 1825 taxpayers for All Saints Parish,Georgetown District, S.C.


!From the GoreResearchers family site(private) per Marcelle on 15 May 2000: He was born on 27 Mar 1753 in Wilmington NC.

From the Collection of Leonardo Andrea, genealogist, in The South Carolianan Library. LDS Film # L-73490 0954542"
His will was signed 30 May 1825, probated in Conway, Horry Co, SC, no date. Recorded 16 Dec 1828.
He mentions his wife Mary Gore (gets the home plantation) and the following children:
1) John Gore, executor to have the lands on Beaverdam and in Columbus Co, NC.
2) William Gore Jr, to have the lands by George Reaves Ferry.
3) Jonathan Isaac Gore to have the land" I gave my wife" at her death and by Capt. Randall on Little River.
4) Mary Meek to have the rest of the home plantation
5) Rebecca Frink to have the lands in Seven Creeks
6) Anna Clarady to have the lands on Waccamaw River.

Witn: Thomas Brantley Jr, Joseph Vaught and William Vaught.

Note from Susan FD Thomas: Only half of his daughters were mentioned in the will.

In the will of William Gore Sr., a large acreage of land was left to the use of Kitsey Gore Thomas, that land to pass to the issue of her body after her death. It is noted in Horry County Records that the land was disposed of by Daniel Thomas after her death, indicating that she either had no children or that the transaction was illegal. It is believed that Kitsey Gore was the second wife of Daniel Thomas. It is certain that he married again after her death and that it is probable that his last wife was a Bellamy, since his son was named Bellamy Thomas. The 1850 census shows Daniel Thomas, John S. Thomas, and Cornelius Thomas as living in homes or farms connected to each other. These facts give reason to believe that these two were also sons of Daniel. In the settlement of the estate of Daniel Thomas, the papers have been removed from the file that might establish the identity of his children. The estate was administered by John S. Thomas and Cornelius Thomas was the largest purchaser of the estate.


Note from L. Andreas: " I know personally many descendants of this William Gore who still reside in Horry Co (1960's) and they say he came there from either Newberry Co or Chester Co, SC".

Additional note:"The Gores living in the western part of Chester Co, SC (Sandy River) came from Maryland".

Note from C. B. Berry who compiled the William H. Gore family in July 1962.
" Family tradition indicates Wm. Gore was the son of Joshua Gore who is first noted in Virginia"

Note from Susan FormyDuval Thomas: Has seen a church record in which William states his father was Joshua.
Needs further investigation.

~In a message from John Lancaster on the Gore Researchers Family site (private):

Memo from John Lancaster:

Perhaps everyone in the world except me has seen this and accepted or discounted it, but here is a note for William H. Gore that I found interesting. It contains a comment about Joshua Gore. It's from Ancestry GEDCOM File 10773, = submitted by:

Thomas M. Clayton
9502 Bonney Lea Court
Richmond, Va. 23236


Tombstones for him and wife are in Ward Cemetery in Little River, SC. Their children are in a family bible in possession of Minus Meares who lives in Tabor City. Work submitted on file numbers7005106,8408802.

The Gore family originally came from the Onslow County area of NC. The family possibly first came to Jacksonville port from England or Ireland. They are reported to have been Irish. Three brothers;William, James, and Jonathan came to the Columbus County area just before the Revolutionary War. Jonathan settled at Gore's Lake on the Waccamaw River about two miles Northeast of Reaves Ferry. James located on the Waccamaw River about one mile south of Pireway Ferry. William Gore settled at Little River, Horry, SC. He married Mary Simmons of Brunswick County, NC.

It appears from church records that William Gore was the son of Joshua Gore. The tombstones say he was born 1752 but the church file has 1753. Family records indicate that he died in 1820 but yet there is a will recorded for him dated 30 May 1825 and recorded 16 Dec 1828.

The family history was researched primarily by Beulah Holly Henderson and compiled into a book she titled "The HOLLY-GRAHAM FAMILIES". I received a copy of this book from Eugene Gallant of Marion Florida.

I would be interested to know whether there's anything important in this. Is "The Holly-Graham Families" by Buelah Holly Henderson a well-known work?

~Research: William appeared in Brunswick in 1772 Tax List in Stl. Phillips Parish. It is believed he bought at an estate sale in Duplin County before then. But he would have been 19 then.

Research from Vicky Hammond:

William Gore was a key figure in the establishment of the Little River area of South Carolina. He settled there around 1800 and became a prominent political figure. Having served in the militia of the area during the American revolution, he served as a justice of the peace (1809), commissioner of free schools (1811), and was elected to the state House of representatives in 1811.

William obtained a land grant in 1821 for 770 acres, land that included all of present-day Little River and the Cypress Bay Golf Course, where his grave is located. As the years went by, he acquired more and more land in the area. His father Joshua had left him some land in the Pireway section of Columbus County, North Carolina, and he added to it also. When William died, he bequeathed more than four thousand acres of land to his heirs. His grave is clearly marked in a beautiful corner of the Cypress Bay Golf Course, alongside his wife Mary Simmons.

He was apparently a man of high esteem, as evidenced by various court documents. One instance is in his will, indicating 17 notes of "doubtful" status. He apparently had the habit of lending money or material to those in need, without knowing if the money or property would be repaid. Another instance records his testimony regarding ownership of a slave named Chloe and her children in Horry County Deed Records, Book B1, page 132:

"We, Edward Conner and James G. Cochran, arbitrators indifferenty chosen by John Bessent and Stephen B. Daniell, to hear and determine a case of certain negroes, namely Chloe and her children and having heard the evidence of William Gore setting forth fully that said Stephen hath bargained with the said John in his presence and by the papers produced to us, it clearly appears that the said John hath paid up fully his contract and said negroes are the property of John Bessent. 28 march 1816. Edward Conner & James G. Cochran. I agree, Stephen B. Daniell."

President George Washington visited the Little River area on April 27, 1791, staying at the home of William's friend James G. Cochran. Undoubtedly William was afforded the opportunity to meet the first president of the newly formed United States.

William Gore was honored at DAR ceremony on May 23, 1993 at his grave site, "to pay homage and respect to a Revolutionary War patriot and leader of this area of our early nation."

[The News Reporter, Whiteville, NC, May 31, 1993, page 4A]

!SOURCE: "The Descendants of Joshua Gore" by B. Otis Prince, Columbus Co Library, Whiteville NC. He was a leading figure in the early settlement of Brunswick County, North Carolina and later in the development of Little River, SC. As will be noted in his will which deeds to his children some four thousand acres of land after his death, he was a large land owner, slave owner and business man. About the year 1774, in the early part of the year, he married Mary Simmonds, who was born October 8, 1758, the daughter of Isaac Simmonds Sr., as is noted in the settlement of the estate of Isaac Simmonds, Sr. in the records of Columbus County.

!MILITARY: William Gore Senior was a member of the militia in the Revolutionary War as is shown in Book 5, folio 4 page 161, of Revolutionary Records in Raleigh, N. C. serving under Captain Pearl,
Captain Avery and Captain Crawford. Recorded as follows:
2676 William Gore, Militia
2680 John Lay Militia
2702 Isaac Simmonds

!BURIAL: At his death, October 30, 1828, William Gore Senior lived on his plantation which is at Little River, and is directly behind the property of E. Layton McLamb. His grave stone may be found in the woods to the right of a tenant house on this

Affidavit re Jonathan Gore (nephew of Whm. Gore - ed.) Revolutionary War Service

Brunswick County ) Justices assigned to keep the peace for the county aforesaid, JAMES SMITH who being duly sworn on the holy evangilist of Almighty God , deposeth and sayeth, that he the said JAMES SMITH was a serjeant in the 4th Regiment of Artillery belonging to the Continental (line in South Carolina) {lined through} that he the said JAMES SMITH was perfectly well acquainted with JONATHAN GORE, JOHN HICKMAN & EDWARD HICKMAN, who were Continental Soldiers in the said Regiment, who all died in the Continental Service having served faithfully for a considerable time above six months who were all residents of North Carolina at the time of their enlisting and further the Deponent saith not, sworn to before this 12th of January 1796.

I found this in a miscellaneous military card file in the NC Archives in 1974.
Nula Tingleff

On the same date Wm. GORE claimed himself to be the heir of this Jonathan Gore as follows:
Re Military Warrant #4072 issued to JONATHON GORE in Dec 1796

State of North Carolina, Brunswick County
Know all men by these presents that I WILLIAM GORE of the County aforesaid have bargained, sold and convey & confirmed unto WILLIAM HINDRY all my right and title to a Military Land Warrant hereunto annexed which I am entitled to as here (heir - ed.) of JONATHAN GORE and do by these presents fully authorize and empower the surveyor or surveyors of Miltiary Lands to survey and admeasure, and make returns of same in the name of the above said WILLIAM HINDRY or as many as he may otherwise think proper to direct.

Copies of Military Land Warrant #4072 and above statement provided by Robbie Moye.


Brunswick County, WILLIAM GORE Warrant #13 issued 15 Aug 1778 by Stephen Denning to WILLIAM GORE for 100 A "a little way" above head of Poplar Br, (being) a place where I dwell & andter May 11, 1778; 100 A surveyed July 7, 1779 by Jas Temple; Isaac Simmons Sr. & Isaac Simmons Jr. chain carriers; grant #55 issued Oct 15, 1783.
(supplied by Diane Berrtand)
Ordered that Thomas Ward, Thomas Edwards, William Hickman, WILLIAM GORE, Isaac Simmons, Nathaniel Marlow, Arthur Robbins, John Smith, Jonathan Canady (Henny see this) John Goodson Ramsey, Joseph Hewett, William Goodman Sr be appointed to lay out a road from Pyraway crossing the Seven Creeks at or near the Swamp House Plantation from thence extending up the Beaver Dam Swamp a direct course till intersects with the road leading from Soules Swamp in Bladen Co Page 43 dated 22 Dec1785
This was 905 from Pireway to Hwy 130
Brunswick County, Book No. 10, page 396? hard to read.Land Grant #64 to WILLIAM GORE for 100 acres Ws Waccamaw River adj. John Canadys old line. Ent. 8 Dec 1796; Issued 14 Dec 1799.
The survey reads: Surveyed for William Gore, one hundred and fifty acres (the fifty seems added in)of land in Brunswick county on the West Side of Waggamaw River and on the West side of Cypress branch. Beginning at a pin on John Canaday's line tuns thence North fifteen West fifty four Chains to a pine, then East twenty eight chains to a pine, then South eighteen East seven chains to a pine on the side of Cypress branch thence down .. branch to John Canaday's corner and water oak thence with his line to the beginnin. Agreable (sp) to his Warrant. Ent. the 14th of December 1796. Surveyed the 5th of December 1799 by John C. Baher. Wit: John Gore & John Dugger.

No. 315
TREASURY OFFICE - Nov. 29th, 1799
On the day above written WILLIAM GORE
did pay into this offce the sum of SEVENTY FOUR SHILLINGS
it being in full of the purchase money for 150
acres of Land by him enteredin the County of Brunswick
as by the Entry-taker's certificate No. 64.
757 signed, not quite legible Jhn Haywood, treasurer?

Brunswick County Record of Deeds, Book E
20 May 1804
THOMAS SIMMONS, MOSES SIMMONS, ANN SIMMONS, WM. GORE, JOSEPH GORE, NEHEMIAH KEETER, & HENRY WILLITS all of Brunswick County, to JONATHON GORE of Brunwick County, 50 pounds,(1) 100 A more or less, Ws of Waccamaw River (2) 120 A. joins the above tract, adj. ISAAC SIMMONS, Dec'd , granted to him and descended to us, named above. as heirs.
Signed (Seals), Thos Simmons, Joseph Gore, Ann Simmons, Wm. Gore, Moses Simmons, Nehemiak Keeter
Wit: Daniel Swain, Wm. White, Needham Stanland, Needham Gause Snr, Thos. Frink, Isaac Sessions, John Faulk, Josephh Gore, John Bessant, James D. Cribb, Willis West.
Page 260 and 261. October Term 1806. Jjohn Gause Jnr., Clk.
NOTE: No signature was shown for Henry Willits but his signature was proven by Needham Stanland.

Columbus County, North Carolina
Abstracts of Earliest Deeds 1808 - 1816

15 Jan 1813
Land Grant to WILLIAM GORE, 200 A. land on S. side of Green Swamp. Ent. 15 Jan 1813; Pat. 24 Nov 1813 (A-329)

1 Feb 1814
ARTHUR COUNCIL (Bladen Co., NC) to WILLIAM GORE (Columbus County): Four Negroes (Titus & Wife Susan & two children Peter & Isham
Witn. J. B. White. (B-51)

1 Feb 1814
WILLIAM GORE (Horry District, S.C.) to son WILLIAM GORE, JR. (Columbus ). Deed of Gift, 200 A. on N. side of the Seven Creeks adj. William Duggers.
Wit: Thos. Frink & John Simmonds (B-99)

11 Oct 1814
Land Grant to WILLIAM GORE, 200 A. on N. side of Simmons Bay. Ent. 11 Oct 1814; Pat. 28 Nov 1815 (B-146) (Is this William Esq or William Jr?)

Columbus Co NC Abstracts of Deeds, Vol II, Jason Williamson:
20 Aug 1818
WILLIAM SIMMONS sold WILLIAM GORE 100A, part of a tract conveyed from William Mooney to Wm. Simmonds, on Horse Pen Branch. Wit: John Gore & Rhoda Gore C-192/193. [I concluded that this William Gore is the one who bought this land because John Gore is his son and Rhoda Gore his daughter-in-law. But it could be that this is William H. Gore, the son. In that case John Gore would be William Gore's brother.]

4 Aug 1818
WILLIAM GORE ( South Carolina) to JOSEPH LONG, 4 Aug 1818; $100, 152 A. on Seven Creeks.
Witn. Daniel Long & Demry(?) Long. (C-181) This probably is the land with the lake that Reuben Long sold to Wm. Gore in 1808.

8 Sep 1818
SAMUEL STEPHENS to WILLIAM GORE, SR. of SC for $500 642A on Gum Swamp adj D. Goodman. Wit: Isaac Etheridge & Wm (?) Gore( C-191)

19 May 1823
MARY MOONEY to WILLIAM GORE SRr. 19 May 1823 for $450 250A on Seven Creeks Swamp. Wit: N. Sowls, Jr. & Nathaniel Sowls, Sr. (D-234/235)

Columbus County Deeds Vol. V, Book J
Nov. Term 1848
9 Feb 1824
JACOB MEEKS to WILLIAM GORE, SENR, 9 Feb 1824; $50, 3 tracts of land on ?s of Gum Swamp: 100 A., 75 A. & 25 A tracts, ladn adj. Mark War, Simon Ward, Daniel Gore & his own line.Wit: JOhn Gore* & J. D. Grissett. (J-380)

28 Oct 1824
WILLIAM GORE, SR. to WM. GORE for $250 250A on Seven Creeks Swamp. Wit: William Mills. Pr. Feb term (D-230/231). [Same land he bought from Mary Mooney in 1823?]

Columbus County Deeds, Vol. H, 1844-1846
15 Mar 1821
SIMON WARD to WILLIAM GORE, SR. 15 Mar 1821; $350, 150 A. on Ss of Gum Swamp adj. sd. Ward. Another tract cont. 50 A.
Wit: John Gore & Rhoda Gore. (H-353/354)

!RESIDENCE: Born ?, moved to Little River SC (Horry Co) just before Rev. War
!WILL: Horry Co SC 30 May 1825 Book A, p 49-51. Will written 30 May 1825; proved 17 Nov 1828
!NOTE: Martha Marlow, Joseph Lay, Claradys, Vereens, Sessions, Samuel Sellers -- all had accounts owing to him

Horry County Wills
Book "A", p. 52


I William Gore Senr. of Hore District & state of South Carolina
30 May 1825

Wife Mary

Son John Gore, 250 a. on Beaverdam Swamp, 342 a. of the lower part of the Daniel Gore land.

Son William Gore.

Son Jonathan Isaac Gore, land on Little River.

Daughter Mary Meek.

Daughter Rebeccah Frink, 300 A. taken of the upper part of the Daniel Gore tract of land lying on Gum Swamp in Columbus County.

Daughter Betsy Thomas, 200 a. of my Begelo land.

Daughter Anner Clarady land on Waccamaw.

If my land lying in Columbus to be sold at my decease, to be equally divided between sons John Gore and William Gore (exors).

Wit: Wm. Vaught
Thomas Brantley Junr.
Joseph Vaught

Recorded Dec. 16, 1828

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Dear Vicky Hammond

A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below.

GORE, William
Birth: NC 27 Mar 1753
Service: NC
Rank: Sol
Death: SC 30 Oct 1828
Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: (1) Mary Simmons

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  1. Bible of William Gore - owned in 1950 by the late. Minus Meares of Tabor City, NC>

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